Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz are two of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. The actor and the model are best known for their roles in the Twilight films, in which they portray vampire lovers Edward and Bella. Since their breakout roles, they’ve both gone on to become prominent figures in the fashion and acting worlds. Now that the Twilight films are a thing of the past, it’s time for them to transition into new projects. So far, it seems like they are doing just that. Here’s the evidence.

Huge Successes

The first big project that the two will be collaborating on is Hotel Cheval. The hotel is inspired by the golden era of Hollywood and the stars who graced its halls. The 21-room hotel will be located in Beverly Hills and will feature a screening room, ballroom, and library. The reported price for one night’s stay is between $3,000 and $5,000 a night. The hotel is set to open in April 2022.

Another big project that the two will be working on is House of Gucci. The luxury goods manufacturer has been running advertising campaigns with the help of famous faces for years. Now, Gucci wants to bring back that magic with the help of Pattinson and Kravitz. The designer unveiled the new face of Gucci America a few months back and the tagline is ‘Made in America.’ House of Gucci will be a celebration of American craftsmanship and design, with 100 designers, including Martin Margiela, boosting the American fashion industry.

Kravitz also has a part in the comedy series She’s Gotta Have It. The actress will play Victoria, an aspiring designer who sets out to become the best in the world. The series was created by and stars Queen Latifah. It will premiere in January 2025.

Loving Life In Los Angeles

While the two love to be in the spotlight, they also enjoy life in the shadows. The Los Angeles Times reported that Pattinson purchased the Robert Pattinson estate outside of London for a whopping $29 million in June 2021. The estate has 12 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and 11,000 square feet of living space. It also features a six-car garage, office, indoor pool, gym, and tennis courts. The purchase price of the estate is equivalent to $428,333 a square foot. The newspaper also reports that the actor paid $18.5 million for a residence in West Hollywood in August 2021.

As for Kravitz, she purchased two apartment buildings in Los Angeles for a combined price of $5.85 million in April 2021. The buildings feature 21 apartments and eight rent-able units. Kravitz also owns a residence in Holmby Hills that she purchased for $7.75 million in April 2021. The residence features eight bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and 11,000 square feet of living space. In October 2021, Kravitz purchased an apartment building in Silver Lake for a reported price of $5.75 million.

The Future Is Now

With their newfound freedom and wealth, it’s only natural that the two would want to explore their true desires. Not only are they both famous for their high-profile romances, but the nature of those romances also defined their public personas. While there’s no denying that the two are still loved by millions, it’s clear that their public personas are not what they want to promote now. They both want to have fun and be with whoever they want, whenever they want.

In late 2021, Kravitz was photographed at the Dubai Mall in Dubai with her then-partner, Matthew McConaughey. The pair were later seen in a passionate clinch. Shortly after, she was linked to the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith. The former lovebirds are among the most prominent faces in the industry, and it seems that Kravitz is willing to mix business with pleasure. She even has a clothing collection named after DiCaprio.

It’s been a big year for the ‘it’ girl. In 2022, she’ll be promoting her clothing collection in New York and Paris. It will be interesting to see how she navigates the fashion world now that she’s single.