In case you didn’t hear, comedian Pete Davidson has a rather public friendship with actor Robert Pattinson. The two met at a party in Los Angeles in January 2018 and began dating shortly thereafter. In February 2018, Davidson announced that he and Pattinson were expecting a baby boy together. As you might imagine, the two are now heavily involved in parenting and sharing many precious moments together on social media.

The Best of Friends

On April 3, 2018, the first ever solo show was aired on MTV, featuring comedian Pete Davidson. The show, titled Pete Davidson: Specialty Coffee Company, marked Davidson’s foray into stand-up. The hour-long special followed a successful run of his previous TV show, Pete Davidson’s True Blue, which spotlighted the comedian’s candid discussions of his life and career. The new special saw Davidson take the stage at New York’s Town Hall with special guest Robert Pattinson, who provided narration for the show.

The comedian opened the show with a story about how he met his future husband. He joked that he “was in [a] really good place in [his] life” until he heard Pattinson was in the building. Moments later, Davidson was whisked away by his security team as fans cheered and shouted his name.

The two talked about their shared love for music, fashion, and food, as well as Davidson’s new son, Duke, whose mother is Brandy. They also covered the topics of mental health and addiction, which Davidson openly discusses on his Twitter account. The special was met with rave reviews and became one of the year’s most popular episodes. The following week, it was announced that Specialty Coffee Company would air in HDTV on May 1 and 2. The day before the premiere, Pattinson took to Twitter to share a few of his favorite moments from the special.

The following tweets offer an intimate look at the bond between the two men. First, Pattinson wrote, “I love being [Davidson’s] friend, it’s the best role I’ve ever had.” He then noted that the two would “always” be best friends, adding “[they] have the best marriage.”

Then, on April 4, 2018, a second special, titled Just Friends, was aired on Comedy Central. The half-hour special followed a similar format to the first, with Davidson joining fellow comedians Michael Che, Sarah Silverman, and Wanda Sykes for a roundtable discussion. Once again, the show’s subject matter centered around the topics of marriage and parenthood. There were also several references to the 2018 Kentucky Derby, which is when Duke was born.

Che, who was the first to speak, asked Davidson if he would have kept his son if he hadn’t gotten married. The comedian responded, “I dunno. I’m not sure, but I think I would have definitely wanted a dog.”

The Downside

Just like any other celebrity couple, the Pete Davidson and Robert Pattinson are frequently photographed together on social media. The image above, for example, was taken by Annie Leibovitz at the 2018 Academy Awards and was shared widely on social media. The photographer has worked extensively with celebrities and has had several successful exhibitions, including one devoted to the work of Jennifer Lawrence.

Lawrence is one of the most followed women in the world, with more than 750 million followers across all social media platforms. She has worked with Leibovitz on several projects, including 2014’s spectacular Hunger Games exhibition where she was prominently featured. The exhibition’s Instagram page has over 150 million followers, and many of the photos are of Lawrence and Leibovitz together. As you might imagine, there’s a significant audience that follows both Lawrence and Davidson, which means that people will naturally wonder if the two are an item. This kind of speculation is inevitably going to follow the famous couple, and it’s something that Davidson has had to deal with since his early days as a comedian. In fact, he mentioned the issue in the special in which he announced his engagement to Sophie, his long-term partner.

“I’m a very private person, and I don’t like talking about my personal life a lot. But I will say this: Being in love and being in a committed relationship is the best feeling in the world. And I do think that if you ask most people, they would agree,” he said.

In the same special, Davidson also spoke about how his parents’ divorce and the abuse he suffered as a child have influenced his comedy. “I think a lot about my upbringing. A lot of my jokes are about abuse and about my parents’ divorce,” he said, noting that his material may not seem like it at first, but “all of a sudden, you’re like, ‘Oh, that’s what that was all about.'”

The Future

The close relationship between Davidson and Pattinson is clearly a positive for both men, but it also means there’s more opportunity for the public to think about them together. Even if they aren’t officially an item, it will always be open to speculation. But given the strength of their connection and the fact that they’re both high-profile celebrities, people will naturally wonder if the two are an item. For his part, Davidson seems to embrace the attention, tweeting about his favorite topics and even doing stand-up on the topics of his relationships with Pattinson and his father. He also recently wrote and produced a children’s book, titled Pete the Cat and the Amazing Adventures of the World’s Greatest Tracker, about his search for a lost pet chihuahua named Penny. If you’d like to know more about the book or the adventures of Pete the Cat, you can check it out on Amazon.