While the world waits patiently for the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, we’re learning more about the film’s star, Robert Pattinson. What is his true age? Is he the reincarnation of Jesus Christ? More importantly, how has his physical appearance changed since we last saw him on-screen in 2009’s Take Shelter? Let’s rewind the clock a few years and revisit the late 20s and early 30s of Robert Pattinson.

First Impressions

If you’re one of the many who watched Pattinson’s early career and was deeply affected by it, then it’s no wonder that you’re wondering about his true age. After all, it was back in 2009 when this reporter first laid eyes on the 27-year-old. In the years since, he hasn’t turned back time, but he has grown into one of the most interesting men in Hollywood. And as far as appearances go, he hasn’t looked this good since around 2006, when he scored the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight. Since then, he’s mostly stuck to character roles or art-house films (The Lost Honour of Christopher Tallard). Even his off-screen activity, such as his humanitarian work in Africa and his devotion to Buddhism, aren’t enough to distract you from his radiant good looks. It’s truly been a blessing for fans of the actor. Just look at all the beautiful women he’s been able to date over the years. Not to mention that he’s already amassed an impressive acting reel that stretches back to his 2007 debut, Gimme Shelter. So, it’s no wonder that people are curious about his age.

The 27-Year-Old Prince Charming

Pattinson wasn’t always destined for fame. Back in 2008, he was best known for his role as Charles Foster in the mini-series The Princess Diaries. The following year, he appeared in the psychological thriller Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and won best supporting actor at the 2010 British Academy Film Awards for his performance in the Richard Linklater film The Diving Bell Curve. In 2012, he starred alongside Amy Adams in Frances Ha and proved to be a charming co-star who can hold his own against the big screen legends. In 2014, he starred alongside Jennifer Lawrence and was praised for his portrayal of a college professor in the film The Hunger Games. And since then, he’s been working steadily. Not only has he starred in several critically acclaimed films, but he’s also become the go-to guy for stylish and high-profile gigs such as the photographer’s assistant in the Pattinson Brothers’ series of photographs for Vogue and his role as Mr. Darcy in the upcoming adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. He even managed to dodge the big-budget blockbuster trap by appearing in the British gangster thriller Brotherhood. Although it wasn’t the biggest blockbuster of the year in the UK, it did score 10% on Rotten Tomatoes, proving that audiences still have an appetite for British gangster sagas. Whether or not he chooses to continue acting will depend on his schedule. Right now, he’s focused on his music career and philanthropic work in Africa. But for someone who wants to continue acting, there are plenty of high-profile projects he could sign on for. Most importantly, he needs to decide once and for all whether or not he wants to become a full-time actor.

The Mysterious Mid-Life Crisis

While many people saw the 2009 smash Twilight as a fluke, the director did acknowledge that he saw something special in the rough diamond that was Pattinson. Since then, he’s honed his acting skills and proven to be one of Hollywood’s most versatile young stars. But what’s happened in the years since? Has he found his true calling as an actor and proved us wrong by sticking around for the long haul? Or is his time in the limelight just a brief interlude before he embarks on a life of luxury and decadence? Even Oprah Winfrey, who starred in a one-off episode of The Twilight Saga, couldn’t help but notice Pattinson’s physical transformation. “When I first saw Robert in the Twilight movie he was very, very skinny,” she said. “Now he’s very well-built. I always say he’s got a very athletic looking body.” While it’s easy to dismiss Oprah’s comments as nothing more than PR flattery, it’s also worth noting that since the start of the decade, his body has started to change. At 6’1″ and approximately 15-20 pounds heavier than he was in 2009, one has to wonder what his trainer is doing to keep him in such good shape.

Is He The Final Chapter?

When it comes to The Twilight Saga, it’s hard to look past Pattinson’s transformative work. Aside from the fact that he’s played Edward Cullen for more than seven years now, he’s also changed the way we look at mental illness in general. If you stop reading here, you’ll know the rest of the story. For those of you who have yet to witness it, let me remind you that the last film in the series is due for release next year. Until then, let’s relive one of the most significant cinematic turns of the past decade, shall we?