A few weeks back, we told you about all of the different ways that Robert Pattinson was breaking up with his longtime girlfriend, Kristen Stewart. While some of the signs were subtle (she moved out of their shared apartment without warning), others were more definitive (she no longer wanted to be referred to as Kristen Stewart). One of the more interesting developments since then is Rob’s hair. After growing out his long locks for the past few years, he decided that he wanted to switch things up and have shorter hair. Now, less than a month after K-Stew’s big breakup announcement, we’re getting a first look at what the Twilight actor has done since chopping off his hair.

The Shorter And The Uneasy

The first thing that you’ll probably notice about Rob’s new look is that he’s gone shorter. Back in January 2017, he shocked fans by shaving off almost all of his hair. Since then, he’s been letting his hair grow out as a full, shaggy head of hair. Now that it’s nearly spring, the star has finally made the decision to part with his hair once and for all. Even though it’s a bold move, short hair is a look that the actor has been wanting to try for a while. As he says in an interview with Dazed, “I’ve been begging my hair to grow for three years. I’ve been cutting it every two weeks for the past two years just to force it to grow. So, yeah, the wait was pretty awful!”

While we know that Rob had to wait for his hair to grow because he was waiting for his fiancee, Emily, to propose, fans still didn’t see the point of having so much hair. The actor has a bald spot on the back of his head, which he covers with a bandana when he isn’t wearing a hat. Since he has such a large bald spot, fans have wondered if he’s simply trying to cover up his embarrassment. In other interviews, Rob has said that he doesn’t mind being different and that he was even prepared to get a hair transplant if that’s what it took to look like everyone else.

The Dark Knight

It wouldn’t be surprising if, after losing so much hair, Rob decided to embrace his Dark Knight side. It’s been well documented that he’s been very influenced by the Batman franchise over the years. He made his big screen debut as a teen in 2005’s The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which is considered a spiritual successor to Christopher Nolan’s Batman series (the film’s director, Chris Eyenga, also directed the Dark Knight trilogy). Even before he was an adult, Rob had been portraying the Dark Knight in his own life; he even began growing out his trademark beard in the style of the Caped Crusader. After shaving off his hair, it was only a matter of time before Rob donned the cowl.

A Bit More Subtle

Although Rob has gone for a more dramatic haircut, some fans were quick to point out that it wasn’t exactly a ‘90s-themed chop. Rather than go all in with facial hair and a headband, the actor has simply gone for a more subtle approach. He still wears his iconic beard and has maintained the look until very recently. The biggest difference is that he’s not using multiple colors like the iconic red and blue. Instead, he’s played it safe with a simple, classic look. On top of that, he continues to wear his signature sunnies with a face cover, even as he’s been spotted without his sunglasses. We also know that he recently became a father for the second time, so it’s no wonder that the actor wanted to make some subtle changes to his look.

A Few More Growth Spurts

In the lead up to his breakup with K-Stew, Rob was seen with a variety of haircuts. One of the more interesting looks is the close-cropped haircut he sported for a while that reminded fans of the Dark Knight. Since then, he’s gone back to his full shaggy head of hair, which made a cameo in the movie Dirty Greatness. As his hair grew out, so did the star’s confidence, as he began to sport more daring haircuts. He even made a bold style choice for his engagement to Emily, which she gladly accepted. It was then revealed that they were going to have three weddings to celebrate their blooming relationship.

Since then, Rob’s been spotted wearing a variety of haircuts, from a messy bun to the currently popular faux hawk and mullet styles. We know that he’s been wanting to try his hand at fashion, so it’s no wonder that he’s been choosing different hairstyles to embody different characters. He’s even dyed his hair red to play a different character in the upcoming comic book adaptation, X-Men: Red.

The Same, Only Slower

One of the major issues that Rob had with his hair as it grew out was the fact that it took him so long to grow it out. Not only does he have to wait to grow his hair, but he also has to wait for it to grow out enough for him to pull off the different styles that he tries on. Since he got bored of waiting, he’s instead been enjoying the ride and letting his hair grow at its own pace. He’s even decided to take things slow, deciding against dyeing his hair or getting any sort of treatment on it. He wants to keep things as natural as possible and let his hair do the talking.

The Whole Package

Since going short, Rob’s been seen sporting a variety of accessories. He still wears the iconic beard, but now that he’s got a bald spot, he’s begun associating with different types of clothing pieces. His look is now complete; the bearded, sunniewinged Dark Knight robs banks and lives in a penthouse with the finest items.

It was once said that he looked like a “cross between a busboy and a drug lord,” before his breakout role as the Dark Knight. Since then, Rob’s had many memorable roles, such as the one in the Divergent series, where he played Tricorne, the leader of the militant group, The Decentralized Warriors of the Capitol. His career has come a long way since then; he even had a role in the latest Spiderman installment, which was released this year. Since then, he’s been acting in many indie films and guest starring on shows like The Handmaid’s Tale and Supergirl.

A Confident, Daring And Dazzling Appearance

After much speculation, Rob finally confirmed that he and K-Stew had broken up in a YouTube video. In the video, he said, “It’s been an incredible 10 years. I can’t believe we’ve been apart for a whole decade. I love you so much, and I will never forget you. You’ll always be my best friend.” The news was met with a mixed reaction from fans, many of whom feel that Rob has made the wrong decision. Still, others felt that it was time for them to put distance between them and continue their individual journeys. In the years since Twilight, Rob has worked hard to prove that he’s more than just a on-screen boyfriend and has become a confident, charming and breathtakingly dashing adult man.