Most recently, actor Robert Pattinson caused a social media frenzy when he cancelled his wedding to actress Vanessa Paradis. The news sent the Internet into a tizzy and prompted countless articles speculating about the couple’s future. Now that they’re back to being just friends, people want to know how to get Robert Pattinson back into their good books. So put on your detective hat and read on as we explore the fascinating world of Batman’s dating rules and etiquette.

Know Your Role

Just like any other professional relationship, dating involves two people who each have a role to play. For the most part, Robert Pattinson seems to be playing the role of the dashing, cool-handed millionaire. He’s been hitting the headlines for his fashion-forward looks and his frequent partying style. But behind the scenes, he’s been keeping a low profile. In fact, he’s been so quiet that many people didn’t know he was even dating again. So it comes as no surprise that he felt overwhelmed by the press attention that greeted him when he finally made his return to the spotlight.

Now that they’re under the radar, fans are curious about what Robert Pattinson is up to. And since he hasn’t given many interviews, people are trying to work out his dating rules from the clues that he’s dropped in interviews and on social media. But let’s face it, Robert Pattinson is not going to open up about his private life, and we probably shouldn’t be talking about his dating rules anyway, because that’s usually what he uses these days to shut people out — his aloof attitude and perfectionism.

No Contact

In the wake of the wedding cancellation, Robert Pattinson went on a media blitz, taking to Instagram to refute the rumors that he and Vanessa were about to get hitched. In one of his first interviews after the news broke, he reiterated that this was all a big mistake and that he wanted nothing more to do with the media. But he did leave a few choice words for the press, saying that he was “sickened” by the way they treated Vanessa after learning of her affair. The actor then proceeded to cut off all contact with the press, refusing to talk to anyone from that point forward, even his own family. Naturally, fans were worried about his mental health and started a petition to bring him back. Not that they need our help, but they do have 24 million signatures, so it seems like a lot of fans wanted to see him again.

Dress To Impress

Just because Robert Pattinson is wearing a tuxedo at the Golden Globes doesn’t mean that he’ll automatically impress your average Joe. It takes more than a fancy suit to make a man look dashing. Style isn’t everything, but damn, it helps. The fact that he’s wearing a slim-fit suit doesn’t hurt either. Naturally, the style-conscious fans would have liked to see him wear something a little more traditional like a suit or a tuxedo, but he seems to have decided that he doesn’t want to look too much like a plain old bloke, especially after his recent divorce.

Keep Your Engagement To Yourself

Even before the wedding fiasco, Robert Pattinson’s private life was a tabloid hot potato. He’d been married once before, to fellow actress Emily Brown, but the couple went through a messy divorce and remained on decent terms, if not friends. Following his split with Vanessa, the actor was linked to countless A-listers, including Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne. And just this year, he was seen dining with Kate Middleton at a New York City restaurant. Clearly, Robert Pattinson is still very much in the public eye, despite his efforts to stay under the radar.

It’s not always easy being in the public eye. Especially when you’re as famous as Robert Pattinson. The actor has a lot of fans who want to get a glimpse of his private life, not to mention a whole generation of millennials who idolize him from his movie roles. And that’s probably why he’s so bothered by the press scrutiny. Fans want to know what’s going on behind the scenes and appreciate the actor’s efforts to keep things private. Now that he’s relaxed his media blackout, it looks like fans may get a chance to see more of Robert Pattinson’s charming private side.