With summer having sprung, many of us are finally looking forward to warmer temperatures and sunshine. While we might be tempted to pack away our woollies in favour of something more glamorous, it’s important to keep in mind the practicalities of staying cool while wearing fabulous jewellery.

One of the chicest parties of the year is Robert Pattinson’s annual masked ball, and it’s a perfect opportunity to mix work with play. Whether you’re an admirer of the Twilight star or not, you’ll no doubt have heard of the event, which is renowned for its glamorous attendees and celebrity guests.

What are the essential items of formal wear for the ball? We consulted our expert stylist Lauren Misler to get some essential tips on dressing for the event.

Comfort And Relaxation

We can’t emphasise enough the importance of comfortable, cool-weather clothes for this type of event. A good option is a silk slip dress or a sheer cocktail dress, as it is very likely that you will be on your feet for most of the night. Whether you’re dining or dancing, you’ll want to feel that your clothes are relaxing you and not causing you stress.

For those hoping to emulate the glamour of the night, choosing these types of dresses is essential. As mentioned, the event is named after the Twilight star’s famous mask, and since this is such a special night, why not choose a dramatic look that will have everyone talking about you?

Classic Yet Modern

The night is a great chance to dress in something classic and simple yet modern and vibrant. If you want to keep it simple but not too dull, try for a pale pink or white dress with a floral print or checks – these are elegant and cool colours that will make you look like a goddess. One of the best designers for this type of look is Marchesa, an Italian luxury house that has been around since 1875. They make dresses that are perfect for the occasion, and the cuts are sophisticated yet simple and fresh.


To keep in the spirit of the ball, accessorise! Wearing jewellery is always a good idea, as it will make you look more sophisticated. Pair your chosen dress with gold or stud earrings and a necklace dripping in gems. Studs in favour of solitaire rings are the way to go for the night, as they will draw more attention to the dress.

If you want to accessorise further, steal some of the attention away from the dress with a pair of high-waisted black trousers or a hot-pink skirt. Vibrant colours will make you pop against the white dress.


If you’re going to be outside, make sure that you’re protected from the sun’s extreme heat. This is why we always advise against wearing pure white dresses as they will appear blinding in the sunlight. Instead, choose a pale yellow or cream dress to balance out the sun’s rays.

Remember that the sun can also cause damage to your skin, so make sure that you protect your body with sun protection and comfortable walking shoes. The best UV protective shield is zinc oxide, which successfully blocks 97% of the sun’s UV rays. We can’t emphasise enough the need to protect your skin from the sun’s damage, especially as ultraviolet radiation from the sun has been linked to skin cancer.


The best thing about this event is that you get to express your creativity and individuality through your dress. While the outfits of celebrities will certainly be on the minds of everyone there, you will also want to stand out in your own right. Dazzle us with your unique style and make us admire your dress, your confidence and your uniqueness.