It’s been a busy week for actress Ann Pattinson. Not only did she premiere her new Netflix series,

Til Death Do Us Part (Season 1, Episode 1), but she also got to celebrate the royal wedding at Westminster Abbey with her sister, Stella, on Monday (September 24).

Pattinson, who will next be seen in the upcoming James Bond film, No Time to Die, was one of the few royal family members who attended the church ceremony. She wore a glorious yellow dress by JOVANI, which was designed by Caroline Grace. The actress has been a fan of the designer’s work for a while and wore one of the designer’s floral print dresses back in 2014. In fact, the two are now good friends and Caroline even designed another dress for Pattinson, this time in black, for the 2016 royal wedding. When I asked if there’s any designer that she wouldn’t budge on for a future big day, she replied, “Oh, there are so many, I mean really. I have loved every single dress I have ever worn and would never dream of wearing another.”

Pattinson is certainly not afraid to express her opinion on social media, often weighing in on current events, politics, and fashion. She even named her personal Twitter account, @Ann_pattinson, after Queen Victoria, who is believed to have inspired Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Wedding anniversary in 2018.

Here are a few of Ann Pattinson’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.

Ann Pattinson’s Twitter Account

While Queen Victoria inspired @Ann_pattinson, it was King George, the father of the bride, who really put the account into motion by following her on the social media platform. The King has been a fan of the actress for a while and even awarded her an honorary knighthood for her services to drama. It was also George who gifted her with the engagement ring that she subsequently wore during the 2017 wedding of his great-grandchild, Princess Beatrice, to Spencer Matthews. The princess’s gown was designed by Sophie Chacon and her husband’s tailors, Poole and Arnot, and the couple wore a matching set of gold rings.

Pattinson’s tweets range from general celebrity news and the latest trends in fashion to more personal accounts of her sister’s wedding day and her travels. The actress is also a fierce defender of animal rights and has dedicated a sizable chunk of her Twitter to campaigning for better treatment for animals. She even named one of her pet rats, Oscar, after the famous animator, Walt Disney.

So far, @Ann_pattinson has over 1.65 million followers on the platform and regularly shares links to celebrity news, such as the latest viral trends, fashion and lifestyle stories, and relevant animal-related news.

Instagram Account

Instagram can be considered the younger, sexier sister of Twitter, with which it has a lot in common. Launched in 2010, the image-sharing platform is frequently used for sharing the details of one’s daily life, such as travel adventures and luxurious lifestyle choices, as well as off-duty moments with favorite celebs.

Pattinson, who has over 780,000 Instagram followers, often uses her platform to post pictures of herself in various glamorous outfits and to show off the luxurious lifestyle her successful career as an actress enables her to lead. As well as sharing pictures of herself, she also uses the account to post various luxury items that she has purchased, such as expensive watches, handbags, and perfume.

Like her Twitter account, @Ann_pattinson’s Instagram account is mainly used to promote and share content relating to fashion, travel, and celebrity. However, the account is also frequented by those who follow the actress’ animal-related campaigns, including a recent post showing a photo of her holding a baby monkey as she campaigned against the controversial practice of using animals in fashion.

Facebook Account

Facebook, which was established in 2005 and is the most popular social media platform, with over 2 billion monthly active users, is another outlet that Pattinson uses to share her opinions and to update her fans on the latest news and gossip.

The Facebook account, named after Queen Victoria, who was on the platform for much of her life, was launched in 2010 and currently has over 1.12 million followers. As well as posting status updates, photos, and videos, including some of the famous rabbit girl series, the Queen Victoria account regularly shares breaking news stories, such as celebrity scandals and prominent personages’ birthdays, along with relevant quotes, humorous anecdotes, and interesting facts.

Those who follow @Ann_pattinson on the platform will see a blend of the above, with an emphasis on luxurious travel and fashion adventures and a healthy dose of animal-related news and information.

So, what will Ann Pattinson be wearing on her sister’s wedding day? According to our royal expert, Mick Fleetwood, the iconic guitarist and singer, who was best man at the pair’s engagement, “The dress will be incredible, it will be designed by Christian Dior and Neil Bennett and it will be magnificent.” I can’t help but agree!