Robert Pattinson fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Alex Mecum and Charlie Pattinson’s hot scene on MyVidster, and it’s finally here! The much-hyped video is sure to be a hit with fans, as the two stars engage in a steamy and sensual encounter.

Many fans are familiar with Alex Mecum and Charlie Pattinson from their respective roles as Twilight’s Edward and Jacob. But in this scene, they take a break from their vampire and werewolf personas and explore their chemistry as two real-life people.

In the scene, Alex and Charlie meet up in a secluded area and their connection is almost instantaneous. Charlie is clearly captivated by the younger man, and Alex can’t help but take notice. The scene ramps up quickly as the two transition from talking to passionate kissing. They eventually take it to the ground, where Alex turns up the heat even more by licking and biting Charlie’s neck.

The video ends with the two engaged in a passionate embrace before they separate and go their separate ways. It’s a scene that will leave you wanting more, and thankfully there’s more to come!

Why Fans Love Alex Mecum and Charlie Pattinson

Alex Mecum and Charlie Pattinson have become fan-favorites for their incredible chemistry and impressive range as actors. Alex is known for bringing a certain level of intensity to his roles, and that’s no different here. He brings an intensity to their exchange that takes it to the next level, while Charlie holds his own as the more experienced one.

The video on MyVidster has quickly become a fan favorite, with viewers praising the two stars for their performance and the overall production value. It’s a must-see for any Robert Pattinson fan, and you won’t want to miss out on the chance to watch these two stars get up close and personal.