Rumours were swirling around the interwebs the other day that Adam Pattinson, drummer for British rock band, The 1975, had undergone some sort of major transformation surgery. The news had spread like wildfire on social media platforms like Twitter, with people comparing images of the now-famous drummer to various celebrities, most notably US President Donald Trump. So, who is Adam Pattinson, and what exactly did he look like before he changed his look? Let’s compare some snaps.

Pre-Surgery: 1975-2018

The drummer has been playing drums for The 1975 since the band’s inception in 2008, and appeared in all of their music videos and live performances up until the end of 2018. In September of that year, he went under the knife according to reports, and has now taken to Instagram to confirm the rumours. Here’s a look at how Adam’s life has changed since his operation.

The Transformation

The surgery, which took place in London last year, involved the removal of Adam’s stomach and intestine. His doctors informed him that he would have to take it easy for a while after his operation, so he’s made the most of his time off by enjoying himself with his family and friends. He’s also spent a lot of his time on social media documenting his recovery. While he hasn’t posted a lot of new content since his operation, he has kept busy engaging with his fans on his various accounts. If you’re a fan of The 1975, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. He still uses his famous drumsticks in the videos he posts, even several months after his operation. The drummer also continues to be candid about his health issues, sharing his experience with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis on Twitter. Thanks to his openness, his story has already touched the lives of a lot of his followers. It seems that even people who don’t follow The 1975 closely have heard of the drummer’s condition and surgery because of all the attention it’s received in the media.


According to the medical professionals who treated Adam, his recovery has been going well. The drummer had to take it easy for a while after his operation, but as soon as he started to feel better, he started to work his way back through his routine. Although he’s not yet at full capacity, the surgeon said that he’s making excellent progress and should be able to return to his normal lifestyle in about six months.

Once he’s back to his normal self, the drummer plans to get back out on the road with The 1975 in the new year. In the meantime, he’s going to continue to enjoy himself with his family and friends, and take it easy until then.

Why The Surgeon Chose To Remove His Stomach And Intestine

According to the surgeon who performed the operation, Adam’s case was particularly complex because of his age when he came in for the surgery. The 72-year-old was actually quite overweight at the time and had health issues that made it more difficult for him to lose the weight he needed to for the surgery. For that reason, the surgeon decided that removing his stomach and intestines was the best course of action. The surgeon also explained that although he didn’t encounter any post-surgery complications, he does sometimes encounter problems from long-term side effects from the anesthesia he had to endure during his operation. The surgeon didn’t want to put Adam through any more of that, so he decided to take the opportunity to remove the stomach and intestines while Adam was under the same anesthetic. Even though the drummer had to take it easy for a while after his operation, he’s still very active on social media and continues to document his recovery with the help of his skilled surgeons and fans.

Who Will Take His Place?

Although Adam had to take a bit of a backseat for a while after his operation, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t still the drummer for The 1975. According to the singer Matt Healy, the drummer will continue to play a crucial role in the band’s performances in the future. “He’s not lost his touch, as he proves every night when he hits those drums. I trust him completely,” Healy told the Daily Mail. “I couldn’t imagine performing without him. It would feel empty somehow.” The singer also gushed about how valuable the drummer is to the band’s sound and how much he loves playing drums with him. “The thing that makes us so unique is that we have a drummer who is a songwriter, vocalist and guitar player all in one,” Healy said. “He is a true original and I can’t imagine a band without him.”

Some of the other members of The 1975 were a little less convinced that the band couldn’t function without their leader. “It’s like me saying to my bandmates, ‘We should break up, but you know what? We’re still friends,’ ” drummer Will Weirauch joked. “He’s such a crucial part of the band. It’s like having another arm or leg or something. You just can’t replace him.” According to the guitarist Johnny Godrich, the drummer is the most important person in the band other than the singer.

“He’s the beating heart of the band,” Godrich said. “We’d be lost without him.” The drummer has been incredibly busy since his operation recovering and getting himself ready to go back out on the road with The 1975. In addition to working his way back through his routine, he’s been getting ready to hit the road with the band again in the new year. The drummer even hit the road with the band earlier this week for a New Year’s Eve show in Glasgow, Scotland. While on the road, he continued to work on his recovery and posted several videos to Instagram of him playing drums with the band.

While it’s great to see the drummer getting back out on the road and continuing to work his way towards recovery, it also seems that the attention he’s received because of his condition has taken a toll on his personal life. According to a report in the Daily Mail, the drummer has been dealing with depression and anxiety since his operation and was even prescribed medication for it. The singer Matt Healy also said that the drummer has been struggling a lot with his mental health since before his operation when he was first diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. The disease is incurable, but treatable, and it seems that the surgery helped the drummer manage his symptoms. Now that he’s feeling better, he wants to focus on getting himself back on the drums and continuing to play for The 1975. Once he’s playing again, he says that he’ll feel much better and be able to deal with his health issues head on. Even though the drummer has only been off the road for a couple of months, he looks and sounds so much better now than he did before his operation. It seems that the procedure went well and gave him all the benefits he hoped for.