Meet Alex Pattinson, one of the sweetest guys in the NBA. For those of you who are unfamiliar, he’s the nephew of England’s Richard “Dick” Pate, who played for Arsenal in the early ’70s and also had a spell in the A.P.L. with Leeds United. You might know him better for his frequent guest appearances on the “This Is Money” podcast, where he interviews famous faces about their favourite stories and games. We asked Alex about his role in the NBA, and he graciously accepted our interview request.

Check out the video above to see why Alex’s fans love him so much.

The Early Days

Alex came from a pretty privileged background. Not only was he born into a famous family, but he was also schooled in England and played for some of the country’s biggest universities. He began his professional career with a bang, going from the NCAA to the NBA in just a few years. In 2017, he took home Rookie of the Year with the Sacramento Kings. And to think, all of this started from a place where they didn’t even have an office space for him to work in. As he puts it:

Alex Pattinson: It’s crazy isn’t it? I started out in a broom cupboard at my Uncle’s house. There was just barely enough room for his desk and mine. We didn’t even have room for a chair. We’d just put our feet up on the desks and work. It was actually pretty cool. It was like starting off in school with no desk or chair, and just getting used to working on your knees. We never did get a proper office space, even after winning the NBA award. We still work out of his garage.

The Richard Pate Effect

With a name that sounds like it could be lifted straight from the pages of a Richard Curtis novel, Alex is unquestionably blessed with one of the more unique nicknames in all of sports. While some might consider the situation slightly comical, he’s more than happy to embrace the moniker. And when it comes to his family, he’s happy to talk about them in glowing terms. For example, he says of his uncle:

Alex Pattinson: He’s literally changed my life. Uncle Richard raised me and my brothers. We were totally spoilt. There was never any kind of discipline. Uncle Richard always made sure that everything we needed was provided for us. He bought us the cars that we wanted, he bought us the houses that we wanted, and he taught us how to be responsible towards our staff and our loved ones. He’s really proud of me and my brother. We’re very close. We talk about this a lot, how much he’s shaped us as people and as athletes. He’s helped me to become a stronger person, both on and off the court. It’s an honour to play for such a great guy!

The Richard Pate Appreciation Society

In the run up to this year’s NBA trade deadline, one of our favourite NBA podcasts, the “Hockey Night In Canada” show, did an interview with Richard Pate. In it, they discussed what it means to be a Pate and how he has influenced the game. The interview is well worth a listen and provides some fantastic insight into the life and times of this fascinating man.

We got in touch with Richard Pate and asked him if he’d like to share some of his amazing wisdom with our readers. And, given that he’s been so kind as to provide us with such a thoughtful interview, he was more than happy to oblige. Here, then, are seven reasons why we believe you should follow and appreciate Richard Pate.

1. He started the Richard Pate Appreciation Society.

2. He played a huge role in changing the face of professional sports in England.

3. He’s a walking encyclopaedia of sports trivia.

4. He has a beautiful cricket voice.

5. He’s a passionate advocate of British sport.

6. He has a great sense of humour.

7. He’s humble to a fault.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how amazing this man is, both on and off the pitch. If you feel that you’ve been influenced by Richard Pate in some way, we’d love to hear about it. To join the Richard Pate Appreciation Society, click here.