Zoe Kravitz and Robert Pattinson have been in the news a lot lately, and people are wondering if the celebrity couple is back together again after spending more than a year apart. According to a new report from British magazine OK! they are indeed back together and have been for a while now. The pair were first linked in 2016 after meeting at the Brit Awards back in January of that year. Since then they’ve been seen together at a number of events including the Venice Film Festival in September 2017.

While some fans are ecstatic that Zoe and Rob are back together, others are not so sure. The truth is that they’ve been keeping a low profile since their split, so the fact that they’re meeting up again raises some concerns about why they’ve been acting separately for so long. Is this just a publicity stunt to drum up interest in their projects, or are audiences supposed to feel sorry for them because of their troubled history? Let’s examine the facts.

They Haven’t Spoken To Each Other In Months

Since their split, Zoe and Rob have been low-profile figures going about their individual business. This trend continued even after they were linked at the 2017 Brit Awards. At the time, a representative for the couple confirmed that they had “no comment” regarding their rumored reconciliation. Since then they’ve kept a low profile, even canceling a joint engagement to attend the Cannes Film Festival in May 2018.

They Haven’t Been In The Public Eye Together

Since their split, Zoe and Rob have not been in the public eye together. They haven’t been linked to any red-carpet appearances or spoken words at any events together. This trend continues even after they were seen at the 2017 Brit Awards and the Venice Film Festival. Most recently, they were both featured in the cover story of British fashion magazine Vogue, but the couple has not been seen or heard from since then.

Rumored Reconciliation

With all due respect to Vogue magazine, the fact that Zoe and Rob have been in the news so often doesn’t mean that they’ve reconciled. There have been numerous stories dating back to 2016 suggesting that, in fact, Zoe and Rob are back together and have been for some time. In an interview with American magazine People, Zoe’s ex-husband Caleb Azar, an actor with whom she has a son, said that the couple had reunited and were living together “in a beautiful place in the country.””They’ve been keeping a low profile, but it’s nice to see them finally making some peace with each other,” Azar added. “It’s lovely to have them both in my son’s life. Hopefully, this is just a very happy moment for them.”

No Comment From Both Sides

Caleb Azar’s statement that Zoe and Rob have “been keeping a low profile, but it’s nice to see them finally making some peace with each other” is one that both parties have given. When asked about their relationship by British magazine OK! in early 2018, Rob replied, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Later that month, Zoe also denied any rumor of a reconciliation with a simple “no comment.” Both parties have maintained this low profile even after the couple was seen at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival together.

Even though both Zoe and Rob have issued denials, it’s apparent that they’ve been trying to keep the lid on their relationship. This isn’t the first time that the pair has sparked rumors of a reconciliation. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2016, Zoe stated that she and Rob were “taking a bit of time off” and that they were “just focusing on [their] family.” But by 2017, she was already denying that the two were back together. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Chris Roberts, Zoe’s manager, said that the couple’s time apart had “not been a break” and that they had “always intended to be back together.” However, it seems that their long-distance romance was hard to keep a secret, especially since they met at a film festival in January 2016 and have been spotted together at a number of other events since then. According to OK! magazine, Zoe and Rob have been spending a lot of romantic time together recently, with the pair often spotted holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes. This newfound attention to detail seems to be a result of their desire to keep their relationship a secret until the right time. As Roberts said in The Daily Telegraph, “They want to keep it under wraps until they’re ready to jump back in the saddle. It’s a cautious new relationship for sure.”

Zoe’s Family Has Told Her To Keep A Low Profile

One of the reasons that Zoe and Rob haven’t been seen together in public is that her family doesn’t want her to draw any negative attention to herself. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, her father Charlie said, “Zoe doesn’t need publicity. She’s a very private person. She’s been through a lot in her life and doesn’t need to add more to it.” On the subject of his daughter’s relationships, Charlie added, “I would rather they kept a low profile. I don’t want to make any comments about them because it might spoil the surprise.” After Charlie made these comments, Zoe’s younger sister Estelle added, “I think it’s great that they’re keeping a low profile. They’re young, but I don’t know if this is the right way to go about it. It would be great to have them in my life, but I don’t want to jeopardize their privacy.”

They Want To Be Remembered

While some fans want to see Zoe and Rob reunite after their year apart, others want to see them remain single. This balancing act was most recently demonstrated during the pair’s time apart. Since the beginning of this year, it seems that the media has been trying to pin the couple’s down-low status on them. In February, Vogue was the first to report that Zoe and Rob were “quietly dating” and were “keeping a low profile.” In early April, The Sun published a story with the headline “Zoe Kravitz & Robert Pattinson Are Reconciling: Exclusive.” As with most of the media coverage of Zoe and Rob, this too was based on a single anonymous source. But it seems that, rather than being single again, this time around Rob is playing the role of the strong and protective partner while Zoe wants to ensure that they’re remembered. When asked about their dating life by British magazine OK! in January, Rob replied, “I don’t want to talk about my private life, but I’ll say this: When we first started dating, it was clear that she wanted to keep things low-profile. I get that. I really appreciate that. I respect that. I don’t want to bring any unnecessary attention to what might be a very personal matter.”

On the subject of their careers, Rob went on to say, “But you know what? As time went on, it became apparent that we both wanted the same things in life. We both wanted to be parents, we both wanted to travel, and we both wanted to be happy. So, I think that slowly but surely, we’ve been able to bring our goals into alignment and realize them as a duo. And that’s pretty special.”

Their Career Goals Align

With all due respect to Vogue magazine and its famously imprecise predictions, it seems that Zoe and Rob’s careers have indeed aligned. Since they first started meeting at film festivals in early 2016, the couple has been hard at work on a number of new projects. Most notably, they are set to star in the lead role of Artemis Fowl, an adaptation of the classic fantasy novel by Roald Dahl. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this is “one of the most exciting” projects currently in the works. The film will be directed by Kenneth Branagh and is expected to be released in theaters in early 2023.

In addition to starring in the highly-anticipated Artemis Fowl, Zoe and Rob have also been seen in the upcoming Broadway comedy The Matchmaker, which opened in November and has been receiving mostly positive reviews. The show will end its run in January, with Zoe and Rob set to star in a one-night-only concert performance at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on January 27, 2022.