This week we are pleased to bring you the first in a series of blog posts from none other than Batman himself! In this installment, the Dark Knight tells us all about the secret to his enviable bod…

The Nutrition & Training

When it comes to staying fit, most people think about the gym. However, at the center of Batman’s workout regimen is an intense focus on nutrition. While the majority of his diet comes from foods that he grows in his garden, Batman makes sure that he consumes sufficient calories to fuel his endless training sessions.

In order to keep up with his legendary workouts, Batman must consume at least three meals per day, plus snacks and supplements in between. This constant intake leads to a steady weight loss, and allows Batman to continue reaching new levels of fitness.

As for training, Batman follows a routine that has served him well over the years. He typically works out six days per week, including some form of cardio workout on most days. The days of rest are usually filled with preparation for his next workout session, which typically leads to him falling asleep at his desk more often than not.

The Hydration

Just like with his nutrition, Batman’s hydration is also of paramount importance. The Caped Crusader needs to stay well-hydrated in order to maintain proper muscle function, and thus be able to exercise at his peak level. To that end, Batman only consumes water during his workout sessions, and avoids intake of any liquid in the hour or so leading up to his workout. This strategy helps to prevent both dehydration and cramping, while also ensuring that Batman’s muscles are at their optimum condition when he hits the gym.

The Sleep

The same benefits that come with proper hydration and nutrition can be attributed to good quality sleep. During his down time, Batman reads or listens to audiobooks, which help him relax and prepare for his nightly rest. The Dark Knight is a firm believer in the power of sleep, and makes sure that he gets at least seven hours of shut-eye every night.

If you want a body like Batman’s, you have to put in the work. Like the Caped Crusader says, it’s all about the meat. Prepare the body through a combination of nutrition and training, and make sure to hydrate and sleep well. With these fundamentals, you’ll be on your way to slimmer, healthier and more energetic days.