Wellness, fashion, and beauty icon Adam Driver has certainly kept us on our toes! Whether we were anticipating the release of his highly-anticipated film “Girl Meets Boy,” or knew it was coming soon, we’ve been bombarded with some major updates regarding this beloved actor. From rumors about his love life to stunning fashion choices, here’s a glimpse into a legendary career that will continue to inspire us for years to come.

Girl Meets Boy

While we were undeniably excited about the prospect of seeing Adam Driver take on the role of a lifetime (a male nurse), the arrival of “Girl Meets Boy” was overshadowed by the leak of his nude photos. The actor had previously kept us guessing when it came to the plot of his film, but on March 5th, he took to Instagram to finally drop the first teaser for “Girl Meets Boy.” It didn’t take long for the internet to figure out what was going on, as fans began comparing the film to Driver’s own personal life. On one hand, we’ve got a nurse who moonlights as a fashion photographer and starts dating a famous artist. On the other, it’s the story of a famous artist who dates a nurse and starts a family.

After a long break from filmmaking, Driver decided to tackle the project he had been dreaming about for as long as he could remember. “I want to make a film that examines the blurred lines between high fashion and everyday life. And how a man becomes defined by the women he loves, or loves, around him,” he said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “I think there’s a line between romance and sex, and I want to explore what happens when that line is blurred.”

Despite the film being in the very, very early stages of production, Adam Driver’s upcoming projects are already drawing huge interest from fans. The first being “The Report,” a drama set in the world of journalism about the Trump administration’s war on the media. He is also attached to star in and produce “Red Velvet,” a film about a group of women who hatch a diabolical plan to sabotage their coworkers’ romantic relationships.

As for “Girl Meets Boy,” we can’t wait to see what this legendary actor has in store for us!