When the new Batman and Robin movie was released this month, people flocked to theaters to see the newest cinematic interpretation of the famous detectives. But did you know that these two icons aren’t always as they appear? There’s more to the characters than meets the eye, and fans of the duo will soon discover that much.

The latest cinematic interpretation of Batman and Robin will no doubt delight fans of the legendary crime fighters. But what are they really wearing? And what do their outfits tell us about the characters? Let’s take a look.

Who Are Batman And Robin?

Batman is an internationally renowned superhero and leading man who was first portrayed in Batman comics first published in 1939. Since then, the character has been featured in many different media, including radio dramas, television series, and films. The character was originally played by Canadian actor William “Bill” Hecht in the 1939 movie serial. The character was most recently portrayed by Robert “Batman” Downey, Jr. in the 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises.

Robin is Batman’s sidekick and partner. The character first appeared in Detective Comics #42 in 1941 and was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Since then, the character has been featured in many different media, including radio dramas, television series, and films. The character was most recently portrayed by Jared “Jai” Allan Harris in the 2017 film Suicide Squad.

What Are They Wearing?

For decades, Batman and Robin have been wearing identical dark suits with a pattern of white dots on the front, along with matching white gloves and black tie belts. The exact look was first established in the very first comic book appearance of Batman and Robin in 1939. Since then, the two characters have mostly worn variations on this outfit.

But as fans of the show will soon learn, this isn’t exactly how Batman and Robin have always dressed. As it turns out, these two detectives don’t always look like they’re ready to brawl; it’s all about what they’re wearing underneath their costumes!

Modernizing The Look

Batman has occasionally ditched his costume in favor of more modern and stylish outfits over the years. In addition to this month’s cinematic release, the character will be featured in the upcoming Batman and Robin: Legend of the Demon Knight (2018) alongside fellow crime fighter Jim Gordon (Ben Affleck). Gordon and Batman first team up in 1932’s The Street Fighter, and the two have been fighting crime together ever since. But while Gordon mostly wears his police uniform, Batman has frequently been spotted wearing sleek suits and colorful attire. The character has gone through many different stylistic changes over the years, and it seems that he’s finally found the perfect attire for the adventurous life of a crime fighter.

It was originally reported that the upcoming movie would feature an older and rougher Batman. But with each new photo that surfaces, it’s becoming increasingly clear that this is not the case. As you’ll soon discover, the new Batman looks absolutely nothing like his older self, and it’s all thanks to his gorgeous, custom-made suits.

Why Are They Wearing These Suits?

As we’ve learned, Batman has occasionally ditched his costume in favor of more modern and stylish outfits over the years. But this is a trend that dates back to at least the mid-1990s when the character first began to appear in more modern and stylish attire. The Dark Knight Returns (1986) is often cited as one of the first major events in which Batman modernized his attire. In this series, the character ditched the white and grey outfit in favor of black and red, pairing a suit with a tie and tie clips. This was a clear indication that Batman was trying to distance himself from his “camp” reputation as much as possible.

There was also a noticeable shift in the late 1990s. During this time, Batman and Robin were frequently spotted wearing suits made from a satin or a velvet fabric. And while they still kept the same general look, the fabric used for their suits changed from a heavy twill to a light canvas.

These types of materials allowed the two detectives to look like they were wearing something more luxurious and expensive than a simple fabric suit.

Who Let Them Wear These Suits?

These stylish, custom-made suits were only made possible by the fact that Batman and Robin had some of the most creative costume designers in Hollywood. It was originally reported that the new Batman and Robin movie would be a direct tribute to the classic TV series, with the character reverting to his original costume design from the early days of the series. But after seeing the first set of images from the movie, it quickly became apparent that the characters would be wearing something more unique and stylish.

The exact look of Batman and Robin’s costumes was inspired by another character who first appeared in Batman comics in 1942 — the Crimson Avenger. The character was created by artist Sheldon Moldoff and featured in the series until 1967. The creators of the new Batman and Robin series decided to pay homage to this character by incorporating his trademark red and black attire into the design of their iconic detectives.

What Else Do We Know About Them?

Besides what we’ve learned about their costumes, there are a few other interesting tidbits regarding Batman and Robin. For starters, the two are still actively hunting down criminals all over the world. In the 1950s, the characters were even sent to Japan to investigate a string of kidnappings and robberies. But perhaps the most interesting detail has to do with the characters’ personalities.

While both men appear gruff and authoritative on the outside, Batman is actually a very sensitive and empathetic person. As a result, he’s often portrayed in comic books and films as being deeply conflicted about his role as a crime fighter. He wants to be a good guy, but he also wants to stop criminals from hurting people. And as we learned from Christian Bale, this makes for a very difficult combination to play.

Robin, on the other hand, is a much more straightforward character. While this doesn’t mean he’s dumb, it does mean that he doesn’t always think things through thoroughly. This can sometimes lead to problems, as he’s learned the hard way that being too clever can get him in trouble. Still, as far as we know, he’s very loyal to Batman and will do whatever is required of him to protect his partner and friend. This also means that Robin is quick to anger and can be very aggressive when needed, but he’s not usually a violent person.

These are just a few interesting things we know about Batman and Robin. As you may have guessed from their outfits, the characters are often spotted investigating major crimes and taking down dangerous criminals. But did you know that they’re also very compassionate individuals who want to do the right thing even when no one is watching? We’ll see how Batman and Robin’s costumes fit into the big picture as we learn more about them in the coming weeks.