It’s no secret that Hollywood’s elite are attached to their smartphones. From the moment the first celebrity selfie went viral, people have been more interested in how stars look on social media than they have in the stars’ official Instagram photos.

One of the most followed individuals on Instagram is Zoe Kravitz, the model-actress, fashion influencer, makeup artist, and dancer. She has over 110 million followers on the platform, and her account boasts some of the most exciting content.

It would be a surprise if Zoe isn’t connected to a member of the royal family. Aside from being a face on the cover of numerous magazines, the 32-year-old has established relationships with some of the most powerful men in the world of entertainment. We take a look at some of Zoe’s previous relationships, her current romantic status, and if she and Robert Pattinson are in fact seeing each other.

Zoe’s Previous Partners

The self-described ‘fashion rebel’ began dating English actor, director, and aristocrat, Tom Hardy, two years her senior, in 2007. Since then, she has had a number of high-profile relationships including Bradley Cooper, Alexandre Pato, and, most recently, comedian and actor, Zach Galifianakis.

Zoe and Hardy broke up in 2018. It was later reported that the Modern Family star had cheated on her husband with the Tall, Dark and Handsome star. At the time of the tabloid stories, Zoe had already unfollowed Hardy on Instagram. However, she did not confirm or deny the cheating reports. Since then, Zoe has taken to Instagram to post frequently about her future partners, some of whom she has named, but others she has not.

Zoe’s Current Status

Despite her past relationships, it seems that Zoe is looking for a ‘normal’ life. Since 2016 she has been linked to actor, musician, and entrepreneur, Rob Pattinson (also called Robert).

The pair first sparked romance rumors in 2014 when they were spotted holding hands while walking through London. Since then, they have been pictured holding each other’s hands or locking lips on numerous occasions. Although, they have remained relatively tight-lipped about their relationship status, a 2018 source close to the pair told E! News that they had “not even remotely been dating” in recent months. The insider also noted that Rob might propose to Zoe after she completes her upcoming film, Changing Breeds.

Is Zoe Kravitz Dating Robert Pattinson?

Although the pair have kept their relationship status a secret, they have not been shy about showing their affection for each other on social media. While most people would argue that a couple’s social media accounts are a reflection of their real-life relationship, it is also possible that their accounts are crafted to boost their own careers. In either case, it would be difficult to deny that the Internet loves a good celebrity couple.

Since their relationship surfaced, many have speculated that Zoe might be dating Robert, the son of Hollywood royalty, Queen Victoria. While there is no official confirmation from either party, it seems that Zoe is indeed seeing someone.

On October 31, 2019, fans of Zoe went wild after the fashion influencer revealed she has been given a ‘key’ to a mystery door by none other than Queen Victoria. The cryptic caption under the Instagram photo hinted that the door leads to an ‘amazing’ room where Robert is waiting to propose. The post then went on to list off a number of royal doors throughout history that have been given as bridesmaids’ gifts.

If the Queen is indeed toasting her goddaughters’ upcoming wedding with a gift of a key to a bridal suite, it would be the ultimate fair isle present. However, it is important to keep in mind that ‘tis the season of generosity, and many of the gifts were given long ago. It seems highly unlikely that Queen Victoria is celebrating her goddaughter’s engagement, as she is well into her 80s and in poor health.

Zoe, Robert, and Their Rumored Affair

While some may be celebrating the engagement of Zoe Kravitz and Robert Pattinson, it seems that a significant number of people are less than enamored with the pair. Since the rumors about her cheating scandal with Tom Hardy became public, Zoe’s popularity has taken a hit. According to several Instagram users, the model is ‘catting’ around with her rumored beau, and her followers are letting her know it.

“I wonder if she’ll ever get over Hardy,” one user posted. Another added, “I feel like she’s just using Rob… Poor guy.”

Zoe vs. Tom Hardy

It’s fair to say that most people, especially those in the fashion world, have a soft spot for Zoe. Despite her relationship with Hardy, it seems that Zoe has not lost her taste for the high-profile men that she dates. Shortly after their split was made public, a picture of Zoe and her new boyfriend, French actor, Alexandre Pato, surfaced. The pair were spotted holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes as they walked down the street in Paris. The image, which was posted on Pato’s Instagram account, garnered nearly 100 thousand likes.

A day later, a second photo of the pair in a chic Parisian restaurant was posted with the caption, “Zoe and I in Paris. We had such a wonderful time and are grateful to the city for its beauty and kindness.” The Instagrammers behind the scene were revealed to be Pato and Zoe’s makeup artist, Clodagh Gallagher. Since then, the pair have posted several more photos together. Many credit the two for keeping the intrigue alive regarding their relationship status.

Zoe’s Favorite Dancer

While some might be worried about Zoe’s future as she gears up for her wedding, the model and actress has continued to focus on her work. Since the beginning of this year, she has been very active on Instagram, posting frequently about her work and various red-carpet moments. In February, she even went a step further, posting a throwback photo of her and some of the biggest names in dance, including Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince. The post celebrated 30 years of Jackson’s Blanket Album, an album that was released in 1987 and is one of his best-selling works. Although the album itself is a classic, many of its songs, including “Black or White” and “Dance With Me”, remain staples on the radio today. The music icon died in 2009, and Zoe has carried on his legacy, frequently posting about Michael Jackson and celebrating his music on social media.

While many may view Michael Jackson as one of the most influential figures of the 20th century, it is Zoe’s love for his music that has kept the king of pop alive on social media.

Do You Think Zoe Kravitz Is Dating Robert Pattinson?

It seems that neither Zoe nor Rob are looking for traditional relationships, and perhaps that is why people are so interested in their private lives. Despite the whispers about her cheating scandal, Zoe remains committed to her work, which she feels passionately about.

The model and actress has also taken a liking to sharing a love letter, and perhaps a marriage proposal, on social media. While many would argue that a couple’s Instagram feed is a reflection of their romance, Zoe has stayed true to her principles, and is not afraid to share her personal life, even if it is just a letter, on social media.

It seems that the world may finally be ready for Zoe Kravitz. While she has kept her personal life relatively private, the model has not been afraid to embrace the attention that comes with being a celebrity. Perhaps it is not surprising that she has been so successful in her career, particularly since she is a ‘brand’ in and of herself. She has always been comfortable in her own skin and has never been afraid to speak her mind. She also believes in true love and has stayed faithful to her man, even when faced with temptation.