A year after the premiere of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, we’re finally going to get a Season 2. The news comes as a huge surprise because we all expected another movie in the blockbuster franchise. Instead, Summit Entertainment’s twelfth movie in the series will be the second season of a supernatural drama that follows the lives of the Cullens. The first season consisted of just eight episodes and was based on Stephanie Meyer’s bestselling book, The Twilight Saga. The episodes are essentially the same as the movie with some added scenes and a different setting. However, it still follows the formula of having a present-day story that is interwoven with flashbacks to the early 1800s. While the first season focused on the love triangles that formed between Edward, Bella, and Jacob, the second season will revolve around the battle between Victoria and Bella. Moreover, viewers will get to see more of the Cullen children. Unfortunately, the good news comes with major changes. Most notably, the first season of Twilight was released theatrically in over 200 countries, while the second season will only be available digitally.

Why Are They Reducing It To Digital?

The major change in Season 2 is due to the adaptation of the story into a television series. In fact, the release of the second season will be relegated to digital platforms only. For those who have yet to discover the magic of Netflix, the service offers thousands of programs and hundreds of new titles each month. In other words, more than enough content to satisfy the most ardent movie lover. In the United States, Netflix is available on virtually every platform, including Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. Moreover, the cost of an annual Netflix membership is very affordable, especially since you get to watch such great content for free. As a result, the streaming service is one of the biggest attractions in the world of online entertainment. It would appear that the popularity of the Twilight saga is so great that it compelled the streaming service to curate their own special episode of the show.

Red, White, And Special

The good news is that A24 and Netflix have decided to give us a glimpse of Cullen family life. Thus, the first season will be available on Netflix May 6th, while Season 2 will hit the service a little later this year.

More Than Meets The Eye

Although the main focus will remain on the Cullen family, the second season will delve into their personal lives and reveal more about their relationships and inner conflicts. For example, we will learn more about the strained bond between Victoria and Bella as they battle over the fate of the wolf pack. In the end, it won’t be Vicky or Bella who wear the crown, but the other children who have watched their mother and sister fight for the right to be Queen. Moreover, we will see more of the enigmatic, yet lovable, Jacob. In this way, it is more than just a second season of Twilight. While the first season focused on the love triangles that formed between Edward, Bella, and Jacob, the second will explore the characters’ relationships and evolving personalities. In any event, the good news is that we will finally get to see what happens after BD – Part 2. The bad news is that we have to wait a whole year to find out.