It seems like every day, we’re getting another story about Taylor Lautner and his alleged love affair with Robert Pattinson. While we’d like to believe that Taylor’s recent actions are just a product of his desire to please his fans, it’s more likely that he’s just trying to save his own reputation.

Regardless, it doesn’t seem like Taylor wants to be the one out of the two that the public chooses. So, in the name of fair gameplay, let’s take a closer look at the pair’s relationship.

Robert Is Into Muscular Dads

The first time we heard about Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson was back in December 2014, when the singer was accused of hitting on a 14-year-old fan. During a meet and greet with fans at a grocery store in Los Angeles, an unnamed woman claims that she was approached by the actor, who asked if she was a fan of his. When she replied that she was, the actor then allegedly asked her if she would like to “come back to his house and hang out.” The woman’s mother then had to step in and tell her that, although the actor was extremely polite, she should really be quiet and not speak to strangers.

At the time, the woman’s mother said that she understood how protective fans can be when their favorite artist is mentioned in a negative context, and that she appreciated the warning. In response, the singer tweeted, “To all my wonderful fans, I love you all so much. I am so grateful for all your support,” adding, “I will always do my best to honor and respect you as an ambassador of my work and myself.”

They Have A Similar Lifestyle

The actor and the singer seem to have a lot in common, which is probably why their personal lives are such a focus when it comes to their professional relationship. The two live in the same village in California, and have been photographed together many times partying and hanging out. In some cases, it seems as though they’re even dressed in each other’s clothes. While we can’t confirm whether they’ve slept together (or even if they’re into dudes at all), it’s clear that they share a lot of the same interests.

For example, both Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner enjoy luxury, and have been known to flash their wealth by spending thousands on expensive-looking items. The pair have also been seen entering fashion houses and spending hundreds of pounds on items that cost thousands. According to reports, the singer even bought a $300,000 mansion in the Hollywood Hills just so that he could enjoy quiet evenings with Robert Pattinson.

They Were Once Prominent Figures In Their Own Right

Prior to their most recent scandal, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner were two of the most prominent figures in their respective industries. Robert Pattinson was once considered the male equivalent of Hollywood’s most fashionable ladies, and has been on the cover of numerous magazines. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse star has also been linked to several high-profile relationships.

Taylor Lautner made his name playing the part of Edward Cullen in the Twilight film series. After the franchise’s finale in 2012, the 24-year-old took a break from acting to pursue a music career. In 2014, he released his debut album, Uncovered, which debuted at number five on the Billboard 200. The record featured the hit single “Say You Want Me To,” which was later featured in the season five premiere of Grey’s Anatomy.

Their Relationship Is Complicated

While the public is still talking about Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson, their romance has been a source of contention for fans and journalists alike. Some have claimed that the actor is just using the musician as a beard, while others believe that this is a real love story that just needs a little bit of time to blossom.

In December 2014, after months of fan speculation, Taylor finally confirmed that he had fallen for the actor. The two were first linked when Robert Pattinson was photographed wearing a shirt with the Taylor Lautner logo on it. While the shirt is somewhat ambiguous, it’s clear that the two are close friends and have been for a while. However, it seems as though this is more than just a typical friendship between two wealthy, famous individuals.

There have been numerous reports that Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner have been sleeping together. The two were first seen together in 2014, and have since been photographed together in bed, and even holding hands. On Twitter, the actor has referred to the singer as his “best friend,” and has said that they’re a “twin-spirits.” The most recent sighting of the two was in November 2016, when they were both wearing black, which has become their “uniform” when hanging out or partying together. We can only assume that, at some point in the past, these two may have even had sex together.

Regardless, this is all speculation, and it’s important to remember that just because the two are seen together doesn’t mean that they necessarily have to be sleeping or dating. In fact, many of their close friends seem to think that this is all a bit much and that they’re just trying to be dramatic.

Why Does This Matter?

It’s always nice to have a story about two well-known, wealthy individuals who end up falling in love. However, what’s truly important is that, for the most part, these stories make for great drama. While we may not yet know the full extent of their relationship, it seems as though Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson are in it for the drama. This is probably why we’re seeing so much coverage of their romance, even though it’s still somewhat fresh in the memory of the public. It isn’t as though they’d be the first famous individuals to fall for each other, as we’ve seen hundreds of similar stories over the past few years. What makes this particular romance relevant is that it seems to be breaking some of Hollywood’s most prominent taboos. In the past, it was considered impossible for a famous man to show emotion, especially if he was famous for being “cold.” However, with the likes of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, it seems as though this rule is no longer applied.

It doesn’t seem like Taylor Lautner wants to be the one to break down these barriers, as he’d rather avoid talking about his personal life and focus on his music. However, his desire to be “normal” seems to be working against him, as he finds himself in a place where the only choice is to be authentic or not exist at all. As much as he wants to be accepted for who he is, it’s clear that he also wants to be known as a person, which is why he’s been so open about his personal life and why he can’t seem to shut up about his relationship with Robert Pattinson. The truth is, we still don’t know exactly what this relationship is, but we’ll continue to learn as this story continues to unfold. Who knows? Maybe Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will end up being the perfect example of a Hollywood fairy tale. Although, if not, at least they’ll provide some compelling entertainment for their many fans.