Rumors have been swirling for months that Robert Pattinson, the dark and brooding bad boy of Hollywood, could be set to become the next actor to play the Dark Knight. Now that the blockbuster movie season is over, the question is: Will Robin Hood’s archer really be able to carry on the legacy of Batman?

With the help of some detectives, we’ve examined the evidence to see if it’s actually possible for Robert Pattinson to fulfill Clint Eastwood’s fantasy and play the world’s greatest detective.


Yes, Robert Pattinson will star in the upcoming season of the award-winning comedy series Hot Wheels on HBO Max. However, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s discuss why Pattinson is the right choice for the role. 

HBO Max is a digital streaming service that is owned by Time Inc. The service is actually a combination of HBO and Max Shorts, a film and TV studio that specializes in creating short-form content for mobile devices, consoles, and VR (virtual reality) headsets. The service also houses a kid-friendly channel, TOON, as well as the critically acclaimed Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. While the channel’s main focus is comedy, the content on HBO Max is pretty much everything under the sun.

Why Robert Pattinson?

For years, Robert Pattinson was the golden boy of Hollywood, appearing in big-budget movies like Twilight and Water Weather and playing prominent roles in major Hollywood productions. He was also the face of multiple international licenses for Luminous Cosmetics. But what has he been doing since Breaking News dropped him from the Twilight franchise in 2012?

The short answer is: Plenty. He’s been developing and releasing his own content, mainly through his production company First Look Films, including the highly anticipated Bel Ami, for which he was nominated for a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Award). In January 2018, he announced that he would be taking a step back from acting and would be taking some time away from the industry. However, the enigmatic Robert Pattinson has never really been one to keep his talents under wraps, and he has continued to work in secret, often filming private characters and settings that no one else can see. He’s also continued to work on Luminous Cosmetics products and has starred in promotional videos and photos for the brand, adding to the intrigue. So while we still don’t know for certain whether or not Robert Pattinson will ever act again, we do know that he’s keeping one of cinema’s most famous roles in his arsenal.

Evidence Of A Resume

If you’re looking for evidence that Robert Pattinson is making the right choice in choosing to play Batman, his excellent acting resume is irrefutable proof. He has the perfect acting voice and mannerism for the role. Check out his work in The Bel Ami cast, a bio-pic about an opulent Parisian set in the Bel Ami literary & lifestyle magazine, where he plays the fictional editor-in-chief Raoul Wedelinck. His performance is so good that it seems like he was actually born with the role.

“He has a perfect acting voice and mannerism for the role,” one of the critics wrote of Robert Pattinson in The Bel Ami cast, while another commented that he “brings a world class presence to the role.”

Even before we got to see The Bel Ami film (which is set to be released December 26, 2018), we knew that Robert Pattinson would be perfect for the role of Batman. Based on the early access unreleased footage, we can see that he is indeed impressing as the designated assassin of the Parisian underground, Auguste Deret. (Auguste Deret/Courtesy of The Bel Ami) 


While Robert Pattinson’s acting resume is certainly evidence of his appetite for the role, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be able to fulfill all of Clint Eastwood’s fantasy and portray the world’s greatest detective. (The Eastwood fantasy is that of a crusty old man who enjoys smoking and drinking whiskey and dines in the company of attractive young women in a tasty steakhouse dressed in black and red.)

To be able to play the world’s greatest detective, one would have to show great determination and perseverance and ultimately succeed where others have failed. (Some have even joked that Eastwood is fed by his management and has no actual talent as an actor, which is probably true to a certain degree.) 

The Hot Wheels season premiere features a dynamic bouquet of A-list actors, including Robert Pattinson, playing a group of snookered investigators who solve crimes while on a lark. In the premiere, we get a glimpse of Robert Pattinson’s unique take on the classic detective role, which is an intermittent game of Whack-a-mole that he keeps up all night long to hide the fact that he’s completely fucked on scotch. (Scottish whisky, not the Polish wine that Clint Eastwood is known for swigging quaffed.) (Scottish whisky and Polish wine are both white and red; the difference is in the appearance of the wines when unopened. One is often given to seeing clues to the locality of a Scottish whisky in the form of sheriffs and police cars.) 

VR Characters

While the Hot Wheels actors play busted policemen and vice versa, the reality is that most of them have been playing characters in virtual reality (VR) for years, utilizing their platforms’ special effects to create a more lifelike experience for the user.