Robert Pattinson and FKA Twiggs Are Still Getting Married, but They Have a New Baby

The couple have a new addition to the family, a baby boy they named Ben Lennon. The beautiful baby was born on June 12th, and the family already spends time together as a unit. The British actor and the American singer, who are the daughters of musician Leon Russell and actress Patti Hansen, grew up in relative luxury and privilege. They both have a good relationship with their parents, who are still a part of their lives, raising their sons together. For years, Twiggs and Pattinson focused on their careers and had a strong interest in fashion. The actor was even named after a designer, and she featured in several of his ads. Today, they still enjoy spending time together as a family, often visiting London to catch a show or visit a gallery. They keep up with the latest trends, and although their schedules are busy, they still manage to find time to enjoy each other’s company. Their union has been viewed as somewhat of a modern-day fair isle marriage. The happy couple have been seen holding hands, sharing an affectionate kiss, and walking arm in arm on several occasions. Even some of Twiggs’ famous friends have gotten in on the act, congratulating the newlyweds. While some fans are still upset that the couple split for a while after Pattinson cheated on Twiggs with one of her closest friends, Amanda Cole, the two have worked hard to move on from their tumultuous past. In 2017, they were back together and renewed their vows in a romantic destination wedding in Italy.

Their Early Days

Although Robert Pattinson and FKA Twiggs have been together for over a decade, their early days were tumultuous. The English actor was first seen on the big screen in David Cronenberg’s 1985 film, The Fly. The Academy Award-winning actor gained wide acclaim for his performances in films such as Waterworld, The English Patient, and The Twilight Saga. He later went on to star in the hugely popular vampire series, The Vampire Diaries. Twiggs, who began her career as a musical theatre actress, won the heart of the American media as she represented the ‘common girl’ in the anti-heroic film Desperation. The singer was the face of Cover Girl for many years, and she also starred in Woody Allen’s movie, Cafe Society. The two met in a music production of Les Misérables in 2005. They fell in love and stayed together, despite the constant paparazzi attention and scrutiny that comes with being famous. In 2010, they were seen holding hands for the first time at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty. Sadly, many of their early days were overshadowed by their turbulent relationship. They often relied on crisis management experts to help them navigate their intense celebrity. In 2012, they called off their engagement after just three years of dating. In 2015, the couple called it quits for good when Pattinson cheated on Twiggs with Amanda Cole, a British actress and artist. After years apart, the couple were reunited and began to work on their relationship. In September 2017, they were back together and renewed their vows in a destination wedding in Venice, Italy.

The Renovated Siena City Hall

After their tumultuous separation, Robert Pattinson and FKA Twiggs spent time apart. The actor relocated to Siena, Italy, while Twiggs relocated to New York City. The couple renovated a 16th-century estate and named it Villa Tusca. They took over the city council building, which had been closed for years, and turned it into a proper English country estate. The renovations were carried out by Pattinson’s father, Keith, an architect. Among other things, the building was completely restored, the plumbing was replaced, and the electricity was brought up to date. The couple were seen playing cricket with friends in the backyard, gardening, and enjoying the outdoors. In 2018, they officially opened Villa Tusca to the public. The estate features an outdoor pool, tennis courts, and a pickle-shaped pool with a fountain. The couple’s parents, Leon and Patti, still live in the villa (they call it ‘The Waverly’ currently) and are often invited to stay there when they visit the city. Even though they no longer live in Siena, the couple continues to maintain the estate as it is. They travel back and forth between Venice and Siena as their base. They consider the city of Siena to be their second home. In June 2019, they purchased a property in Saint-Tropez, France, which is used for music production and as a place to write and record. This has enabled the couple to work from home on a regular basis.

A Working Relationship

The two worked together not only on-screen, but also off-screen. In 2012, they started a fashion line, KARL BY RUPERT GRUBER, named after their dog, Karli. The two designed jewelry and clothing pieces together, and their collaboration was met with critical acclaim. In 2014, they were seen walking their dog, Bailey, during New York Fashion Week. The following year, they presented their collection at London Fashion Week. Since then, they have collaborated on several occasions, presenting their Spring/Summer 2020 collection together. The duo are known for seeking out unique materials, such as fossilized wood and horn, for their designs. In the past, they have worked with British designer Giles Deacon on several occasions and French designer Pierre-Karl Puech. Twiggs even designed a dress for the final scene of A Beautiful Day in August, a 2019 movie directed by Mariano Vivanco.

Sober Entrepreneurs

Although Twiggs and Pattinson no longer work together, they continue to be quite the entrepreneurial duo. The American singer has her own line of leather trousers, and the pair designed a swimwear collection together. They have also partnered with several designers, such as Dior and Marc Jacobs, who have worked with them on several occasions. In 2019, they teamed up with Canadian designer Michael Kors to create a capsule collection named after Kors’ late mother, Freda. The pair designed the collection to celebrate Freda’s life and legacy. Additionally, they have their own line of fragrance, named after their dog, which is now sold in numerous high-end perfumers worldwide. In September 2022, they launched a childrenswear collection, and the following month, a footwear collection.

A Bridal Set?

Some fans believe that Twiggs and Pattinson should continue their union because they make a ‘bridal set’. This is a phrase referring to the fact that they are of the same gender and could potentially wed each other. The phrase is used when a celebrity couple shares an intense bond and affection for each other despite their differences in social status. Examples of bridal sets include Grace Kelly and Prince Albert, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and more recently, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. While it is true that an overwhelming majority of celebrity couples end up getting married, it is not always because they share an equally passionate love for each other. Sometimes, the union is simply a vehicle to advance their careers. For example, Taylor and Burton married early in order to become ‘partners’ in law’. In the case of Grace Kelly and Prince Albert, they wed due to political and social differences. Similarly, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton called off their engagement several times before getting married. Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift were never actually engaged, despite the fact that they were often mistaken for such. The fact is, there is no set formula for a successful union; each couple’s story is unique. In September 2022, Twiggs and Pattinson were back together and renewed their vows in a beautiful ceremony in Venice, Italy.

In the end, it is the couple’s desire to be together and commit to their relationship that matters most. Despite their busy schedules, they always find time for each other and for their son, Ben. They continue to embrace parenthood, regularly posting pictures of themselves holding their child on social media.