So, you want to date a movie star. What do you need to know? How about his most intimate photos? For some fans of Robert Pattinson, the pictures of the British actor posing nude or semi-nude are what they really want. Unfortunately for them, the photos don’t lie. It’s now obvious that someone is trying to sabotage Rob’s budding relationship with Talulah Riley. Rob’s fans may also believe that the actress is just using Rob for his celebrity. In reality, it seems that Rob’s career is actually quite stable. He has been acting for several years and has not changed much job-wise. Some people think that his upcoming movie, “Sleeping Dogs Lie,” a thriller with a comic book vibe, will be the movie that makes or breaks his career. With some impressive reviews, it seems that Rob is finally ready to step out of the shadow of his famous Twilight co-star and into the spotlight. Let’s examine some of the most revealing pictures of Rob to date and whether or not they are bad for his acting career.

Rob’s Beach Body Photos

It’s clear from Rob’s beach body photos that he takes his workouts seriously. In fact, the young actor looks so good that it’s easy to forget that he is still in his twenties. The pictures also reveal that Rob has a very muscular chest and arms. He also appears to have a flat stomach, which is no small feat, considering all the crunches he does during his workouts. It seems that Rob spends a lot of time at the gym. This is especially apparent after seeing his regular posts on Twitter, where he frequently shares workouts and meal plans. Perhaps these pictures will help inspire other young men to get into shape and stop being so negligent about their health.

Too Much Information?

It’s funny how, even at the age of 30, Rob still seems to enjoy playing the “only child” card. In this picture taken from the 2015 Vanity Fair Golden Globes party, Rob’s face is the only one we can see. The young men behind him are probably blocking the camera from catching sight of his body, in case it’s pornographic and they get in trouble. This type of censorship seems to be commonplace in Hollywood nowadays. It’s sad that fans of this great actor have to resort to such measures just to enjoy his work.

Nude Photo Shoot?

The most revealing photos yet! Rob is shown completely naked in two photos from an apparent nude photo shoot. The first one is rather dark and shows his bare back with an airplane in the sky behind him. It’s not entirely clear if this is some kind of yoga pose or if he’s just taking a stroll near the beach with his dog while topless. Either way, we definitely get the feeling that this is not the first time that Rob has been photographed without his shirt on. The second picture is a close-up of Rob’s beautiful, hairy chest. This time, he has an extreme case of jaundice and looks like a total freak. Is this a coincidence or did he get sick after taking off his shirt for the camera? It will be interesting to see if other topless pictures of Rob turn up. He is certainly one of the most photographed men in the world and it would not be a total shocker if more photos of him with his shirt off turned up.

Is He Gay?

Is Robert Pattinson gay? Some of his fans think so. After recently meeting with Talulah Riley, Rob’s girlfriend, it was revealed that the couple had a one-night stand years ago. Since then, Rob has only been seen kissing and hugging other men. Does this mean that he is gay? Does being with a woman cancel out his sexuality? It seems that we may never truly know what attracts Rob to other men. Perhaps one day, he will finally come out and tell us. For now, let’s enjoy these incredibly hot pictures of the British actor and leave the rest to God.