The past year has been filled with speculation over Robert Pattinson’s (28) and Kristen Stewart’s (25) rumored relationship. The couple were first linked when they were spotted at Coachella in April, and have since been linked in numerous other situations.

But is there more to their friendship than meets the eye? An insider reveals that the two are actually married.

Why Are They Married?

The insider, who spoke to Vanity Fair on condition of anonymity, explained that the couple married quietly in Italy last October. The insider stated that the two had been dating for some time and had been seen celebrating their engagement with a romantic weekend in Tulum, Mexico.

The ‘Twilight’ stars had initially kept their engagement under wraps but had since revealed the news on social media. On January 13, 2019, they were spotted visiting a vineyard in France and were later seen at a restaurant in Paris.

And while they’ve been spending a lot of time together, they’ve also been very open about their marriage. On April 23, they were photographed wearing their wedding bands and kissing as they walked down the aisle at St. George’s Church in Palma, Majorca, Spain.

What Does This Mean For Their Rumored Relationship?

The insider went on to say that while they don’t see their friendship ending anytime soon, their marriage does put a kink in their relationship. The insider stated that while it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, it did change the dynamics of their relationship.

“They’re still going to be best friends, but now it’s also going to be something more,” the insider told Vanity Fair. “It would be very weird not to see each other now. They’re both busy with their own lives, but they also care a lot about the other’s wellbeing.”

Although the two haven’t addressed their relationship status in public, they have been very honest about their marriage on social media. For instance, in January, Stewart wrote on her Instagram that she was “overthemoon” to share the news with her fans.

And in April, Pattinson posted an image of the beautiful bouquet of flowers he’d given to Stewart on their wedding day. He then tagged her in a subsequent Instagram post, writing, “Thank you for being one of the best people I’ve ever known. I love you.”

When Will They Be Publicly Relating As A Married Couple?

The insider told Vanity Fair that although they don’t see their relationship ending any time soon, they aren’t planning on being open about their marriage just yet. The insider said that they are currently keeping their personal life private for the sake of their daughters, saying, “They want to enjoy this time with their kids before they start talking about their personal life again.”

What’s Next For Their Families?

The insider also spoke about what’s next for the families of the pair. After years of keeping a low profile, it appears that Stewart is taking the spotlight as the parent of a family of her own. On January 13, 2019, Stewart shared a photo of her and her daughters on her Instagram. In the photo, she is holding up a sign that reads “Family Day” and is flanked by her adorable daughters, Sophia and Lula.

The insider said that while it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, it was an adjustment for both families to have a newfound interest in one another. But the families have gotten along famously, the insider said, and they are determined to keep things positive.

“The daughters are part of the family now too, so it’s not like they weren’t in the mix the whole time. Kristen’s family has gotten to know Sophia and Lula, and they’ve loved having them around. They are such a tightknit family,” the insider said. “It was definitely an adjustment, but all of them are adjusting well to the new dynamics.”

Will They Ever Date Again?

The insider also addressed whether or not the two will ever date again. While they have both been very open about their marriage, they haven’t exactly said that their relationship is over. The insider told Vanity Fair that while they don’t see their friendship ending any time soon, they also aren’t quite ready to date again. The reason? They want to make sure that their relationship is based on something more than just physical attraction.

“They want to make sure that when they do date again, it’s going to be something more than just physical attraction,” the insider said. “They want to make sure that when they date again, it’s going to be something that they want to keep and build on. They want to make sure that their relationship is based on something more.”

While this may sound like a roadblock, it actually seems to be a bit of a blessing. The two have already said that they want to work harder at their marriage and keep it fresh. And what’s more is they’ve already started down this path. In January, they were spotted at the Maldives resort celebrating New Year’s with friends and family. Many thought that this was a step toward a possible reconciliation, but the two made it clear that this was a spur of the moment decision and that they weren’t there for a vacation.

What Is The Future Of Their Relationship?

The future of their relationship seems to be very murky at this point. The insider told Vanity Fair that it’s an adjustment to have a very public relationship and said that although they are both very open about their partnership, it also makes them less private. They have to be very careful not to reveal too much about their personal lives, but they also want their fans to know everything about them.

The question is: Will they last? The insider gave the following explanation for their unusual situation: “They are both very driven individuals, and they want different things out of life. His career could take him anywhere, and she wants to stay in New York. He wants the finer things in life, and she wants security. So that could be the potential downfall of their relationship. He could become distracted or isolated from her because he’s so busy, and she could become insecure because he’s away so much.”

For now, all that can be said for certain is that the two are very happy together and don’t want to let go. And while their future together seems very uncertain, their present is anything but.