Most of us are aware of Suki Waterhouse and her breathtaking beauty, but did you know that she is also quite the fashion visionary? After meeting on the red carpet, the gorgeous fashion designer invited Rob Pattinson to London Fashion Week as her guest. The actor-turned-millennial-philanthropist accepted the offer and visited the British Fashion Council for a special fashion event. The couple made quite an impression during their time in London. It soon emerged that they had secretly met weeks before at a dinner party.

While we were watching eagerly to see whether Suki and Rob would announce their relationship during the fashion week, they kept the secret hidden. But as soon as the event was over, the designer could be seen rushing to her boyfriend’s side. They made their intentions clear when they held each other tightly in a passionate kiss as the cameras clicked. But what do they want from this undeniably steamy moment?

According to a close source, Suki confessed to reporters that she had been longing to be with someone her whole life. While many people might assume that she means emotionally, the designer admitted that she sees her future husband in quite the opposite way. In fact, the gorgeous fashionista said that she wants to be as physically strong as possible. She explained:

“I want to feel like I can tackle anyone. I want to feel like a man’s woman.”

And what does Rob think about all of this? According to a source, the celebrity sweetheart has been longing for a family of his own. He confessed to the paparazzi that he wants children more than anything else in the world. The actor said:

“Ski is the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. I don’t know what I’d do without her. She’s funny, glamorous and has a wicked sweet tooth.”

Although it’s still early days, it’s clear that Suki and Rob are already starting their relationship off on the right foot. A family of four living in a gorgeous London penthouse might be what the couple have been craving. Let’s hope that they will enjoy beautiful, contented life together.