Wondering what to get your loved ones this Christmas? Why not get them a life-size cardboard cut-out of the hottest actor of the moment? After all, they might just love Hollywood as much as you do.

Arguably the most popular celebrity chef of the moment, Heston Blumenthal, recently endorsed a plush toy called Mummy, which he described as ‘perfect for cuddle-making’. And, indeed, who doesn’t love to snuggle up with a warm body pillow every night while watching Netflix?

But what about when you’re traveling? Or at work? Or at school? What about when you want to be thoughtful, but don’t want to spend a fortune?

Well, you can always get them a gift certificate for a meal at a fancy restaurant. If that’s not in the budget, then get them a bag of gelato, or a warm chocolate bar. Or, for the really special ones, give them a bottle of wine, or a gift card for a coffee machine. These are all good ideas, but none of them are quite as special as getting them a life-size cardboard cut-out of the hottest celebrity chef of the moment.

Why Now?

With all the viral scandals that have recently rocked the celebrity world, it’s not difficult to find a reason why everyone’s favorite caped crusader would have become so unpopular in the first place. But, even before the #MeToo movement, it was already a difficult sell, especially in a society where superficiality is considered a virtue. It takes a certain type of masochism to enjoy being mistreated by someone you respect, and, for some people, that just isn’t an enjoyable feeling.

It wasn’t always this way. In the Golden Age of Hollywood, rich and famous people used to flock to Bats because he was the ultimate status symbol. The more famous a woman was, the more glamorous she would appear, the better the chance of catching the eye of an eligible bachelor. This made him a favorite of the well-bred offspring of the upper classes, who saw him as a living embodiment of their parents’ elegance and style. In fact, Bats was previously owned by the French royal family, and even earned the nickname ‘King of the Dark Arts’. But, as with most things in life, money can’t buy class, and these days he’s more of a novelty than a symbol of elegance.

Who Is Robert Pattinson?

Robert Pattinson is an English actor, model, and philanthropist. He is best known for playing the role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight film series and the video game adaptation of the same name. He was previously in the band ‘The Twilight Sad’ and, in 2011, was named the Sexiest Man Alive by British GQ. In 2015, Harper’s Bazaar ranked him at number ten on their list of the world’s most stylishly arrogant men.

Pattinson was born in London in 1985, to a British mother and an American father. His father, David, is a producer and director, and his mother, Stella, is an interior decorator. Pattinson first gained recognition in 2003, for his role in the film The Last Kiss, and has since gone on to star in numerous studio movies and music videos. He is also the face of the luxury perfume brand Dior and the eyewear brand CéLOUPE, and, in 2016, was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to drama. In the same year, he was also appointed to the Order of the Companions of Honour (CH) for “services to British culture’.

What Is Wrong With The Actor?

While many stars have managed to keep their popularity despite all the controversies that have befallen them, it appears that Pattinson is not one of them. He may still be considered a ‘sex symbol’ in certain circles, but his celebrity has waned dramatically since the height of the Twilight phenomenon. In 2017 alone, he appeared in only two films that opened in theaters, while his latest appearance was a minor role in the teen drama series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. His previous films included The Lost City of Z and the music video for the song ‘Sign of the Times’ by Arcade Fire. In the first of those films, he played a Harvard student who befriends American expat Adrienne Chacko (Diane Kruger). In the second, he portrayed an English professor who befriends an adolescent Sabrina (Kruger again).

The Scandalous Scandals

In December 2017, it was revealed that actor Liam Hemsworth had paid off a $400,000 tax bill that was incurred by his ex-wife, Elle MacLeman, who is also the daughter of Gold Coast property tycoon Dick MacLeman. The news of the bill was first broken by the Australian newspaper The Age, which reported that the former couple had paid the sum in full in April 2017, a month before the paper ran its first exclusive on the matter. The story received huge media coverage in Australia, and Hemsworth was subsequently named ‘Most Irritating Man’ in a Vogue poll.

In January 2018, singer Taylor Swift donated $50,000 to a charity designed to aid women and girls abused by male colleagues or employees. She made the donation after the United Nations Global Goals For 2030 summit, where she advocated for a female leadership role in politics and business. While in Abu Dhabi in November 2019, actor Idris Elba was seen shopping for his wife, Tamara, who is a popular fashion designer. In the same shopping trip, Elba bought several items of clothing for their children, as well. In the lead-up to Christmas 2019, several news outlets reported on prominent celebrity offspring who were seen buying gifts for their famous parents. Paris Jackson bought a necklace and earrings for her father, Joe, as well as a bracelet for her mother, Lauryn. Prince Harry’s daughter, Princess Eugenie, purchased several items for her parents, the Duke and Duchess of York, mostly related to their heritage.

Then, of course, there was the Time’s Up movement and the rise of #MeToo. In the last year, scores of A-list celebs have been embroiled in sexual misconduct scandals. These days, it seems like everyone’s favorite caped crusader has a story to tell. Whether it’s been decades or just months since they last graced theaters, audiences across the world still flock to see Batman whenever a new installment is released. But, rather than being considered the hero he used to be, Batman has become the ultimate bad boy, with a dark and sinister secret that only he knows.