When news broke in early 2018 that Amanda Seyfried and her boyfriend, actor and producer, Robert Pattinson, were engaged, many people were excited to hear the news. The couple was already famous for their on-screen chemistry in films such as The Nest and Cosmo.

But the couple’s personal life was somewhat different. They had been together for 12 years and spent most of that time living separately. So it was a big change for Seyfried to make the decision to commit to someone. But the New York-born actress was determined to make the relationship work.

“I’ve always felt like I’ve known what I want, and it’s been really easy for me to go after it. I did that a lot in my 20s, and in some ways it still feels the same. I’m not looking to change that now. It’s more a case of finding the right person, and I think I’ve found that person,” she told Vogue.

The two subsequently announced that they were planning to wed in a romantic ceremony in New York City.

But their celebrity engagement was short-lived. Just weeks after the news broke, Seyfried and Pattinson announced that they were calling off their wedding. In a joint statement released by their representatives, the couple said they had “differing opinions” about the direction their relationship should take and “decided that amity needed to supersede all else.”

Although they were unable to wed, the two have continued to share their romantic moments on social media. Last April, they posted a selfie together on Seyfried’s Instagram account, writing, “What a perfect day. So happy to spend it with the person I love most in this world.” In another picture from the same day, the couple can be seen holding hands while walking in the woods in England. While their engagement received a large amount of press, it was not the first for Seyfried and Pattinson. Before their celebrity rise, the two had been together for 12 years and had been engaged for four.

From Amity to Alliance

Seyfried and Pattinson’s relationship was originally developed on the set of Amity, a 2012 film directed by George Nekrasova. The two worked together on a project titled The Nest, which is about twin sisters who are determined to succeed in Hollywood. One of the films premiere’s at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, The Nest won the Special Jury Prize for Acting. The film’s stars, Bella and Gigi Hadid, are the younger twin sisters of model and Sex and the City star, Carrie Elton. The twins have since gone on to appear in The Spectacular Now and Mourotropics.

When asked about the differences between playing Amy Dunne in The Nest and Kate Mercer in Mourotropics, Seyfried said that while they both starred in “love story[s], very different relationships”, their acting styles were “very similar”. The actress called Mourotropics her “break out” performance and credited a lot of its success to the supportive and encouraging director, Brett Morgen (500 Days of Summer).

Morgen later said in an interview with Vogue that he was “blown away” by Seyfried’s acting abilities and that she was exactly what he was looking for in a co-star.

Morgen recalled, “You feel like you’re watching the same movie when you watch her as when you watch any other actor. You’re just so connected to what she’s doing.” Seyfried, who previously worked with Morgen on The Spectacular Now, credited the experience of working with him as an acting coach and said that it had “changed [her] life.”

The two subsequently worked together on Cosmo, the 2013 film directed by Andrei Zvyagin, which also starred Pattinson. In 2014, Seyfried and Pattinson were named the most attractive couple in the world by CNet in an article that surveyed the opinions of 100 celebrities, influencers, and fans on who the most attractive couple is. The two have also been described as “Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors”.

But while their personal life was documented on instagram and covered by the media, these were not typical engagements for the twins. In 2014, while promoting Cosmo, Seyfried told E! News that she and Pattinson were “taking a little bit of a step back” from their relationship, which was “definitely hard” but “something [they] had to do for the good of [their] children.”

The following year, she told Vogue, “My kids are really important to me. I want them to have a normal childhood. That means spending a lot of time with them, not being on set or in soundstages with my boyfriend. We’re trying to create a balance.” While Seyfried and Pattinson were reportedly considering a divorce, they later got back together. In 2018, they confirmed they were still a couple, albeit “amic[ous]”. The two have also been open about their differing opinions when it comes to parenting. Seyfried, who has a 14-year-old daughter from her previous marriage, said that while she and Pattinson share the same philosophy when it comes to raising their kids, they hold “very different opinions when it comes to discipline”.

Seyfried is known for her advocacy of fair trade, sustainability, and ethical products. Along with her activism, she has spoken out about domestic violence, raising her voice against it and supporting survivors. In 2016, she was named one of Bitch magazine’s “Feminists of the Year” for her work in promoting women’s rights and combating domestic violence. In addition to her political and social activism, Seyfried has been vocal about her support for LGBTQ+ individuals. After the Supreme Court granted same-sex couples the right to marry back in 2015, Seyfried posted on Instagram, “Marriage equality is a huge win for everyone. It’s time to celebrate.”

Why 2019 Is a Different Story

2019 has been a very different story for Seyfried and Pattinson. Aside from continuing to be a popular couple on social media, the two have revealed that they have been working hard to make their relationship work. In February, the Two and a Half Men star posted a photo of himself on Instagram with the caption, “Happy Valentine’s day from me and my beautiful wife. We hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by people you love.” While Seyfried did not reveal whether she and Pattinson were already married, the photo and caption suggested that the two had celebrated Valentine’s Day as a couple.

A few months later, Seyfried and Pattinson were photographed holding hands as they exited a New York City restaurant. While not necessarily confirming that they were already married, the two were seen as a couple and posted about their romantic anniversary.

But this year has been a struggle for the two. In April, they released a joint statement saying, “After many years of working through our problems we have decided to call it quits. We will still be friends and remain committed to the well-being of our children.” At the time of the announcement, the couple’s representatives said there would be “no further comment”. In the months since, the two have maintained a low profile, only sharing occasional photos of themselves together on their respective Instagram accounts.