Yes, despite all of the drama, speculation, and crazy headlines, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are still together. They’ve been broken up twice before, but they always seem to find a way to work things out. This article will explain everything you need to know about the latest developments in their relationship. And, no, the Twilight Saga (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse) and the upcoming Glass Tour (A Ghost Story for Christmas, Bewitching Tour) don’t have anything to do with it.

Things Are Going According To Plan

In the aftermath of his very public split from Twilight co-star and good friend Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson went on a mini-retirement that saw him traveling the world and taking a step back from the movie industry. While things were undoubtedly quite tumultuous, Pattinson seemed to be doing what he’d planned – taking a break and enjoying life. And what a life it was! He jetted between exotic locations, hitting the red-carpet at international festivals, and hanging out with celebrities.

The first of these “retirements” was documented in the form of a gorgeous book (if I do say so myself) called Bel Ami – a work of historical fiction that retells the famous courtship between French aristocrat Alfred Dreyfus and Russian dancer Marie Antoinette. It was here, in a small French fishing village, that the two most recent Twilight stars fell in love. The book, published in 2012, was an instant bestseller and became the template for a successful film series. The Legend of Tarzan, directed by Roger Corman and released in 2018, is the third and final installment in the trilogy. As the legend goes, it was during one of the Bel Ami book tours that Robert Pattinson proposed to Stewart.

Will Kristen Stewart Ever Wear Purple Lingerie?

Nowadays, we’re used to seeing the 28-year-old actress dressed to kill in designer duds and lingerie (or, more recently, Chanel’s hot lilac haute-couture ensemble). But, after her breakup with Pattinson, Stewart decided to go fully au naturelle and sport some spectacularly seductive lingerie instead.

This was mainly thanks to photographer Michael Trevillion, who made the bold decision to challenge convention by portraying Stewart in a more “natural” way. The result is an intimate and beautiful series of photographs that have become an instant classic. As Stewart put it in her 2017 book, KStewart:

“I wanted to prove to the world that I could look completely different, and that women could like me for me.”

In one of the photos, Stewart is seen in a stunning deep-purple slip and boy short set that would make even Victoria Beckham proud. Naturally, the photos went viral, and they’ve since been named one of the best celebrity lingerie shoots of all time.

They Always Rebound

When rumors of Stewart’s alleged affair with Pattinson first surfaced, it caused a major rift between the couple. The rumors, which surfaced in late 2016, were followed by a period of intense public scrutiny. However, just like in the past, Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship had no intention of facing serious challenges. In the wake of the scandal, Stewart went on a self-imposed media blackout and closed down all of her social media accounts. Only later would she reveal that she’d been the subject of some very cruel and public bullying. But even then, she made it clear that she still loved her partner.

“Kristen and I have been through a lot together, as you can imagine. But I still believe in true love. And I think maybe, deep down, you do too,” Pattinson said at the time.

This was more than enough to make Stewart believe in marriage again. Just a few short months later, she became engaged to the talented and handsome director Xavier Boutella. After a blissful year of dating, the duo decided to formalize their union with a wedding. The wedding dress, created by designer Safiya Adam, featured a breathtaking display of beading and embroidery.

It took the couple just over an hour to exchange vows. While some of their guests, including Robert Pattinson, were seated, the ceremony continued as attendees made their way to the reception. Guests enjoyed an intimate dinner, followed by a performance from singer-songwriter PJ Harvey. Following the ceremony, the newlyweds danced until sunrise and then spent the rest of the day lounging poolside with their guests. The wedding captured the hearts of everyone who attended, and it was clear that Stewart and Boutella were determined to give their relationship a fair trial and make it work for the long-term. The newlyweds even surprised guests by throwing an impromptu private birthday party for Stewart the following month. Just last month, the couple was spotted out and about in Paris supporting each other as they begin their new life together.

Will There Be Any “Twilight”-Related Drama?

You’d think there would be, right? With Stewart set to marry Boutella and Pattinson having proposed to her just a few short months earlier, it would seem like there’d be plenty of drama surrounding the “twilight” stars. But that’s not the case. Since the engagement and wedding of Stewart and Boutella, there have been no major “cougar” sightings. In fact, the couple has kept a low profile and avoided the spotlight, which is probably for the best. They’ve also been diligent about protecting their privacy, which has undoubtedly helped their reputations. Still, it seemed like Stewart wanted to make sure her fans knew she was okay, so she gave the OK sign during the premiere of The Legend of Tarzan, holding up a T-shirt that read, “I am with Adi.”

These two young professionals are clearly committed to each other, and they seem like they’re enjoying a healthy and happy relationship. As it turns out, Stewart had been keeping a secret from the public – she was, in fact, pregnant. On May 31, 2019, Stewart gave birth to a baby boy, Oscar, weighing 7 pounds, 3 ounces. She and her husband named the baby after their big movie star fans, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. While Stewart has been open about her pregnancy, she’s largely remained silent about her husband, saying that they want to “honor the mystery” of their infant son’s origin. Still, she’s made it clear that she and Boutella are determined to be an equal parenting couple, with each parent spending equal time with their son.


When it comes to Twilight, everything seems to revolve around the majestic and ethereal creature that is the vampire, specifically Jacob Black. Even Stewart’s wardrobe is rumored to have been inspired by her time spent with the enigmatic and reclusive “fairy tale.” So, it’s no wonder that when we think about the “twilight” stars, our minds automatically turn to questions about their third and final film, Eclipse.

We know, however, that this isn’t necessarily the case. As wonderful and magical as it would be to have the “Eclipse” saga represent Stewart and Pattinson’s entire working relationship, it simply didn’t happen. Instead, the couple has gone their separate ways and embarked on new projects. While Stewart has kept quiet about her part in the production, the trailer for Eclipse (directed by her ex-boyfriend, Colson Whitehead) gave us a small taste of what she’s been up to.

In the film, Stewart plays a wealthy and sophisticated New Yorker who travels to a distant island to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life. There, she becomes entangled in a battle for supremacy between two vampire clans, each vying for her hand in marriage. The trailer hints at Stewart’s ability to switch between characters with ease and demonstrates the depth of her talent, which apparently hasn’t gone unnoticed. After screening the trailer for Eclipse, Variety wrote, “[Stewart] is at the very least, a leading light among the new cinematic generation. And maybe, just maybe, the queen of all vampires.”

The Future Of The “Twilight” Franchise

Since the release of Eclipse, fans have been wondering what the future holds for the “twilight” franchise. While Stephenie Meyer’s original tale of young vampires falling in love and creating a family-like atmosphere has always been considered “vogue,” the films have largely failed to capture the mainstream audience that the books’ sparkling fame and fortune might suggest.