You might know that actor Robert Pattinson is the son of Hollywood royalty. He has been in a string of successful movies and TV shows, and has now become the world’s most popular actor. Not only is he extremely popular in Britain, but around the world his movies and music videos are staples on social media (e.g., TikTok, Instagram, etc.).

So what’s it like to be the world’s most popular actor? Let’s dive into the life of Robert Pattinson.

How Does He Stay So Popular?

Pattinson has been fortunate to inherit the looks that have made him famous. Many of his fans were likely drawn to his work because of his striking good looks. The actor has said that he tries to stay true to himself and not go down the “traditional” route of plastic surgery. This has helped maintain his popularity even as he’s surpassed his 20s.

In an interview with Vogue, Pattinson revealed that since he started acting, he’s watched his popularity rise and fall depending on which movie or TV show he was in. While he was initially known for his roles in horror movies, such as “The Lost Boys” and “Twilight”, he’s since established himself as a leading man and been in rom-coms, thrillers, and action films. This has undoubtedly helped boost his popularity and allowed him to emerge as a prominent figure in the British celebrity scene.

Does He Have A Luxury Lifestyle?

At just shy of 37 years old, Pattinson has built an impressive and enviable career. He’s proven himself time and time again, and now, it would seem, he’s earned a comfortable life. The actor has said that he doesn’t want to conform to the “traditional” ideas of what it means to be famous, wealthy, or powerful, and as a result, hasn’t fallen into the trap of luxurious living.

While he’s no stranger to luxury, having been born into the famous Royal Family, Pattinson has chosen to live a more modest lifestyle. Having said that, he hasn’t been shy to splash out on luxurious items for himself or his friends and family. He has a number of extravagant toys and gifts from luxury brands that he’s been unfailingly discreet about.

The British actor now lives in a 6,500-sqft, five-bedroom mansion in London’s prestigious Holland Park. The property and its surrounding grounds were previously owned by the famous fashion designer John Galliano. John passed away in 2014, leaving the mansion to his wife, the late designer Sonia Galliano, who became one of the world’s most prominent fashion houses (e.g., Dior, Alexandre Bigeuer, etc.) in her own right. The house was subsequently sold to an anonymous buyer for a reported sum of £15.75 million ($19.95 million).

It would seem that Pattinson is happy to continue living in such a prestigious property. In a rare interview with Porter magazine, the actor said that he enjoys living in London and that he’s content with his modest lifestyle – at least for now.

What Is He Like As A Person?

If you’re interested in what it’s like to be the world’s most popular actor, you should probably set your sights on the silver screen rather than the red carpet. In real life, Pattinson is warm and funny, and definitely not your standard Hollywood handsome. In fact, he’s spoken out about how he doesn’t like to be labeled as “the good looking one” or “the pretty one” in interviews. He even went so far as to refuse an award because he didn’t want to be a “sideshow” to the glamour of Hollywood.

Pattinson is arguably the most eligible bachelor in the world, having never officially tied the knot with anyone. The actor has continually said that he doesn’t want his life to appear too perfect and that he’s comfortable with being single. In fact, he revealed in a 2013 interview that he loves being alone and that he doesn’t see himself being in a committed relationship any time soon.

So how about that perfect smile then? Let’s dive into the life of Robert Pattinson.