If you follow celebrity news at all, you’ll know that Batman Rob Pattinson has a new line of clothing up his sleeve. What should you buy? Let’s take a look at the pieces that are trending right now.

Short-Homecoming Dresses

If you’re a big fan of both Rob and Batman, you might be craving some of their most iconic looks. Thankfully, you can now get your hands on pieces that evoke that fantastic high school vibe. These short homecoming dresses feature a silhouette that’s reminiscent of the 1960s with their high waists and flared skirts. You can bet that if Rob was dressed in one of these pieces, you’d notice him immediately. We can’t blame you for wanting to bolt to your closet and put it on immediately.

Gym Wear

If you work out a lot, you’ll be pleased to know that Rob and Batman have designed specific pieces with your lifestyle in mind. You’re going to love your new workout gear, whether you prefer speed ​​or strength training. There are leggings in different styles with metal studs and other pieces decorated with faux fur, studs, or both. You’ll also find mesh pullovers, tank tops, and t-shirts with strong designs that represent your favorite fictional characters. These are the types of garments that make you work out more diligently. You won’t even feel like you’re wearing the same outfit two days in a row because the designs are so unique and the quality is excellent.

Dresses For Varsity

If you support an American high school team, you’ll be delighted to know that you can purchase pieces specifically designed for them. These are thick-soled shoes that would feel great cruising the streets of Gotham in the company of the Dark Knight. Don’t forget about his trusty sidekick, Robin, who also has his own line of clothing for teens and tweens. His style is a little more elegant than his master’s, but the quality is the same. This is a great place to buy if you support the home team.

Dresses For Special Occasions

If you have a special occasion coming up, such as a prom or an anniversary party, you can’t go wrong channeling the classy style of the period. These are the types of dresses that ladies wore 50 years ago, and you can bet that if Rob was asked to wear such a dress for a special event, he would look dashing and the dress would be complimented perfectly.

Dresses For Nightlife

If you’re hitting the town with your friends to celebrate a special occasion or just because you want to have fun, you can’t go wrong channeling the classy style of the period with one of these dresses. You’ll be the belle of the ball once you’re wearing one of these trendy outfits. Who cares about the city’s curfew when you’re having fun? There will always be a party going on when you’re in Gotham.

Each piece in this collection is a representation of an iconic moment from the Batman cinematic universe. The silhouetted look of the 1960s and the style and swagger of the 1970s are on full display, and if you happen to be a fashion student, you’ll feel right at home. What do you think? Should you rush to buy a piece or are you better off waiting for a sale? Have you spotted any other big-name collaborations that you’d like to see mentioned here?