The year was 2012. Robert Pattinson was the biggest name in Hollywood, having just wrapped up shooting what would become one of the most iconic films of all time, the highly anticipated adaptation of “The Twilight Saga.” He was just 22 years old at the time, and it seemed like he was destined for cinematic greatness.

While filming, Pattinson fell in love with the theater, and decided to put his new-found hobby to good use. He began performing in small venues around London, and when he heard the call for comedians in particular, he decided to change gears. In 2013, he began taking the stage at the prestigious London Palladium, and never looked back. It was his debut as a solo performer, and he spent the rest of the year on the road, selling out shows across the UK and Ireland. He followed this up in 2014 with a high-profile performance at the Royal Variety Performance, and then went on to appear at the Comedy Store and Hammersmith Apollo in London, amongst others.

The Evolution of an Actor

Since his first big break in 2012, Pattinson has gone on to become one of the most in-demand actors of our time, with a string of blockbusters and critically-acclaimed roles behind him.

While the nature of his jobs may change from film to film (and they often do), his approach to acting never does. He is the ultimate prepared actor, and makes the most of every opportunity that comes his way.

The transition from film star to mainstream stage actor was not easy; after all, it took him years to develop his craft, and he was essentially starting from scratch. But with determination and a healthy dose of good luck, he has proven time and time again that he is capable of taking on any role, no matter how big or small, and turning it into something special.

Here, we will explore six of the most important things you need to know about the incredible actor Robert Pattinson.

1. He Is One Of The Most Influential Actors Of Our Time

It is hard to put into words just how influential Robert Pattinson has been, or is going to be, in the world of entertainment. He has broken numerous records, becoming one of the first actors to have ever sold out Wembley Stadium, and he has continued to pack out theaters worldwide with his critically-acclaimed performances.

With iconic roles in blockbusters like “The Lord of the Rings” and “X-Men,” as well as award-winning supporting roles in films like “Dunkirk,” “Lose Yourself,” and “Twilight,” it is easy to see why fans have been taken with him. It wasn’t always easy for him to find his place in Hollywood, but he finally managed to do so, and today he is considered one of the greatest actors of our time.

2. He Is A Master Of Transformation

When it comes to performing, nobody does it better than Robert Pattinson. Whether he is playing a comic book character or a swashbuckling hero, he can bring it, and he usually delivers a stunning performance.

What is most impressive is that he is always up for a challenge; he has said in the past that he enjoys playing the weird and wonderful because he feels that it gives him a chance to experiment with new things, and on that front, he certainly does not disappoint. Whether he is playing a character with multiple personalities, a man who can only speak in rhyme, or someone who is the spitting image of Adolf Hitler, he never fails to make us laugh or make us ponder about the humanity of the human condition.

3. He Is A Self-Dedicated Actor Who Works Hard To Perfect His Craft

Although he has enjoyed enormous success as an actor, Robert Pattinson is not your typical Hollywood superstar. He puts in a lot of personal work, both on and off camera, to ensure that each role he plays is as good as it can be. He is a dedicated actor who truly cares about his craft, and it shows in his work. Even when he is playing a comic book character, he will study the art of portraying that character, and make sure that his performance is as accurate as possible.

And what is more impressive is that he does this all on his own. In other words, he didn’t get where he is today by simply being talented. He had to prove himself time and time again, and none of this would have been possible if he had not dedicated himself to acting completely and utterly devoted to the craft. It takes a huge amount of self-discipline, as well as fortitude, for an actor to put in the hours that he commits to his craft. But it also shows that he really cares about the roles he plays, and he is willing to go that extra mile to give the fans what they want. This is something that the average Hollywood actor is not willing to do, especially in this day and age, when so much is asked of them.

4. He Is Able To Take On Any Role, No Matter How Big Or Small

Another one of Robert Pattinson’s incredible qualities is that he is capable of taking on any role, no matter how big or small. It doesn’t matter if the character is comic book-related or not; he can own the screen with his performance, and make us laugh or cry, as the case may be. This is why he has been able to rise to such great fame, and continue to rise, even after completing such a critically-acclaimed film as “Twilight.”

If you look at his resume, you will see a lot of supporting and minor roles, as well as the bigger, more iconic parts. But that is exactly what makes him so special. He has proved time and time again that he can step in and deliver when needed, no matter the role. Sometimes it is just a small part, but it is still part of his job to make us believe that he is there, and to make us wonder, “What will he do next?” This is a quality that very few actors can boast of.

5. His Performing Style Is Unique

It is not often that you will see two separate people performing as if they were one, but when you do, it is usually because of one particular individual. This is something that Robert Pattinson does better than anyone else, and it is a quality that makes his performances so unique and interesting to watch.

What is most impressive about his performances is that he is able to make us feel like we are watching a play, a work of fiction perhaps, but a play nonetheless. It is not often that you will see a performer use body language, facial expressions, and costume changes to weave such an intricate story. But it is all there in his performances, and it makes them that little bit more surreal, that little bit more fantastic. It is one thing to read about something in a book or see it on screen, but it is another to be able to experience it in real life. This is where Robert Pattinson’s acting skills come in, and it is why he has been so successful, as well as how he continues to stay so popular, even though he has finished filming such epic films as “Twilight” and “Dunkirk.”

6. All Of This Has Come Very Naturally To Him

It would be a mistake to think that all of this has come easily to Robert Pattinson. On the contrary, he has worked very hard for everything that he has achieved. It was not always easy for him to find his place in Hollywood, as he was essentially starting from scratch. But he did not simply spring into this world fully formed, ready to go on the stage. He put in the hours, he studied, and he listened to what his instructors had to say. He is a true Renaissance man, and it shows in everything that he does.

This is a quality not often found in Hollywood these days, where often the actors simply show up and start shooting. It takes a special person to make it to such a successful stage career, and it takes an even special person to live up to the incredible reputation that he has acquired.