When you’re a celebrity in the spotlight, every little thing you do is scrutinized and judged by the public. It’s something that celebrities have to live with, but it can also be a blessing in disguise, giving you the opportunity to grow and change as a person and as a couple.

In the case of Robert Pattinson and Alexandra Daddario, who recently ended their engagement after just four months of dating, it’s clear that they have big dreams and ambitions for their future as a married couple. But while we wait to see if these ambitions will come true, it’s worth pondering the strange twists and turns of their relationship: from tabloid media frenzy to reality TV makeover, from child-free to family-friendly, and from Twilight to what comes next.

From Twilight to What Comes Next

Pattinson first came to public attention as the handsome and brooding star of the Twilight movies. The series, which follows the vampire romance between Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Pattinson), made him a sex symbol and a celebrity cricketer. In spite of his celebrity, however, Pattinson has always maintained a healthy relationship with his fans, regularly interacting with them on social media and attending a number of Twilight-related events, including the release of the movie’s final installment, New Moon, in 2013.

It was during this time that Daddario first came to public attention, when, as a model and actress, she was picked to co-host the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Since then, she has been featured in numerous high-profile films and shows, including the Black Panther, Sucker Punch, and Mr. Holmes.

With their combined fame and fortune riding on their successful love story, it’s no surprise that the media would have their eyes on the couple. In March 2017, tabloid website TMZ reported that Pattinson had met with legendary DJ and music producer Jimmy Nelson and signed an exclusive recording contract with his company, Toy Box Recordings. According to sources, the recording contract is worth upwards of a million dollars and will run for five years. As part of the agreement, Pattinson will collaborate with DJ Nelson on various projects, with the first one set to premiere in early 2018.


In 2015, Pattinson and Daddario announced that they were taking a break from having children. The news came as a shock to fans and members of the media, who watched the couple’s every move as they parented their three children, Rosa, 13, Léa, 11, and Charlie, 8, with Daddario being pregnant with their fourth child at the time. The announcement was made after months of speculation and tabloid headlines about the couple’s growing family, which led many to believe that they had taken the step to avoid ending up like John and Kate Middleton, whose children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, are now nine and seven years old.

Pattinson and Daddario cited several reasons for taking the step, including their busy schedules and the desire to continue traveling the world. In a rare interview, Daddario shared that she and her husband had decided to put their parenting ambitions on hold, explaining that “I think we made the right decision for us. We wanted to be free to do what we want to do.” Nevertheless, the couple made it clear that they were not abandoning parenthood entirely, with Daddario revealing that she and her husband had “always kind of talked about the idea of having kids some day.”

A Galaxy Of Ambitions

Pattinson and Daddario’s break from child-bearing coincided with a time of great change for the couple. As they built their family and established themselves as a power couple, celebrities came calling, and they answered the phone, ready to help with advice, support, or, in some cases, just to be in a relationship with a famous person. Among the various roles they took on was that of a “spokesperson” for the American Institute of Stress, an anti-anxiety organization. They also hosted “Dinner with a Royal,” an annual gala benefiting the charity that brings together high-profile individuals from across the globe. And let’s not forget about their successful love story, which was chronicled in a bestselling autobiography, L.A. Confidential: My Life In The Entertainment Industry, published in 2018. The book was co-authored by Brian Stack, a journalist who has covered the couple for more than a decade.

The Rise Of Reality TV

From the very beginning, it was clear that Pattinson and Daddario were determined to play it by the book and not fall victim to the charm of their superstar status. Determined not to let their fame go to their heads, they made frequent appearances on social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, to set the record straight. Since their breakup, they have both continued to post frequently on these platforms, with Daddario recently posting a series of heartwarming videos, including one with her three children, and Pattinson regularly sharing pictures of his wife, their children, and his new girlfriend, model Amanda Wilson.

The Strange Case Of The Break-Up

Why did Pattinson and Daddario break up? Speculation about the cause of their breakup has run rampant since it was announced in October 2019. While there have been no official statements from either party, there are a number of theories online that have made the rounds. Addressing some of the most popular ones, Pattinson’s representative said:

“One of the reasons they broke up is because Robert has entered into a more mature and responsible stage of his life. He became reacquainted with his spiritual side and started going to classes to learn meditation and yoga. He felt it would be good for him to have some time alone before becoming a father. Alexandra was very understanding and accepted this. They are both grown-ups and made the right decision for their future. We hope the media will respect their privacy and not interfere in their life anymore.”

While it’s clear that meditation and yoga helped Pattinson find his inner peace, many still believe that the root cause of the breakup may be his inability to commit. One of the latest rumors, which has been making the rounds since before the end of 2019, claims that Pattinson had an affair with model/actress Amanda Wilson (right). Speculation about the relationship between the two surfaced when Instagram model Emily Roper posted an undated picture of herself, wearing only a pair of sunglasses and a mask, next to a picture of Wilson. The photo was captioned: “The mystery girl is back!” Since then, the picture has been liked over 40,000 times and inspired several theories about who the mystery girl might be. The most popular theory suggests that it could be Wilson, the supermodel/actress who has also modeled for Chanel, Dior, and Fendi, among others.

Pattinson and Daddario’s breakup is a sad end to a love story that was at the center of a media frenzy for months. It comes as no surprise that the media would have their eyes on the couple’s every move, from the moment they made their relationship public to the present day. Perhaps what is most interesting is that, even after all this time, the story continues to evolve, raising questions about whether or not this was truly the end, or just the beginning.