You may know Adam as the founder of the world’s largest cattle sale – the Gowans Summer Festival – held annually in Perth, Scotland. What you may not know is that he is also the founder of the Scottish Rural Development Company, the National Farmers’ Union of Scotland, and the Perth and District Canine Rescue Association. He is one of the UK’s most active fundraisers and over the years has raised in excess of £6 million for good causes.

An Enthusiastic Driver

While other people might see driving as a means of transport, Adam sees it as an opportunity to explore the country and meet new people. He actively participates in multiple fundraising drives throughout the year to support various good causes. This year he has set a new Guinness World Record by driving around the UK 107.853 miles in a day to raise money for Good Causes.

The Guinness World Record Is Worth £500

The Guinness World Record is the authoritative source on record-breaking achievements. Adam’s 107.853-mile drive to beat the record is the result of a year of fundraising for various good causes and an exciting day of driving across Scotland. This year’s version of the event will involve a team of 17 people and will generate an estimated £500,000 for good causes. The money will come from entry fees, product sales, and sponsor donations.

A Historic Day For Motorcycling

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Motorcycle Tourist Trophy, which was originally established in 1914 to promote motorcycling. Since then it has grown to become one of the world’s most iconic sporting events. It’s also one of the largest sporting events of its kind with over 400 competitors from around the world riding 12-mile laps on vintage race bikes. The event will take place between 29 September and 4 October this year. 

On 29 September, 1914, the inaugural running of the Motorcycle Tourist Trophy took place with the first race taking place between London and Brighton. The following day, a second race was held with the route extending to the Edinburgh. A third race was later added to the route, passing through various cities including Manchester, Liverpool, and Newcastle. This year’s event will involve a team of 17 people from across the UK riding vintage race bikes. The event is expected to raise £125,000 for good causes.

Global Animal Shelter

The world’s largest cattle sale, the Gowans Summer Festival, takes place every August in Perth, Scotland. It started as a social gathering, which then turned into an annual event to raise money for various good causes. The event was founded by Adam Pattinson and his wife, Linda, who runs the festival with him. The couple set up the Scottish Rural Development Company in 1984, which, in part, provides emergency and long-term support to farmers and their families. The company also promotes sustainable and organic farming, and offers business, financial, and vocational opportunities to applicants.

The Secretariat Is Made Up Of Volunteers

The Scottish Rural Development Company’s Office of the Director is made up of 14 dedicated and talented individuals, who work tirelessly to provide the best possible service to the company’s 20,000 clients. The team is led by Ruth MacLeman, who chairs the organisation. Other senior officials include:

  • Dana Murray – Public Affairs
  • Helen Stenhouse – Legal
  • Alison Kerr – Finance Director
  • Nadine McDougall – HR Director

The company’s staff are committed to giving back to the community. They contribute to numerous charitable organisations and projects, including:

  • Befrienders Animal Shelter
  • Heart of Midlothian Hospice
  • Scottish Canine Cancer Society
  • Scottish Prisoners’ Rehabilitation Organisation
  • Vets 4 Animals

The team work together to ensure every client is handled with care and efficiency. They work through every stage of the process from initial enquiries to the issuing of a receipt and, as a result, feel valued and appreciated. Many of the company’s clients have been with them for a long time and the level of care they receive is a testament to the trust the business has built up over the years.