Some people are just naturally weird. Ever since he was a little boy, it has been obvious that Robert Pattinson is one of those people. Even now, at the age of 26, he still gets to act like a total nutter in his movies. He is definitely one of the most interesting actors to ever live. Here are 26 times that Robert Pattinson proved that he is indeed a weirdo.

1. He Is The King Of Pranks

In 2007, Robert Pattinson famously pranked a friend by pretending to be a ghost and convincing them that they were seeing a ghost. He even went as far as making the ghost’s cold spots warm up and cold spots become hot (for real). This is how he often jokes about it:

“I am the King of Pranks. I’ve pranked everyone I know. I even pranked my friend, Dylan, by tricking him into thinking he was seeing a ghost.”

It is no secret that Dylan O’Brien is one of Robert Pattinson’s best friends. They have been close since they were kids and attended the prestigious Bristol Cathedral School together. While still in school, they co-founded a punk rock band named The Wonder Years. After graduating from university, they moved to Los Angeles together and currently write songs for Glee, Flight of the Conchords, and other TV shows. It is no wonder that Robert Pattinson likes to joke that he is the King of Pranks. His sense of humor is often dark, but it is also very dry. It often surprises people when they find out just how much he enjoys playing tricks on his friends.

2. He Is A Pretty Good Driver

In the past, Robert Pattinson has driven some crazy cars. He had a customized 1966 Chevy Impala, a Lamborghini Gallardo, and a vintage Shelby Mustang. He was also a grand marshal in the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. If you’ve ever seen any of these movies, you know that he is a pretty good driver. He also has a habit of parking on the very edge of the parking spot, which makes it obvious that he is a careful driver who takes his time.

“I love to drive. I grew up around cars, and I always wanted one as a hobby. When I finally did get one, I didn’t know how to drive it. I learned how to drive on my own. I have my licenses for boats, motorcycles, and airplanes, but I don’t drive a car very often. It’s such a pain in the ass. You’re supposed to be able to park somewhere easily, and when you can’t, it drives you crazy.”

Even when he isn’t acting, Robert Pattinson still spends his time working on cars. He customizes them and then sells them for a profit. This is one of the many ways that he makes extra cash. He also does this to fund his movie projects. One of the cars that he sells is a 1966 Chevy Impala. If you want to purchase one of these rare cars, you will have to pay dearly for it. The price is usually between $10,000 and $20,000. These cars are very rare because they were originally designed for professional drivers who had to make long drives regularly. Since most of these cars were produced during the height of the hippie era, many of them have been around for years and still look almost exactly like they did the first time they were driven off the assembly line. You are paying for the experience of driving this rare automobile, not for its actual value.

3. When He Is Not Acting, He Is…

Robert Pattinson is known for being a very private person. He rarely gives interviews and spends most of his time working on his cars and acting. When he is not working or acting, he mostly stays in his mansion in Denmark. When he does leave the mansion, he usually visits his good friend Jimmy Prentice in London, England. These are all things that he does in his free time. He is not just a pretty face and a good actor; he is actually a very interesting person.

“I do love a chat with the fans. I have a very big Twitter following, and I always enjoy interacting with my audience there. I think Twitter is the best because it’s so immediate. When I have a question about something, I just put it out there and someone answers immediately. I have had some very interesting exchanges with people there.”

When he is not working on cars or acting, what else does Robert Pattinson do? He travels a lot and goes on adventures with his good friend Jimmy Prentice. If you are an adventure buff, you will have a lot of fun trying to track down everything that this guy does in his spare time. It’s basically impossible because he is never seen with any kind of device that has a screen on it. He gets all of his digital media from his phone or from pagers that he finds in his travels. It is not easy being a celebrity with such an interesting lifestyle, but Robert Pattinson definitely makes it look effortless.

4. He Is A Fashion Plate

Robert Pattinson is often photographed wearing fancy clothing. It is not surprising that fashion became his main focus when he started becoming famous. Everyone knows that he is good-looking, but even people who aren’t particularly interested in fashion will admit that he always looks great. It is as if he was born with a fashion plate in his mouth. When he was younger, he would often go to great lengths to make his mother laugh. One of the ways that he did this was by imitating the way that fashion plates talk. He would imitate the way that famous people talk and then say the things that come out of their mouths even though they are not real. This usually made his mother laugh so hard that she would cry, and he would get a big smile on his face. It is no secret that Robert Pattinson’s parents are extremely rich. His father made his money in the textile industry, and his mother is an heiress to a huge fortune. They both are very liberal individuals who believe in giving their children a good childhood and protecting the environment. They are both fans of modern art and generally encourage their children to explore new things and follow their hearts. They also have a rule in their home that no one is to speak about money, and it seems that their children have learned this! They never had to teach their children to be rich, and it shows.

It is not a secret that Robert Pattinson was raised in a very wealthy family. He grew up in an era where being wealthy and famous was as easy as hitting the mall. He has never been poor, and it shows. He is well-mannered and always dresses appropriately for the occasion. When it comes to fashion, he will often consult with stylists and makeup artists to make sure that he looks perfect. When he was younger, he would often get his friends and fans to help him come up with funny and bizarre outfits to pull on his parents. This is one of the many ways that he showed his parents that he was not just a spoiled brat who got what he wanted. He was actually trying to be funny, but it backfired and he ended up looking like a total freak. But who cares, right? They still love him and are proud of his success.

5. He Is A Romantic

If you are one of those people who believes that looks matter, then you will love Robert Pattinson. He has perfect looks, and a lot of women think that he is the most charming and romantic male celebrity. Women adore him and think that he is the perfect person to take them out on a romantic date. He will often spend hours going through text messages and emails from women who want to meet up with him for a casual date. He recently dated Dakota Johnson for a few weeks before she discovered that he was secretly married to Kate Bosworth. After that, she blocked him on social media. But who cares about that, right? He is still one of the most attractive men in the world, and women love it when he talks about cars or his travels. He also has a very unique way of talking to women that makes them feel like he genuinely wants to hear what they have to say.

“I have such a strong romantic side, and I think it comes from my dad. He always wanted to propose to my mum, so he did. He booked the most incredible ring, and they had it put in a bag and given to my mum at the end of the film. It was perfect. He did everything—proposed, arranged the whole thing. He is so romantic, and I guess it rubbed off on me.”