The biggest news to hit the world of Batman this year is that the Caped Crusader will be gracing our screens once more. After a five-year hiatus, we will be able to dive back into this amazing world of Gotham City and its colorful cast of characters.

If you are among the many fans eagerly anticipating the return of these wonderful characters then you may be wondering which of the many Batman: Arkham Knight skins is best suited for the legendary actor, Robert Pattinson. Well, we’ve got you covered on this front with today’s top news article, where we’re going over all the different available Batman: Arkham Knight skins and which one suits Mr. Pattinson best.

The Top Choice For Mr. Pattinson

When it comes to the various Batman: Arkham Knight skins, the number one choice for Mr. Pattinson seems to be the Dark Knight Rising or Nightwing Bat-skins. Not only does this choice provide him with a sleek new look, but the design itself is spectacular and offers a great contrast against his dark hair and eyes.

The Dark Knight Rising is an amazing skin as it features all the dark and brooding tones that we’ve come to associate with the Dark Knight over the years. And because it includes the popular DC Comics character, Nightwing, we’re sure that Mr. Pattinson will have no problem being recognized on the street should he decide to don this skin.

Nightwing is one of the rarest and most popular of the post-Dark Age Batman characters. Described as an “everyman superhero” by his creator, Dan DiDio, the Dark Knight’s sidekick has been a regular feature in the DC Comics ever since his first appearance in 1968. If you think that Mr. Pattinson is the perfect fit for this character, then you can’t go wrong with this option as it provides both smooth gameplay and a stunning visual appearance.

Alternative Choices

While the Dark Knight Rising is undoubtedly Mr. Pattinson’s top pick when it comes to his favorite Batman: Arkham Knight skin, there are actually a couple of other fantastic alternatives that deserve a mention. One of these is the Knightfall or Ironman skins. These skins were released alongside the Batman: Arkham Knight Playstation 4 edition and offer an alternative take on the Dark Knight’s familiar outfit. The hood and cape are a striking crimson red which represent the blood that was spilled during Batman’s feud with the villainous Ironman. This is definitely the kind of look that Mr. Pattinson might appreciate as it provides him with a unique and memorable appearance. Unfortunately, these skins are only available as cosmetic items and don’t provide any gameplay advantages.

Another fantastic skin that we recommend is the Scarecrow or Arkham Asylum skins. These skins were also designed by the legendary Mark Harrison and feature the iconic image of the crazed psychopath, Dr. Jonathan Crane. Made completely transparent so that you can see the beautiful light illuminating his face, this is a haunting image that will surely make you stop and think twice before crossing paths with this twisted character. Once more, the overall design itself is amazing and provides a perfect contrast against Mr. Pattinson’s fair isle white skin. However, these skins are also available as cosmetic items and don’t offer any advantages in terms of gameplay either.

Mr. Pattinson’s Bottom Line

So, what can we say about Mr. Pattinson and our choice for the best Batman: Arkham Knight skin? Well, first off, we think that he would really like the look of the Dark Knight Rising. This choice provides him with a sleek new look that will have everyone recognizing him on the street. As for the other choices, we think that they’re all fantastic and that any of them would look fabulous on Mr. Pattinson. He’s been seen wearing pretty much every hoodie, t-shirt, and sweater combination in the DC Comics so we’re sure that he’ll be able to find a unique and memorable look amongst the many fabulous alternatives that are available.