Robert Pattinson may be the most eligible bachelor in history, but that doesn’t mean he’s content to wait for life to happen to him. The actor is currently starring in the latest installment of the hugely popular Twilight series, and in preparation for his role as vampire Edward Cullen, he’s taken on a new look. Along with pale skin and a dark complexion, Pattinson sports a trendy new wardrobe of all black clothing, and he’s even gone so far as to shave off his eyebrows. But while we celebrate this transformation, let’s not forget about the other half of his costume — the glasses!

Pattinson’s signature glasses may not be exactly the same as Batman’s, but they’re definitely in the same movie-star-worthy league. Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between these two fashion icons’ eyewear choices.

The Look

When it comes to the overall look, Batman’s preferred choice for the past 80 years has been brown or blue single-frame glasses with rounded corners. It’s fair to say that while Pattinson may not wear his hair in a similar manner to the Dark Knight, he does share many other stylistic choices with the Caped Crusader. If you’ve ever seen an image of Robin Williams as Batman, then you know exactly what I mean.

The star of Happy Feet and The Night Crew often wears clear or lightly tinted frames with a brown or blue tint. This is a safe choice for those who suffer from asthma or blue-blocking ability, and the darker the better for those who have a problem with their eyesight. And if you’re really a romantic at heart, you could even paint some of the frames in bright, happy colors such as red, orange, or yellow.

The key to creating a stylish, classic look is in the construction of the frame. While some prefer to take a more simple approach and buy pre-made sunglasses, others prefer to go the extra mile and build their own frames. Those who do this will often times use wood and metal for the construction, which adds a rustic yet elegant touch to their eyewear. Think classic movie stars and plucky damsels in distress.

The Difference

Now, let’s turn our attention to the main difference between these two iconic fashion figures. Where Batman is a classic example of a dark, brooding superhero with a stoic expression and piercing eyes, Pattinson channels the quirky humor of his off-screen persona. As seen in the trailer for the upcoming sequel, New Moon, Pattinson’s Edward is a far cry from your traditional Batman. He cracks jokes with Bella and shows a goofy side when he dances with her.

Even though they’re both fictional characters, the comparison between the two is very realistic. Thanks to the unique look of the Twilight series and its unprecedented popularity, Robert Pattinson is now a household name. His transformation into Edward from Robert is no longer considered a shocking event, and it’s clear that the actor is embracing his innermost self whether it’s onstage or behind the camera.