As you may have heard, actor and comedian Robin Williams passed away recently at the age of 63. One of his final tweets before his tragic passing was a hint at the next phase of his life:

“I’m working on a project called ‘Happy,’ which is about a widower named Happy who has lost his wife to cancer. I play a therapist who helps him discover the gift of compassion. It’s about discovering the hero in you…”

Williams was clearly working on a project that was very personal to him. Few people know the struggles that a person like Williams has faced in life, and how he has managed to channel those experiences into comedy and film. No wonder he wanted to keep some of his most important work for himself. And what a way to do that!

While many people are glad that he was able to spend some time working on Happy, there are also those who feel that he may have created a perfect ending to his legendary career. Who knows? Maybe he was just saving his best work for when he actually needed it.

While we will never know exactly what happened in Robin Williams’ final year, we do know that he worked hard to ensure that he would be able to say goodbye to his fans with a memorable performance. And he certainly didn’t disappoint!

On August 14th, 2019, Robin Williams made a surprising appearance at the Emmy’s, accepting the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series award for his role in the hit show, “Emmys 2017”. The appearance was certainly a surprise, as Williams hadn’t accepted an award since 2015, when he lost the lead actor in a comedy series trophy to Donald Glover. And while Glover’s career has taken off since then, Williams is still actively pursuing acting roles, as can be seen in this clip from the 2019 Emmys, where he mentions that he’s currently working on a film, “God Bless America”:

As for why the appearance at the Emmys was so memorable, it all comes down to his haircut. Specifically, his sleek, high-waisted pants. While it’s not clear which look he was going for, most people agree that he nailed it. We can’t decide if we love the high-waisted look or the slicked-back hair, but we definitely respect his style.

How to Achieve That Special Look

It’s pretty clear that Williams was doing some preparation for the role. As he’s said in past interviews, he wanted to ensure that he would look as good as possible for the part:

“When you’re playing a superhero, you want to look like one. So I started doing a lot of research on the topic… I read books, I talked to people who are superheroes, and I even visited a comic book store, where I found lots of helpful information.”

Luckily, we have some stylists who were able to help Williams achieve that perfect look. Here’s what you need to know:

The Timeless Appeal Of The Suit

It’s no secret that men’s suits have seen a boom in popularity in the last few years, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve been replaced by hoodies and sweatpants. It’s just that most people want to keep their suits as part of their everyday attire. And, let’s face it, hoodies and sweatpants just aren’t as functional as a well-fit suit, especially if you’re trying to portray a superhero.

“When you put on a suit, it doesn’t mean that you’re done with formality; it just means that you’re ready to be a little more active. A man in a suit can still pull off a casual Friday or Saturday night, especially if he knows how to style it correctly.” – Armani Men’s Suit Style Tips

What About The Hair?

While most people are focused on Williams’ pants, it’s important to remember that he wears his hair completely different in the film than he does in real life. In the film, he shaves off his hair’s curve and bangs, giving him a much closer resemblance to Batman. In real life, Williams has always worn his hair long and, as he’s said in interviews, it’s a style that he’s been trying to grow out since he was a teenager. In the 2020 film, “The Batman”, Williams’ hair is sleek and shaven, with only a few lighter strokes on the sides.

But that doesn’t mean that his hair was easy to maintain. According to celebrity hairstylist, Nabil Hakim, maintaining a perfect hairstyle can be hard when you’re also trying to keep up with the demands of a busy career. But that’s what makes his achievement all the more impressive:

“It takes a lot of time and patience to grow out a hair style as iconic as Robin Williams’. You have to remember that in addition to being an actor, he is also a renowned comedian who became a pop culture icon with his comedy special ‘Hacksaw Ridge’. It takes a lot of dedication to create an image that is as iconic as his comic timing and sharp wits.”– Nabil Hakim, Celebrity Hair Stylist

Make Sure That You Practice

It’s no secret that working in comedy can be difficult. You have to be ready to practice and study your lines, but you also have to be ready to throw off those nerves and deliver your performance with a smile. While it can be challenging, comedy is a constantly evolving art form, and that makes it interesting and fun to learn.

“To succeed in this industry, you have to constantly be looking for ways to improve your craft. It takes a lot of dedication and effort to become the best possible version of yourself. When you’re preparing for a role, it’s important to not only focus on your script but also study the part you’ll be playing, as well as the actor who will be playing it. If you want to become the best possible version of yourself, it means putting in the effort to learn new things and improve your craft.”– Melissa Silverstein, Emmy Award-Winning TV Producer

In the last few years, Robin Williams has become a symbol of both style and substance. His unique blend of humor and intellect make him a valuable asset to those who work with or know him. While we will never know what he was working on in his last year, we do know that he spent it mastering a role that he felt was very near and dear to him.

That is why we can look back on his passing with such a sense of loss, but also with such admiration for his work ethic and for the style that he brought to the table.