Are Zoe Kravitz and Robert Pattinson still dating? According to new reports, the Hollywood couple are once again locked in a passionate embrace, with tabloid stories suggesting that they might be considering tying the knot once more.

Zoe’s Beauty Secrets

In a recent interview with InStyle, the 42-year-old fashion designer revealed that she has been using an ‘anti-wrinkle serum’ for the past seven years to maintain her flawless complexion.

‘I started using it when I was 21, and then I saw a great deal on TV, and I thought ‘this is heaven,’” said Zoe, who began her career after leaving university with an internship at Elizabeth Arden. “I started to apply it after my first fashion show, and then I ended up using it almost every night. It’s a great serum because it penetrates into the skin quickly and effectively, but it also makes your skin look like you have more wrinkles. I feel that it’s really important for women to know that there are products out there that can help them look their best, regardless of what age they are.’

What Is the Best Way to Keep Your Manicure Looking Fresh?

InStyle also quizzed Zoe about her nail polish advice, and she recommended using a topcoat that will keep the color vibrant for as long as possible.

‘It’s really important to have a bright, colorful nail polish that will last as long as possible,’ she said. ‘I like to use a topcoat occasionally, but usually I don’t need to. If you overuse topcoat, you can make your nails weak, so it’s best to keep it at the basics – clean nails and a quick paint job now and then. Plus, overuse of topcoat can make your nails look like they are growing faster than normal.’

Zoe, who admitted to InStyle that she was ‘obsessed’ with nails’, has always had a passion for all things beauty and fashion. After gaining experience in her teens working in a beauty shop, she went on to launch her own line of swimwear and lingerie, as well as contributing fashion advice to several magazines.

A Princess Bride

The fashion designer’s relationship with actor Robert Pattinson, whom she first met while filming the adaptation of Princess Bride in the early 1990s, was one of Hollywood’s most high-profile romances of the past two decades. In 2017, after nearly 25 years of dating, the couple called it a day on their relationship, amicably parting ways while maintaining a dignified professional distance. The split was largely attributed to Robert’s heavy involvement with his Twilight Saga film series, which has now amassed an incredible $26 million at the global box office alone, and its fan base.

Although they went their separate ways, Zoe and Robert maintained a strong public presence throughout their time apart, and the actress has consistently spoken about her regret at calling it quits with the English actor.

‘Looking back, I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to walk down the aisle with the man I love, and I couldn’t be happier that we were able to grow old together,’ she said in 2017. ‘It’s been an amazing journey, and I feel very lucky to have been able to share it with Robert.’

What Is the Most Romantic Way to Spend a First Date?

While on the subject of love and commitment, InStyle asked Zoe about her ideal first date, and she recommended an old-fashioned, diner-style meal with ‘good old-fashioned family values.’

‘I think that dates should start with a dinner party at someone’s house,’ she said. ‘I feel like that is the most romantic way to start a relationship, because it’s a celebration of two people who are genuinely interested in each other. I want to meet my future husband at a nice restaurant, but I want it to be in a family-style atmosphere, where we are surrounded by people who care about us. That is more romantic to me than going out to a glamorous restaurant by ourselves.

Zoe’s Fashion Legacy

Throughout her career, Zoe has been celebrated for her unique and innovative style, which has often been credited to her parents, who she credits with giving her ‘their beauty and their brains.’

In 2018, shortly after announcing her separation from Robert, she launched a fragrance named after her, which is designed to evoke feelings of ‘princessliness’. The signature scent, Zoe, is described by the designer as an ‘enchantingly soft’ blend of citrus and vanilla that evokes the scent of freshly cut lemons and vanilla beans. It is the perfect sunny scent for those hot summer days or those cold winter nights when the wind is howling outside.

A New Beginning?

The success of the Twilight films, coupled with her enduring popularity, has ensured that Zoe will always be associated with pop culture’s most memorable couples, and it seems that she is determined to find love again. In January 2019, she began courting fashion photographer and creative director Grace Coddington, while also making time to attend events with friends, including the launch of a new swimwear collection. It seems that Zoe’s search for love may be about to begin, and who knows – maybe this time she’ll find the man of her dreams.