You may know that singer and comedian Pete Davidson is dating singer, actress, and model Ariana Grande. And you may know that Davidson has a history of making racist and controversial jokes. Now, it seems that he’s set his sights on another celebrity: British actor, director, and musician Robert Pattinson. Is this a new romance for the comedian?

Pete Davidson Wants to Be Robert Pattinson’s Friend

It was recently revealed that Davidson has been hanging out with Pattinson and his friend Eric Gudel. The comedian seemingly wants to be part of the actor’s inner circle and is doing his best to ingratiate himself with the famous English entertainer. Gudel, who is also a comedian, posted a video on Twitter of the three men sitting together and Davidson making funny faces and jokes. In the background, you can also hear Pattinson laughing and telling jokes.

In another video, posted by Gudel, Davidson can be seen posing with the caption, “Just met @ericrobertson the most fascinating man I’ve ever met.” He then tweeted, “I feel like I’ve finally found an understanding audience. I mean, I’ve always had one. It’s just been hiding.”

Pattinson has made a name for himself in Hollywood for being one of the most eligible bachelors in the industry. He rose to prominence in 2009 when he won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the film Breaking Dawn – Part 2. Since then, he has gone on to act in several films, including the highly anticipated Robin Hood, as well as the highly anticipated Dark Phoenix. In addition to acting, Pattinson has also recorded several solo albums and collaborated with musicians such as Kendrick Lamar, George Ezra, and Sia.

Are They Gonna Be More Than Friends?

Pete Davidson has teased the public with his new romance with Ariana Grande and hinted that they may be more than just friends. In a YouTube video, Davidson showed off his affection for Grande by giving her a giant hug before asking, “Are we gonna be more than friends?” He went on to reveal that he wants to “marry [her] and [have] kids with [her].” Not only that, but he also wants to adopt her son, Frankie.

While Davidson may be trying to win over Grande, who has 19.7 million followers on Twitter, it seems that Pattinson has already made his choice. In the months leading up to the 2019 Golden Globes, photos emerged of Pattinson holding hands with his longtime partner, FKA twigs, at a number of red carpets and award shows. Although they have yet to comment on the rumors, Pattinson and twigs have been inseparable since meeting in 2010. If the reports are true, it would be yet another high-profile romance for the 26-year-old Davidson. But what will Donald Trump think about all of this? The President was previously married to actress Ivana Trump for ten years. And you may remember that former Vice Presidential candidate, Abigail Spanberger, is the daughter of the 70th U.S. President, George H.W. Bush. Perhaps Trump will feel that Davidson is just trying to steal some of Bush’s thunder?

What Does This Mean For Davidson’s Career?

While it’s always heartwarming to see a successful comedian finding success with the opposite sex, this may not be the best thing for Davidson’s career. After making a name for himself as a comedian, the 28-year-old was faced with the challenge of finding new jokes to tell. Now that he’s found success with Ariana Grande, will he continue to rely on the same old jokes?

As exciting as this new romance may be, it could also be the end of the road for Davidson. Successful comedians often face the challenge of knowing when to stop joking and start acting. And this could be something that Davidson has to consider if he wants to keep his newfound fame. Maybe he’ll land a comedy lead role in a movie with a happy ending and continue making jokes about the character’s life in the years to come. Or, will he decide to follow his heart and do what he really feels is right? And who knows – maybe even marry the woman of his dreams!

Pete Davidson on the Future of Comedy:

In a recent Instagram post, Davidson teased fans with a photo of him and Grande lying in an open field. “New beginnings,” he wrote, alongside a photo of the two of them holding hands. “We’re about to embark on a new journey and I couldn’t be more excited.”

And what might that journey be? Maybe another romance, with a different partner? Or, perhaps a career in acting? While he has not yet confirmed his future plans, an engagement with Grande was one of several options which Davidson listed as possible futures for him in a New York Times interview last year. “I could do a Broadway play. I could even do a movie.” He went on to say. “I could do anything.”

It’s unlikely that Davidson will remain childless. In 2018, he revealed that he and Grande were trying for a child, and in April of this year, he tweeted, “It’s official… I’m having a baby!” Whether or not they end up getting married, having a child will certainly change the course of Davidson’s life. And it might just make him a more responsible and mature comedian too.