It was just last week that Kristen Stewart revealed she was dating Robert Pattinson. And now, it seems like the news is spreading like wildfire. Rumors flew that the Twilight actor is indeed seeing the Snow White and the Huntsman actress, and they’ve been spotted on several dates in Europe. This has not come without its share of backlash, however, with some fans accusing Stewart of using the relationship to boost her career. We take a look at the controversy surrounding the new couple and whether or not they’re telling the truth about their new romance.

The Backlash Was Quick To Follow.

Less than 24 hours after the story broke, fans began flooding Twitter with comments about Stewart and Pattinson. Many expressed their shock and disappointment, while some went as far to say that they no longer support Stewart’s career. While it’s true that the 29-year-old actress has received critical acclaim for her role as Bella Swan in the Twilight films, she has yet to really break out of her Twilight persona. That being said, Stewart did win a Golden Raspberry Award for her portrayal of Bella in the movies. Most likely inspired by that, here is a collection of Twitter reactions to the alleged romance:

“This Just In…”

The majority of the backlash came from Twitter users who knew or were aware of the story before its release. The hashtag #RIPKristenStewart began trending in the U.S., UK, and other countries as fans expressed their profound sadness at the news of their idol’s alleged betrayal. Twitter user @MissGossamer wrote: “I really liked Kristen Stewart but this just in makes me feel like she’s using Robert. Ugh.” Another user, @kadyosova, echoed that sentiment, tweeting: “I’m absolutely gutted to hear this story. I liked Kristen Stewart so much, I was rooting for them to get together. I think it’s lovely when an older actor/artist/bandit/director takes a younger woman under his wing and helps her to find her feet. #RIPKristenStewart”

“We Don’t Agree On Much…”

Even people who don’t know or care anything about Stewart and Pattinson’s purported romance criticized the news that the 29-year-old actress is now dating the 35-year-old actor. Many fans pointed out that the pair has very different personalities and come from very different backgrounds. One Twitter user wrote: “I don’t see what’s attractive about him… It’s like dating a married man. We don’t agree on much, but somehow we manage to make each other happy. #RIPKristenStewart”

“I Think She’s Playing Both Sides…”

Stewart’s purported affair with Pattinson has caused quite a bit of speculation about the actress’ motives. Many have pointed out that she is a well-known “cat-bird” (i.e., a woman who teases men with her sexuality but ultimately ends up dating or sleeping with someone else). And some have even gone as far to say that Stewart is just using the 34-year-old actor to further her career. One Twitter user wrote: “This just in. Kristen Stewart is finally taking steps to further her career. She’s hooked up with Robert Pattinson. Does ANYONE else see the pattern? Like a cat, she will land on her feet.” Stewart’s response to that, if she chooses to offer one, will no doubt add fuel to these conspiracy theories.:

“Not Sure How To Feel…”

Many fans expressed their ambivalence about Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship. On the one hand, they said they were excited about the possibility of a fairy-tale ending. On the other hand, they said they were worried about the actress’ apparent lack of focus. One Twitter user wrote: “This is such a bummer because I really like Robert Pattinson and thought he was the one that finally got through to Kristen. I’m worried she’s going to end up disappointing me again.” Another user, @_says_so_much, added: “I really liked that they had the chance to be together. I’m not sure how I feel though. On the one hand, I’m happy for her because she’s been alone for so long. On the other hand, I’m a little concerned that it’s not going to end well.”

“She’s Been Throwing A Lot Of Tantrums…”

Throwing a tantrum is often a sign of a child who is extremely upset or angry. In some cases, it can be a behavior problem for adults. It is not known if Stewart has ever been formally diagnosed with the condition. But multiple eyewitnesses have noted that the actress has been acting strangely and erratically in the lead-up to and after her alleged one-night stand with Pattinson. “Kristen Stewart has been acting really strangely lately. I’m not sure if she’s just been partying way too hard or if she’s really upset about something,” one person tweeted. “Either way, she’s throwing a lot of tantrums,” another added.

Stewart has not addressed the rumors surrounding her and Pattinson, but she did retweet a comment that said she was “officially” dating him. In response to another user who said they were concerned about the couple’s relationship, Stewart tweeted: “You’ll all know soon enough. Don’t worry about it.”

“I Stand By Kristen Stewart…”

While many fans were divided about the pair’s relationship, one thing they could all agree on is that they stand by Stewart’s right to date whomever she pleases. One Twitter user wrote: “I stand by kristen stewart’s right to date whoever she wants. I just wish she’d date someone a little more interesting.” Another fan said the same thing, adding: “I really like kristen stewart and her right to date whoever she wants. I’m just hoping she’ll settle down with a good looking, famous guy one day.”

“I’m Not Sure If This Is A Good Thing…”

While many fans were excited about potential new romances that Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship might bring, others pointed out that they had different priorities. “I’m not sure if this is a good thing,” one fan tweeted. “I’m just excited that someone finally managed to convince Kristen to wake up and smell the coffee. I like Robert Pattinson and I’m sure he’s a good guy, but I don’t think this is the direction she needs to go in.” Another added: “I’m not sure if this is a good thing, but I’m really excited that Kristen Stewart has finally decided to grow up. He’s a professional actor and she’s a famous model. They’ve been seen together at industry events and it seems like they hit it off right away. I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, but it’s certainly interesting.”

There have also been comments on social media about Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship being a publicity stunt. But the actress has denied this, saying that she and the 35-year-old actor have had a genuine connection. She has also said that she is committed to a lifelong partnership with him. In response to a Twitter user who asked if she and Pattinson were just playing for publicity, Stewart tweeted: “Umm, no. We’re actually very happy together. And we’ve been dating for a while now.”

“I’m Not Surprised…”

Finally, some fans pointed out that they were not at all surprised by Stewart and Pattinson’s alleged affair. They said that the 29-year-old actress is always looking for ways to promote herself and her career. And what’s good for her is good for them, they said. “I’m not surprised at all,” one fan tweeted. “It’s no secret that Kristen Stewart has always been looking for ways to promote herself. So it’s only natural that she would take this opportunity to do so. She’s been alone for so long, getting a night of passion with Robert Pattinson is just what she needs to feel like a normal woman again. Good for them.”

There was also a lot of speculation online about whether or not Stewart and Pattinson were in fact a couple. The two were often pictured together at industry events, and they have also been seen on multiple dates. But while some fans thought there was definitely something going on between the two, other believed that it was all a publicity stunt. At the end of the day, it really depends on how you choose to see it. Is it a calculated and carefully thought-out publicity stunt, or is it a chance for two famous and successful individuals to have some fun? It’s really up to you.