We may never know what really happens behind the scenes of “The Batman,” but we can take a good guess at least. After all, not even the most diehard of fans could argue that the trailer doesn’t do much to ease concerns about what the film will look like. But beyond the rather obvious changes that have occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a few other things we can learn about the film from its newest trailer.

Robert Pattinson is the Dark Knight

First and foremost, it’s evident that Robert Pattinson is playing the Dark Knight in “The Batman.” Not only does he wear the classic black and gray colors, and drive a motorcycle with a bat logo on it, but many of his actions in the trailer seem to directly parallel those of Batman.’s. For example, when he finds Harvey (Academy Award winner Tom Hanks) and his family attempting to burglarize the Batcave, he chases them into a freezing cave and beats them with a batarang. Later, when he hears about the Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) terrorizing Gotham, he takes on the role of the Dark Knight and begins hunting down the Clown Prince of Crime.

The Joker’s Looks Have Changed

Another trailer revealed that the Joker won’t look like we’ve ever seen him before. After surviving multiple gunshot wounds during the riots that followed the close of “The Dark Knight Rises,” the Joker’s appearance has changed. Now, aside from sporting a scar across his forehead, he sports a long white beard and sports more tattoos than we’ve ever seen onscreen before. And, as expected, his costume is heavily associated with European folklore. When he first sees the Batman, the Joker seems genuinely surprised to see someone wearing something that would make him feel so small. But this isn’t the first time that the Clown Prince of Crime has encountered someone that he thought was better suited to fight him. He’s previously fought Bane (Andrew Lloyd Webber) and, in an alternate universe, was also the Giant Tiger (Benedict Cumberbatch). Despite these battles, he still thinks that the Batman will be no match for him.

The Dark Knight’s World Is Dark And Dank

While the rest of the world is slowly beginning to emerge from the pandemic, Gotham has not fully recovered. And if the trailer is any indication, the streets of Gotham are even more dangerous than we’ve seen them in a while. Aside from the Joker and the return of the Riddler (Alec Baldwin), we also see glimpses of a few other well-known Batman foes in the trailer. First and foremost, we see the appearance of Two-Face. This trailer reveals that he’s been driven mad by a combination of shame and guilt following the Joker’s brutal crimes. Since he can’t face society after what he’s done, he masks his face in shame. This trailer also reveals that the Riddler has returned from the dead and is planning to torment Batman once again. This trailer also shows us that the Mad Hatter (Charlie Saxton) is back as well, albeit, this time he’s combined with the Joker. In the trailer, we also see the Punisher (Jon Bernthal) and the court jester (Bill Murray) and we’re led to believe that we’ll see many more iconic foes of Batman appear in this film. All of this darkness is something that we haven’t really seen from the Batman since Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” trilogy. And while these are all very dark topics to bring up in a children’s cartoon, it’s a testament to DC’s efforts to make the most of their cinematic universe that they could put these themes in a kids show and still have it make sense.

Does This Movie Exaggerate The Pandemic?

One of the most interesting aspects of the newest trailer is how it deals with the pandemic. Rather than shy away from the topic, the trailer uses it as a jumping off point for various thematic elements that it packs in. First and foremost, it shows us how the pandemic has affected Gotham. Aside from the obvious lack of tourists and the increased amounts of crime, we see lots of empty streets and closed businesses in Gotham. It also shows us how the economy has changed as a result of the pandemic, with people now relying more on online ordering and delivery services rather than going to restaurants and bars to meet friends.

While it’s important to look at the darker aspects of the pandemic and the impact that it’s had on our lives, we should also remember that a lot of good came from it as well. For example, online black markets like eBay and Amazon became the new normal, helping people connect and do business regardless of where they were located. We also saw the birth of online dating platforms like Match.com and OKCupid that helped people find love during those difficult times. And finally, we saw how social distancing and staying at home protected countless lives from being lost.

Despite all of this, those who live in Hollywood and who follow film closely will still be anxious to see how the pandemic has changed the look of “The Batman.” It’s possible that this movie will continue to shock and delight us with its dark and unusual take on Batman and his world. But for now, we have the trailer, and with it, a sneak peak into the strange and wonderful world of Robert Pattinson and the Dark Knight.