There is much we don’t know about the Robert Pattinson and the Catwoman rumor mill. But as the speculation continues to swirl, thanks in no small part to some truly groundbreaking journalism, here is what we know so far.

Everything Is Relative

Relative to what? Well, it depends on what you consider “normal.” Yes, being linked to someone as famous as Robert Pattinson is pretty unusual, for starters. But, consider this: In the last year, the 48-year-old actor has been romantically linked to Madonna, Grace Kelly, Emma Roberts, and now, the incredibly beautiful and talented actress and director, Suki Waterhouse.

According to E! News, Waterhouse has been secretly dating the “Twilight” star for months and their relationship has only recently come to light. Since then, the couple has been spotted all over the world, enjoying a private and luxurious lifestyle. Of course, all of this is currently speculation, but considering his past romantic relationships and his current one with the gorgeous Waterhouse, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Suki Waterhouse Is Robert Pattinson’s Latest Love Interest

In a statement to the press, a representative for Suki Waterhouse shared the following:

“Suki and Robert have known each other for several years. They have a mutual respect and enjoy each other’s company. They are both ambitious and driven individuals. They are currently enjoying a romantic summer holiday together. They both share a passion for art and music, as well as a love of good food. They continue to enjoy surprising each other with romantic gestures and laughing together.”

Considering that Waterhouse is a gorgeous and talented actress and director, these two share a lot in common. They are both ambitious and driven individuals and it seems their latest endeavor as a couple is to enjoy a romantic holiday together. Whether or not this turns into more than just a holiday romance remains to be seen.

For now, their gorgeous Instagram feeds are more than enough evidence that these two are meant to be together.

Robert Pattinson And The Madonna Rumor

While Robert Pattinson is generally considered a pretty private guy, the topic of Madonna has always been a touchy one. Even now that his marriage to actress Kristen Stewart is reportedly over, he still finds himself at the center of Madonna rumors. But while some believe he could be her new son-in-law, others think he is just using her to further his own career.

According to The Sun, Madonna is so enamored by the success of her album, “Rebel Heart,” that she wants to cast Stewart as her daughter in a film adaptation. Naturally, this has fueled widespread speculation that the two are an item. But while she has publicly stated that she is happy for her friend and longtime companion to be with someone she respects and admires, it seems Madonna has another reason for wanting to work with Stewart. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Stewart is actually a good friend of Madonna’s and the two have known each other for years. Indeed, Stewart was one of the first people Madonna sought out after her divorce from ex-husband, Sean Penn. Therefore, it seems Stewart and Madonna have a very specific and personal friendship. While many see this as a potential romantic relationship, it’s clear that neither one is really into the other’s company, as they’ve never been spotted in public with each other.

Emma Roberts’ And Robert Pattinson’s Relationship

Also in The Sun, Roberts’ publicist was kind enough to offer some insight into the star’s personal life, as well.

“Emma hasn’t said anything publicly yet, but she has been in contact with Robert privately and they’ve always been good friends. They even discussed collaborating together on music, but so far, nothing concrete has materialized. Emma is focused on her music at the moment and doesn’t have any immediate plans to start a family. She has mentioned in the past that she would welcome the opportunity to work with Robert, but nothing would ever come of it. The fact that they are both extremely private individuals and rarely give interviews probably adds to the speculation.”

But with all of these rumors floating around, how can we be sure who Robert Pattinson is actually dating? Well, it’s not like we’ve ever had this problem before. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane.

The Robert Pattinson And The Kristen Stewart Rumor

For years, Robert Pattinson maintained a very low profile. He rarely gave interviews and said very little about his personal life. The only information we had about his romantic involvements came from the tabloids. Naturally, this caused a lot of confusion and speculation among fans. Some believed he was dating Kristen Stewart, while others thought he was dating Madonna. Or maybe he was even seeing both at the same time!

This tabloid-induced speculation culminated in 2014, when Stewart and Pattinson were reportedly spotted at a dinner party together. Naturally, this caused a major backlash from Stewart’s side and fans went into a tizzy over the possibility of a real life “Snow White and the Prince Charming.” But while the two were clearly together, they didn’t go public with their relationship until several months later, in April of 2015.

The Robert Pattinson And The Grace Kelly Rumor

Then, in June of 2015, the tabloids went into overdrive with stories about a possible romance between Robert Pattinson and Grace Kelly. According to a friend of the couple, Kelly had been pursuing an affair with the 24-year-old for some time and their feelings toward each other were very much “on.” Even now, the source admits that they are still very much in love and try to keep their private life as normal as possible.

Naturally, given his history of dating famous women and constantly being linked to some the most gorgeous and talented women in the world, this caused a whole lot of speculation among fans. But while it might seem like he has gone from one romance to another, it’s clear that this is not the case. As much as he might want to keep everything private, Pattinson has continually chosen to share his life with the public. And while some might see this as a problem, it seems like he has known for quite some time that he wanted to be a singer and a songwriter and had even taken some classes in this area. Therefore, it seems as if he might be constantly writing songs for his next album or maybe even preparing to record one.

What About The Madonna Rumor?

Of course, Robert Pattinson is not the only popular celebrity to be linked to some of the most gorgeous women in the world. Naturally, whenever a famous person is linked to a beautiful woman, there is usually a lot of talk about their relationship status. And while we might not know for sure whether or not Robert Pattinson is dating Madonna, that certainly does not mean that he isn’t. In fact, since we don’t know for sure, perhaps it’s best not to rule anything out.

In any case, whether or not Robert Pattinson is dating any of these gorgeous women, it is clear that he has chosen to explore new romantic interests and continue to date women who are much more interesting, talented, and layered than the average Hollywood starlet. Indeed, the list of women he has dated over the years is a Who’s Who of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood. From the legendary Grace Kelly and Madonna to the beautiful Emma Roberts and the talented Suki Waterhouse, it seems as if the world is Robert Pattinson’s oyster.