Ever since he was cast as Cedric in the movie adaptation of The Candy Crush Saga, Robert Pattinson (BAFTA winner 2020) has been a popular choice for wedding singers and wedding dances. In fact, it seems that every year, wedding season finds the British actor in great demand. This year is no exception as he will be turning 30 in October and is therefore due for a wedding of some kind. To celebrate, we’ve collated some of the most popular wedding songs and dances that he’s performed at various events throughout his career. Take a look through a list of Pattinson’s 2019 wedding dance songs and you’ll see what all the fuss is about. Most of these songs are worth collecting on your MP3 player for later listening.

The Dance

The dance that made Pattinson famous is the Candy Crush wedding dance. The fun-filled medley begins with Candy Crush (2019) and continues through to Drip Drop (2010). If you’ve never heard of Candy Crush, you’ll probably recognize the dancing bear logo that this game, created in the UK by Swedish company Gliffy, uses. For the uninitiated, let’s have a quick run-down of how Candy Crush works:

You’ll start by placing a line of colored sweets in 3by3 squares. Then, you’ll crush the sweets together to make a colorful pyramid. Once you reach the top, the timer will count down and the dancing bears will come alive with an energetic jiggle.

This iconic dance has become so popular that it has been parodied by Chris Addison, a.k.a. Catriona McKenzie, in Dandelion Wine (2020), as well as in The Simpsons (2020) – see below.

The Hit Songs

There are a number of songs that have been covered in tribute to the British actor that we’ve compiled below. If you’re looking for something traditional, you could consider performing I Do (2020) by One Direction, or recreating the Sweet Dreams (2020) dance that he did with Emily Blunt in Mary Poppins (2019). For something a little more off-beat, you can’t go wrong with Shiva (2020) by the indie band The Bold and The Beautiful.

One Direction

If you prefer your wedding songs to be more along the lines of old-school classics, you can’t go wrong with One Direction’s I Do. On their own, the five young British singers and songwriters would often perform this track for their fans during awkward silences at concerts. It has therefore become one of their most popular wedding songs.

Performing this song for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was an incredible performance, especially as Harry’s father, former Prince Charles, gave away the bride. The emotional highlight of the wedding ceremony was undoubtedly when Harry broke down and wept as he said his vows. It was an incredible display of fatherly love and a perfect way to end the wedding ceremony. We couldn’t think of a more fitting song for Princess Elizabeth to marry into the Royal Family than I Do.


We couldn’t leave out Shiva (2020), the Indian wedding epic that Robert Pattinson and Emily Blunt performed at the 2019 Royal Wedding. It’s incredibly difficult to find any information regarding the filming of this movie. Not only does it exist almost entirely in Silence, but it also keeps its secrets closely guarded. However, we do know that a large amount of money was spent on the lavish wedding that took place in Goa, India. The extremely long take that opens the movie seems to indicate that a real wedding ceremony took place. The Indian wedding epic Shiva is a mix of Indian classical music and Western music, performed by a 35-piece orchestra. If this isn’t a traditional enough choice for you, Emily Blunt’s acting debut, Mary Poppins, also features a wedding scene that she performed along with Robert Pattinson. This scene won her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and reunited her with Pattinson after their romantic speeches in Love is All Sights (2020). This song is guaranteed to get any bride and groom dancing, especially as it was dedicated to them. It’s a romantic love ballad that speaks volumes about their relationship and the perfect song to end the night.

Hopefully, we’ve piqued your interest in Robert Pattinson’s wedding dance. If so, be sure to check out his official website for upcoming performances and wedding details. Otherwise, you can listen to I Do by One Direction, Shiva by Robert Pattinson, and Sweet Dreams by Emily Blunt on our list of best wedding songs.