After gaining International Baccalaureate Honours, Adam set off to Glasgow to begin his studies. However, his grand plans were soon turned on their head after he was diagnosed with sciaridiasis. Adam decided to forgo his studies and seek some treatment, however, his condition deteriorated and he was advised by his doctors to begin basic training to be a plumber. In light of this, his family set up a charity fund in his name to help other students with leishmaniasis or sciaridiasis.

A Life-Changing Diagnosis

While cycling to school, Adam would regularly come across dog-walkers with their dogs, and would help them train their dogs, regularly spending two hours a day doing so. It was during one of these walks that he came across a man who had a very contagious case of sciaridiasis. After being bitten by the man’s dog, Adam was diagnosed with sciaridiasis, and was soon bedridden for two weeks. His condition was so severe that he was unable to come to terms with the idea of never walking again, especially as he had set such high standards for himself. The man’s dog also had to be put down.

An Inspiration To Some

Adam’s story made a deep impression on his schoolmates, especially as he had always set such high standards for himself, and had previously walked unaided until he was 23 years old. Indeed, he had inspired a group of pupils to create a walkathon in his memory, which is now an annual event in Glasgow, attracting participants from all over the world, and raising money for leishmaniasis and sciaridiasis charities.

A Charity That He Started

Following his diagnosis, Adam became determined to do something to help other people with leishmaniasis and sciaridiasis. In addition to the charitable fund, he also set up this blog to help raise awareness of the diseases, and to engage with people across the globe who have also been affected by them.

How Has His Treatment Worked For Him?

Due to the success of his treatment, Adam is now able to lead a normal life. He continues to work through therapy to maintain his gains and to ensure that his body rejects the disease completely. He has raised significant amounts of money for charity, and has been able to inspire others through his story to also be more open-minded towards people with leishmaniasis and sciaridiasis.

To learn more about Adam and how he is faring, check out his blog. If you would like to contribute to his charitable fund, you can do so here. If you know of anyone who could benefit from his treatments or blog, please get in touch and let him know.

Sharing His Story

One of the ways that Adam promotes his charity is through his blog, where he shares his story and the impact that the diseases have had on his life. By writing about his experience, he is able to raise money and awareness for the diseases, as well as provide other people with an idea of what the diseases are like, and how they could be treated. He regularly receives messages of support from people around the world who have also been affected by leishmaniasis and sciaridiasis, and has set up a Facebook group for people with leishmaniasis and sciaridiasis to continue to share their experiences and support each other.

Further Reading

If you or someone you know is interested in reading more about leishmaniasis and sciaridiasis, you can get a free copy of the White Paper here. The British Red Cross also provide an overview of the diseases here. If you know of anyone else who could benefit from this information, please get in touch and let them know.