It’s been a little over six months since Robert Pattinson proposed to Zoe Kravitz, and since then the couple has been exceptionally private. Though they’ve been spotted together many times—including a romantic vacation to Italy last November—the stars have kept their engagement a secret from the press and fans. Now that they’re back from their hush-hush honeymoon (which took them to Venice, Italy!), we may finally discover more about the status of their relationship.

A Surprise Proposal!

On September 2, 2017, Hollywood Life reported that the couple had secretly tied the knot in Tuscany, Italy. The publication claimed that the stars’ loved ones were invited to the scenic ceremony at the Villa Brichella—a 6,500-square-foot home featuring a garden pool and spectacular views of the countryside. It was a beautiful and romantic surprise for both of their families and friends!

Pattinson has yet to comment on the wedding, but the photos from the intimate ceremony hint that the couple is still very much in love. One of the photos shows a teary-eyed Kravitz grasping onto her groom as his personal photographer takes their vows. Another image shows the actress wearing a stunning lace dress, her hair in a low bun and her makeup lightly done, as if she just stepped out of a beauty salon. (A team of makeup artists and hair stylists worked tirelessly to style the 27-year-old actress for the wedding.)

A Wedding To Remember!

Despite their secrecy, the couple’s engagement and wedding were graced with gorgeous details. One of the attendees described the wedding as a “fair isle white wedding,” and the actress’s sister, Emily, shared on Instagram that she’d “wear anything” for her sister on the big day. Designer Stephen Burks created a beautiful lace wedding dress for Kravitz, and she accessorized it with white diamonds. The ivory outfit was a stark contrast to her red carpet début as a model, where she wore a custom Dior dress that earned her widespread praise.

The groom wore a bespoke suit by Tom Ford, and he coordinated the outfit with a Burberry collar shirt and pocket square. One of the attendees shared a photo on Instagram of Pattinson, who wore a classic blue blazer, standing next to his bride as they looked into each other’s eyes. “I am so in love with you,” he said in the snapshot. “You are the most incredible woman I have ever met, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.” The romantic moment was met with resounding cheers and applause from the guests. (Some of the photos can be viewed here.)

A Private Life

Though they’ve kept their engagement and wedding a secret from the press, the stars have not been shy about sharing their romance with their fans. They’ve regularly posted photos of themselves together on social media, where Pattinson has described Kravitz as “the love of my life.” In August 2017, the couple finally made their relationship official with a sweet Instagram post reading, “We want to celebrate the most perfect day with you. Thank you for making us fall in love. We love you.” The photos of the newlyweds show a tender moment between the pair as they gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes.

The private life of a high profile couple tends to be a frequent topic of discussion amongst their fans, so the couple have both earned a reputation for being private. However, as the wedding neared, fans started to speculate about the secret behind the secrecy. Many wondered if it was the pressure of impending celebrity that made the stars shush-hush about their romance. Perhaps they were trying to keep their love a secret because they were afraid that their relationship would never be accepted by society? (No matter how much they love each other, celebrity can often bring with it a certain amount of pressure.)

Whatever the reason behind the couple’s careful brand of secrecy, it seems that their chosen method of keeping their relationship a secret may be working. Though they’ve had their disagreements (mostly online), fans still admire and support the pair. When asked about the upcoming babymoon of the newlyweds, one fan responded, “Bring on the babymoon. I want to see them enjoy their time away from the spotlight.” Another wrote, “I hope they get to enjoy some private time together before the baby comes. I think that would be wonderful.” Still another added, “I want to see them cuddle on a couch while watching movies together. It’s been so long since we’ve seen them smile.”

Whatever the ups and downs of their relationship, it’s clear that these two beautiful, famous stars have found each other’s match. We can only hope that their privacy will remain until the end, as they deserve to enjoy every moment of their wedded bliss!