Fans of the Twilight series may remember Robert Pattinson as the bespectacled, motorcycle-riding Edward Cullen, or Kristen Stewart as the spunky, yellow-clad Bella Swan. The pair first came together as a result of the Twilight movies, but have since gone on to craft careers as independent, grown-up actors. Now, after more than a decade apart, rumors are swirling that the Hollywood couple have gotten back together.

It’s no secret that Robert and Kristen have a history. Back in 2012, the New York Times reported that the two had been dating for nearly a decade and even went on a three-week European vacation together that same year. In 2014, they were named the most romantic celebrities of the year by People magazine, and have since gone on to make several red-carpet appearances together at award shows and premiere events.

So, is it true that Robert and Kristen are getting ready to make their grand return to each other’s arms? Let’s investigate.

The Reunion

The first piece of evidence that something big is happening between Robert and Kristen comes from their reps. In August 2018, both Kristen and Robert’s representatives issued a joint statement denying speculations of an eventual reunion. “They remain best friends and share a very special bond,” the statement read. “They both look forward to continuing to work together in the future.”

Even more convincing is the fact that both stars have been incredibly busy these past few years, with multiple projects lined up. In 2017, Robert starred in the Divergent series, where he played the part of Tricornic Janson, alongside Shailene Woodley and others. The next year, he appeared in the ensemble comedy series A.K.A. and then wrapped production on the fifth and final season of The Walking Dead in October 2018, in which he reprised his role as Robert. Between projects, he has been keeping a low profile and hasn’t given any interviews or been photographed with any women, which is usually a telltale sign that a celebrity is seeing someone new.

Meanwhile, Kristen has been busy as well. In 2017, she appeared in The Night Comes With Stars and then in the comedy series Living With Your Parents Which One Is The Dad? Later that year, she joined the cast of the sci-fi action series Helix, where she plays Dr. Ava Benning. Most recently, she has been spotted out and about with friends in NYC and London.

While neither star has made any public appearances with their arms around each other, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they end up back together. After all, even when they were just appearing in the Twilight films, the chemistry between the two was obvious. Their characters were rivals at first, but eventually they developed a genuine affection for each other, which was one of the film’s central themes. Edward was devoted to Bella, but even he couldn’t resist coming back around and showing his affection in tiny, romantic moments, like when he gave her a flower or helped her with her makeup for her birthday.

Do They Have To?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the Twilight series, it’s that love can blossom between anyone and anyone, even when there’s a major age gap or personality clash. Of course, it helps when the personalities in question complement each other perfectly. While the couple initially appeared to be polar opposites—Edward is the reserved loner and Kristen is the free-spirited, loud-mouth—they actually fit perfectly into each other’s company, creating the perfect balance of weird and wonderful. It was only a matter of time before they ended up together. If nothing else, their shared experience as child stars in the Twilight films makes this scenario all the more plausible.

We can’t ignore the fact that 2019 has seen a rash of celebrity reunions. While many of these rumors turn out to be fiction, the fact remains that people want to see their favorite celebrities together again. Most recently, Joe Biden was spotted with Kamala Harris, the two of them looking cozy and affectionate. Even Oprah and Dr. Phil have been spotted spending a lot of time together. What’s more, we’ve seen numerous reports of people speculating about an eventual Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie reunion. So, it would stand to reason that a reunion between two Hollywood stars, whose careers were forged in the spotlight, would be received with great interest by the public.

Whether or not these rumors prove to be true, we will undoubtedly learn more as the year progresses. In the meantime, let’s savor the fact that these two legendary actors have seen fit to give us some memorable performances over the years, and that they continue to entertain us with new projects and appearances scheduled for the future.