You may know that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are sisters, but did you know that their mother is Canadian-born Princess Stephanie? Thanks to her, the three women share a special bond that transcends generations. While many may forget about Princess Stephanie now that her daughter’s pregnancies have taken precedence, one thing that the public has not forgotten is her musical genius. And what better way to celebrate the talented trio’s birthdays than by paying homage to their bond through music? The answer is “A lot,” as each sister has crafted a unique tune in tribute to their mother. We’ve got the scoop on how to get in touch with Meghan, Kate and Stephanie, and to put a cherry on top of it all, we’ll even tell you which song is the best of the bunch.

The Royal Siblings’ Tunes

While Meghan and Kate have been relatively silent on social media in the past year, Stephanie has continued to share precious nuggets of insight about the special bond that forms between her children. Most notably, she has discussed the songs that each of her girls have written in their tribute to her and their grandmother, the late Queen Consort, Elizabethena.

While Prince Andrew and his wife, Megan, are parents to four beautiful children, the Duchess of York, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, and the Earl of Snowdon, the Duchess of Gloucester, have all been relatively quiet on social media in the past year, too.

Prince Andrew’s Tune

Known for being a bit of a tech buff, the prince has maintained a fairly active Twitter account, @PRAndrews, which he uses to share various tidbits of information about his family and friends. Most recently, he shared the following about his beautiful daughters:

“Thanks so much for your birthday wishes – you and your beautiful wife made another magical baby. Princess Emily is such a sweetheart. Enjoy your new addition.”

The future King of England has also been very vocal about his support for Britain’s most famous charity, the Royal Foundation of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (or the “DofE”). While many may know the DofE for its work in environmental conservation, he’s also focused on widening access to sport for people from all backgrounds. Indeed, he recently launched a new initiative to encourage more young people to get actively involved in sports and physical activity. Through his various platforms, including Twitter and Royal Foundation events, Prince Andrew has helped to spread the word about the vital role that sports can play in improving a person’s mental as well as physical health. So much so that he has become an ambassador for the mental health charity, Mind.

While Prince Andrew has remained a popular member of the public, his wife’s decision to remain private online has not been well-received. Many have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment about Victoria’s choice to stay relatively quiet on social media, especially considering that the couple have four young children. Some have even gone as far as to question whether or not the Duchess of Cambridge has a mental health issue. Let’s just say that this criticism has not gone down well with the 36-year-old former First Lady.

Stephanie’s Tunes

It’s no secret that Meghan is one of the world’s most in-demand social media stars. And it’s not hard to see why. Not only is she related to some of the most famous royals in history, but she has also used her blog and Instagram to share beautiful, informative content about topics that are close to many people’s hearts. She’s even opened up about her mental health on several occasions, sharing her own experiences and encouraging others to talk about their issues. But it’s not just her fame that has made her so approachable. She’s really just a regular, down-to-earth, kind-hearted person, and it shows in the way that she interacts with her fans on social media.

There’s no question that Meghan has a huge social media following, with over 100 million followers on Instagram alone. It would be a crime if we didn’t at least mention that her account is officially sponsored by many famous brands. However, it’s likely that most of the account’s followers know exactly who Meghan is and what she stands for, and that’s probably why she continues to grow her following despite the account being active for over a decade. And what a following it is! In addition to being one of the most followed Instagrammers, she’s also one of the most liked Instagrammers, too. In fact, her story “The Princess and the Pig” currently has over 40 million views, and it’s been called one of the most watched stories on the platform ever. If you don’t believe us, just check out her Instagram Story.

Similarly, Twitter has also seen a rise in popularity for the Duchess of Sussex. What began as a way for Meghan to keep in touch with friends has turned into one of the most well-known accounts on the social network, with over 20 million followers. And what’s more is that she’s maintained a fairly active schedule on Twitter, too, posting regularly and engaging with her followers. She’s also opened up about some really personal details of her life, including the struggles that she’s faced as a mother. For example, she wrote:

“As a mother of four young children, I understand the challenges that come with fitting in me-time (and boy, do I ever need it!). Trying to create a routine for yourself can feel like a juggling act, never mind trying to fit in some exercise too. But as much as I’d like to be able to spend more time with my kids, I know that they need their mother, too. And so do I.”

Another important member of the British royal family is also taking the social media plunge. In fact, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have over 17 million followers together on Instagram. It’s likely that most of their followers know exactly who they are and what they represent, too. That’s because while Prince William has remained relatively private, his wife, Kate, has really gotten into the habit of engaging with her followers on social media. Similarly, Facebook is another major player in the British royal family’s social media sphere, with both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge having separate accounts that they use to share content with their followers. While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have mainly used their accounts to post photos of their families and some engagement content, the future King and Queen of England, as well as the Duke and Duchess of York, have all used their accounts to share more insightful content. For example, the Duke of York has @EarlofYork on Twitter and Instagram, and he uses these platforms to discuss current affairs, such as politics and climate change. Similarly, the Duke of Cambridge has @SpencerCambridge on Twitter and Instagram, where he discusses various issues including education and mental health. The Princess Royal has two accounts, @Princess_Raluca and @HRHThePrinceCharlie, where she discusses fashion and lifestyle trends alongside photos of her children. And let’s not forget about the Duchess of Cornwall, who uses Instagram to share photos of her family and more intimate moments, such as behind-the-scenes activity at work and at home. If these accounts are any indication, it sounds like Kate Middleton is following in her grandmother’s footsteps, adapting the royals’ famous ‘never shy’ mantra into her own ‘never private’ motto!

Queen Elizabethena (Ella)’s Tune

As mentioned above, Princess Stephanie has also spoken about the role that music has played in her family. Most notably, she has discussed the songs that each of her girls have written in their tribute to their mother. And what a fitting tribute it is! Meghan’s younger sister, Ella, has composed a beautiful song called ‘Happy Birthday to You,’ as a present for their mother on her 94th birthday. The song’s lyrics are filled with affection and thanks to its uplifting tune, it’s become an absolute favorite among the public.

“Happy Birthday to You” (with music and lyrics by Meghan)

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