Andrew Garfield is best known for his role as Arthur Fleck in the Divergent series, a dystopian young adult adaptation of the popular young adult novel, Divergent. The actor has also starred in films such as The Amazing Spiderman and The King’s Speech. In March 2018, Garfield married his longtime girlfriend, Sabrina Gucciardi, whom he had previously collaborated with on the set of The Amazing Spiderman. Now, they are parents to a son, Milo (born in Decmeber 2017).

Robert Pattinson is best known for his role as Vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight series of films. He has also starred in films such as The Rover, The Lost Boys, and The Runaway King. In 2017, Pattinson collaborated with designer John Galliano on a capsule collection of luxury outerwear for Dior Homme, and a full-fledged menswear collection for Dior.

Both men have been open about their friendship and the similarities between them. “We have similar senses of humor, and similar taste in films,” Garfield said of Pattinson during a 2016 interview. “We both like the surreal and quirky. We both like watching dark comedies and thrillers. And we both like playing dress-up. It’s like we were made for each other.”

Pattinson echoed this sentiment, saying of Garfield, “He is a kindred spirit. We have similar senses of humor and similar interests.”

Indeed, the 34-year-old Scottish actor is a diehard fan of the horror film The Omen. Garfield’s favorite film of all time is A Nightmare on Elm Street – the series, not the horror movie – and both actors share a love for Gucci’s fragrances. When Garfield isn’t working, you’ll often find him relaxing at home with his wife and son, binge-watching old episodes of The Omen or cooking dinner with his friends.

The Roomate Saga

Garfield is currently starring in the Netflix series The Roomate, in which he plays Kevin, a struggling actor who agrees to share a flat with his theatrical RSA (roommate slash roommate) Robert Pattinson. The two men’s lives become entangled when they discover they have a lot in common, including a shared love for Argentine wine and French chocolatiers. 

The Roomate is a comedy series created by Simon Pegg (Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead) and Matt Sheridan (Broadchurch, Fresh Meat), and is directed by Simon Pegg. The series is set to release its second season this Friday, October 26th, on Netflix. In season one, Kevin attempts to navigate the Hollywood sexodus, while struggling with his roommate Robert’s unpredictable behaviour and their constant bickering. Season one also introduced us to Celeste (Amanda Szymonics), the self-proclaimed guru of getting rich quickly in Hollywood. She teaches Kevin and Robert the secrets of multimillionaire screen moguls, like Angelina Jolie, Barbara Hocking and Helen Hunt. In a nutshell, you could say that the roomate saga is about finding shared interests and working together to achieve a common goal.

Why Are They Best Friends?

If you watch enough TV (and I mean _really_ watch TV), then you’ll eventually witness the chemistry between two actors roommates become more than just acting on a screen. Your favorite TV drama or comedy may well be telling you a story about yourself and how you can apply this to your own life. 

The dangers of roommateship are commonly understood. Partnerships with people you know well will always have a higher rating because you don’t have to worry about strangers on a journey with you. That’s life lesson number one when it comes to roommates. You don’t have to worry about betrayal or abuse because you’re not going to be surprised when it happens. It’s just part of the game.

What makes Garfield’s and Pattinson’s roommate experience so interesting is that the films they’ve been in together have given us a glimpse at a very personal side of each man. It’s not just a matter of acting out of character for a movie or TV series; we’re getting to know these men better than we ever would otherwise. 

Why Is It Called a Sexodus?

It’s not just roommates who have a sexodus from Hollywood. In April of this year, a spate of high-profile men in Hollywood were summarily dumped by their sexually aggressive roommates. Director James Grey (The Nanny Diaries, American Gangster) was fired from his positions as the male lead in Netflix’s Sex Work, and has since filed a $5m lawsuit against the streaming service. Grey’s former roommate Tyler Stephenson accused him of being “a terrible human being,” and of having a “serious mental illness.” Grey’s other roommate, Stephenson’s college friend Chris Brumwell, accused him of raping him during their time in the Bond Street Bawdy Shop. He’s seeking a $15m lawsuit from Grey. Additionally, Bond Street Bawdy Shop owner Stephen Duclos is seeking an award of damages in the amount of $15m against Grey and Brumwell.

The suit, which has been reported in the press, comes just months after the sexual abuse trial of Hollywood movie star Russell Brand, which Garfield and Pattinson’s roommateships both rode waves of public opinion. Brand was jailed for a month in October 2017 for the sexual abuse of a teenage girl (then a relative of the victim), which he admitted to committing. The prostitute (whose identity is being protected by law) was paid $100,000 by Brand’s lawyer to keep quiet about the abuse. She was also promised a role in a Bond Street Bawdy Shop movie if she kept quiet.