So you finally managed to persuade your friends to join your Netflix account, and they agreed to watch the same shows as you. For those who love Batman, the dark knight’s biggest rival, it’s a blessing that the two franchises’ universes never merged. Now you can discover what all the fuss is about without worrying about being spoiled by the comics. But which one is the best of the two? We reviewed them both and compared them to determine which one is the king of pop culture.

What Is The Difference Between Batman And Superman?

If you’ve never read a Batman story, it might be hard to understand why these two iconic characters ever had a rivalry. After all, they’re both basically superheroes, right? True, but they’re also both very different from one another. Let’s explore the parallels and differences between these two fan-favorite characters.

They Are Professionals

One thing you’ll notice about Batman is his utter dedication to his work. The Dark Knight doesn’t call his mother much, but when he does, it’s always about his work. While he might get frustrated with criminals he can’t catch, Batman never seems to stop working. Even when he takes a break to sleep or eat, he’s usually found with a notebook and pen at the ready. His dedication to his work ethic is a direct contrast to Superman’s laid back attitude and frequent daydreaming. But even in their daydreams, Batman and Superman never stop striving to be the best at what they do.

They Are Geniuses

Another important factor that sets Batman apart from Superman is his intellect. The caped crusader consistently proves himself to be an intelligent, quick-witted individual. While Superman might possess greater strength, Batman is the genius in the duo. Look at how quickly he figured out the well-guarded secret of Lex Luthor’s tower and how he was able to deduce Aquaman’s identity in the wake of the massive sea battle in the 2017 trailer. In a fight between the two, Batman would likely come out on top thanks to his brains, not his brawn.

But it’s not just about being smart. Batman is also a skilled problem solver, and much like the rest of the DC Universe, he possesses the uncanny ability to find weaknesses in his foes and exploit them. Lex is an utter genius when it comes to computers and technology, and Batman takes full advantage of this in the comics. After years of working with computers, hacking into government servers and discovering the skeleton of a giant lizard in Metropolis’ prehistoric past, Batman has developed a technique to bring his opponent’s vulnerabilities to light. This technique, known as Fuzzing, allows the Dark Knight to break down his opponents’ walls of security and expose their soft spots.

Batman Is A Loner

Another important factor that sets Batman apart from Superman is his loneliness. The Dark Knight is a loner at heart, and it’s always been that way. While he might appear to have friends and allies around him (he even has a few birds of prey who assist him in his crusade), Batman mostly keeps to himself. He doesn’t necessarily need other people to survive, but he definitely feels safer and more relaxed in isolation. A stark contrast to Superman, who has always had a great deal of empathy and is rarely, if ever, truly happy alone. It was only recently that this distinction became more apparent, as it wasn’t until the recently concluded Crisis on Infinite Earths that we learned that the Man of Steel might actually be better off being a loner rather than trying to connect with others. It would appear that the multiverse has finally recognized that Superman is a better fit among the worlds than Batman, who needs a little more human connection to keep his demons at bay.

Batman Is A Realist

Finally, it’s important to note that Batman is a realist. The Dark Knight doesn’t believe in fairy tales or wishful thinking. While Superman might want to save the world without having to resort to drastic measures, Batman is more willing to use dirty tricks and illegal tactics to achieve his goals. This makes Batman a useful foil for Superman, as they often battle over differing viewpoints and strategies. But it’s not all that different from other characters in the DC universe, as pragmatic and realistic characters are nothing new. Even Lex Luthor, the closest thing the Dark Knight has to a friend, is often described as a realist in the canon. The genius might be brilliant, but he’s not particularly nice or empathetic. If you want to make a realist cry, just ask him how he feels about his parents or how he would deal with an ungrateful child. He might surprise you with his tears, but in the end, he’ll only tell you the truth.

Ultimately, it’s important to keep in mind that these are all generalizations. There’s no denying that both Batman and Superman are extremely gifted individuals who have accomplished much in the field of super-heroism. One might argue that, as brilliant as he is, Lex could have never created the perfect mechanical body [Editor’s note: We love Lex’s robot bodies, too] like the Bats. Or that Batman’s distrust of other humans might stem from a place of trauma, not logic. There are certainly differences in their characters, but at the end of the day, they’re both amazing people who deserve your respect.