Just as every part of his gorgeous looks, Robert Pattinson keeps his eye makeup looking perfect too. The 29-year-old English actor is rarely photographed without his striking, emerald-green eye makeup. The truth is, he doesn’t need to be, as his eye makeup always looks flawless.

Whether he’s filming a romantic comedy, singing a love song, or appearing at the forefront of a fashionable photo shoot, the actor has the knack of making sure his eyes pop. How does he do it? By following a simple but effective eye makeup routine, of course!

So here’s the step-by-step guide to making sure your eye makeup looks as flawless as possible every time you throw on your makeup:

Keep Your Eye Makeup In Place

As tempting as it may be to reach for a waterproof mascara or cream liner to keep your eyes looking fresh, remember that these products will only serve to damage your makeup in the long run. Instead, opt for a primer before applying your makeup, or apply waterproof eye makeup as soon as possible after removing your makeup in the evening. The former will help establish a good base for your makeup, while the latter will help keep it in place for the following day. It’s also important to let your eye makeup settle for a few minutes before applying a lash pop or any other type of eye product, as doing so immediately after applying your makeup may cause it to come off. You can also use a tissue or an eye makeup remover to help get rid of any excess product that may have built up during the day.

Take Care Of Your Skin

Just as with any other part of your body, taking care of your skin means staying hydrated, and applying a sunblock to prevent sun damage. When it comes to your eyes, however, you need to go one step further and make sure that you do not have eye strain or weariness, as this can be the result of constant exposure to the sun. To this end, apply an eye patch or wear sunglasses at night and remove them during the day. Furthermore, make sure that you keep your eyes open as much as possible, as often times this can help prevent strain or irritation. And last but not least, apply sunscreen every two hours or after swimming to keep your skin looking young and healthy. Whether you wear makeup or not, sunscreen is important for all ages and skin types, so make sure you continue applying it even when you do not feel like you need it. 

Blend Your Eye Makeup Routine

As we’ve established above, applying waterproof eye makeup straight away can be problematic, as it tends to blur your eye makeup and give it a water-damaged look. To prevent this, make sure that you blend in a few swipes of eye makeup before applying the full coverage. This will help ensure that your makeup retains its high quality and does not appear cracked, dripped, or otherwise damaged. If you feel that your makeup is looking a little dull, then apply a few more swipes to give it more life. Remember: the more you blend, the more life it will retain!

Never Touch Your Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is not meant to be touched up or adjusted, as doing so can cause damage. When you apply your makeup in the morning, leave it alone. If it feels a little bit heavy or gritty, then reapply it in a fresh coat. However, if you feel as though it is not settling properly into place or has begun to come off in patches, then reapply it in a thicker coating. Keep in mind that overuse of makeup remover can cause damage, so be careful when applying it and only seek out professional help if necessary.

Choose The Right Brushes

The texture of your brushes will have a significant impact on the look of your makeup. When choosing your brushes, bear in mind that the softer the texture is, the more you can blend and create a flawless finish. When choosing a brush, always look for one that is not too stiff but also not so soft that it wilts immediately, as the resulting mixture can end up looking like mush. Also, make sure that the hair on the brush is completely natural, as synthetic hair can leave a sticky coating that will prevent your makeup from sliding on easily. And last but not least, clean your brushes often, especially if you use eye makeup remover frequently. A good rule of thumb is to throw them away after every use and replace them with fresh ones.

Use Eye Makeup Remover

Just as with any other makeup brand, waterproof eye makeup can become challenging to remove once it has been on for a while. One way of removing it is with eye makeup remover. Although these products are usually more effective when used in combination with other makeup removers, they can still be used alone to take off waterproof eye makeup. Just make sure you know what effect the product has had on your makeup and whether you want to continue or not. While some people may argue that waterproof eye makeup should never be taken off, many others believe that it should be occasionally removed in order to keep your eyes looking healthy. It’s a personal choice.

With these tips from Robert Pattinson’s own locker, you can be sure that your eye makeup will look perfect every time you apply it. So glam it up once and for all, and enjoy the view!