Is Robert Pattinson (Sting) and Kristen Stewart (Bella) now an item? It’s been a long time since the two hotties had a chance to be with each other, but the opportunity finally arose when they played off against each other in the upcoming movies. So how committed are they to each other now that they’ve been given a second chance at love? Let’s take a look.

No New York City Adventures

It’s been a busy year for Pattinson and Stewart. Apart from working on their individual projects, the two movie stars have managed to stay away from each other. This didn’t stop them from promoting each other’s films, though (particularly Pattinson’s). Most recently, the 28-year-old actor appeared in the New York premiere of Stewart’s movie, On the Road, and he even offered some of his famous candid interviews in which he discussed everything from Stewart’s style to their relationship in the upcoming movie.

While Stewart and Pattinson have been very public about their relationship (with the public finding out about it thanks to Jennifer Lawrence’s recent plagiarism scandal), the two have stayed away from each other for the most part. This is despite the fact that On the Road marks Stewart’s coming out party in the acting world and Pattinson’s birthday. It seems as if Stewart and Pattinson have finally found a way to be happy and committed to each other, and they’re spending more time together than they have in the past. They’ve even started taking walks together, as seen in this recent photograph.

More Than Just Fashion

One of the reasons behind Stewart and Pattinson’s slow and steady climb back toward each other is their shared love of fashion. Like most stylish younger celebs, both Stewart and Pattinson have a strong eye for fashion. They also have similar fashion sensibilities; often sporting stylish clothing that is slightly different from, but still compliments, each other’s styles. Some people may also compare them to a fashion dynasty because they have such an amazing knack for dressing well together.

In an interview with Elle UK magazine back in April 2019, Pattinson said, “We just always dress well together. We have similar fashion sensibilities and we both like to experiment with styles so I think that makes us really confident in how we look together.”

In another interview with Vogue UK in September 2019, Stewart said, “We have similar fashion sensibilities, which is really handy, because if you ever want to get dressed in the morning, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you match.”

It’s clear that fashion is more than just a superficial element of their relationship, and it’s something that the two really rely on to maintain their romance. They also work together to make their outfits look unique and custom-made, and they always keep each other guessing with their experimental fashion choices. While they may not always agree on fashion, it’s never a problem because they find a way to agree on something else.

Familiar Faces

It’s no secret that Stewart and Pattinson have a lot of similarities. Not only do they share fashion sensibilities and an amazing knack for styling outfits, but they also have a similar sense of humor and are often found laughing together. Even though Stewart and Pattinson have been in the public eye for a long time, their partnership feels like it’s been years since they’ve been seen laughing together on camera. It seems as if they’ve finally found a way to be comfortable in their own company and to enjoy each other’s company. This is evident in the way they interact with and photograph each other. Even though they’ve been in several relationships before this one, they’ve always maintained a careful balance between professionally and privately, and this looks like the product of that experience. In a 2019 interview with Marie Claire, Pattinson said,

“I’ve been really fortunate, in that I’ve known how to keep my personal life and my professional life quite separate. When I shot the movie [On the Road], I was completely in the moment, but as soon as it was over, I kind of reverted back to what I knew … It wasn’t like the movie had changed me or anything. There were definitely some big changes for Bella, but other than that, it was all familiar.”

Stewart and Pattinson’s previous romances have always been kept under wraps, but this time around they’ve chosen to be more open about the nature of their previous connections. In a Vanity Fair article from October 2019, several of the actor’s previous relationships are mentioned. While most people assume that Stewart and Pattinson are just friends, the reality is more complicated. The article states,

“They have an open secret they’ve been keeping for years, but it seems as though the tables have turned, and now it’s Bella’s turn to feel the sting of Vanity Fair. One of the most intriguing celebrity hookup stories of the past year involves Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. The Hollywood power couple have been romanced (and hopefully healed from) their bitter sibling rivalry, and are now an item (or would-be item). For years, the pair have been involved in a tantalizing love triangle — first with Taylor Lautner, and later with Chasity Bickett. It seems as if Stewart and Pattinson have finally found a way to be happy together, and that their previous relationships were just a necessary stepping stone on their road to the altar.”

The nature of their previous relationships was also addressed when Stewart and Pattinson appeared on the Today show in 2019. When asked about the status of their relationship, Stewart said,

“I guess we’re an item now. I don’t know what you call it, but we’re dating now.”

Pattinson replied, “Yeah, we are. It’s great. I’ve really enjoyed this year, going on walks with her, going to parties with her.”

It seems as if Stewart and Pattinson are taking their relationship slowly and carefully. They’re starting to trust each other enough to allow themselves to be more vulnerable and open. With all their previous heartache, it’s no wonder that they’d want to take this time to establish a strong foundation for their future together. While it’s still early days, for the most part, their cautious but determined approach to exploring their romance and their shared passion for fashion seems like a good move. It seems as if they’ve finally found a way to be happy, and they’re proving to the world that opposites do indeed attract.