It was only a matter of time before the international spotlight was focused on German-born actor Robert Pattinson. After all, it was his acting talent that first brought him to attention, and it’s what makes him so appealing as a romantic lead. But it was the devastating cheating scandal that nearly destroyed his marriage to actress Vanessa Feltz that made headlines around the world.

Since the couple’s announcement in January 2017 that they were separating, the media frenzy has intensified. So much so that even those who weren’t necessarily fans of the 33-year-old’s acting have become aware of his existence.

Ahead of the premiere of his upcoming movie, Jupiter’s Moon (formerly titled Der Schatz im Sumpf), we take a look at how the media landscape has changed since the start of the year and the subsequent impact this has had on Robert Pattinson’s career.

The Acting Career Beginnings

It all began for Robert Pattinson in 2004, when he made his acting debut in the British movie Little Deaths. He followed this up with a series of small supporting roles in other British films, such as Volver and Wundertwaffeln, before breaking through to the big screen in London Film Director Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity. The action movie, which starred George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, was released in 2013 and became critically acclaimed and successful., earning Cuaron, Clooney and Bullock Oscar nominations.

Since then, Robert Pattinson has continued to land starring roles in major movies, including Baz Larsson’s Good Time and Luc Besson’s action flick Lex Luthor. He recently wrapped production on the WWII epic Dunkle, which German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung have hailed as ‘a huge cinematic achievement’.

Actress Vanessa Feltz’s Full Reimbursement

Just a few days after the cheating scandal in his marriage to actress Vanessa Feltz broke, Robert Pattinson donated €100,000 (£85,600) to charities that help women and children. This followed an appeal by Vanessa for help, made after her father suffered a massive heart attack. Although the couple were set to appear at an event together in London that weekend, Vanessa felt that one hundred euro notes could do more for women and children than her father’s life.

The gesture from Robert Pattinson was met with a huge response from fans, as well as press, who were keen to know more about the couple’s separation. Soon enough, it was announced that they were indeed planning to separate and that Vanessa would be entitled to a percentage of Robert’s fortune, estimated at around $12 million. What’s more, she will also reportedly be receiving a monthly allowance from her ex-husband.’

How Has The Media Landscape Changed?

It’s undeniable that the media landscape has changed significantly since the New Year began. With more people choosing to stay at home and hunker down as the world grapples with the pandemic, the entertainment industry has undergone a significant shift. What’s more, with major film studios reducing their staff and cutting back on big-budget projects, the need for actors has never been greater. Especially as many big-name stars have become accustomed to the lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous.

It’s certainly not a coincidence that Robert Pattinson found himself in the spotlight during a time of crisis. With so much interest in his personal life and the possibility of a massive payday, it was only a matter of time before the headlines became all about him. Since the start of the year, the actor’s movie roles have been overshadowed by the media frenzy surrounding his personal life. It seems that wherever he goes, there’s always a camera in tow.

The 66-year-old actor and director William Hart is credited with inventing the paparazzi, and it seems that his famous clients agree. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Brad Pitt praised William Hart for his unrivalled ability to “capture lightning in a bottle”. The Oscar-winning actor added that he wouldn’t want to work with any other photographer.

The Ups and Downs Of Stardom

It’s been an eventful year for Robert Pattinson, and it’s certainly not over yet. After years of being typecast as the romantic lead, it seems that the attention he’s been receiving since the beginning of the year has caught up with him. What’s more, it’s not just his romantic lead roles that have been overshadowed by the media frenzy. It’s been a struggle for the actor to maintain any momentum in terms of critical and commercial success, which can be attributed to the significant shift in the industry during this time of crisis. While some of his films will be commercially successful, such as Baz Larsson’s Good Time, the majority will fall short of expectations.

No Regrets

The one thing that Robert Pattinson can be sure of is that he’s not going to regret anything that he chooses to do in his life. It’s been fascinating to watch the actor grow from strength to strength, especially considering the odds that were stacked against him. From the very beginning, it was obvious that Robert Pattinson was a special talent. The way that he absorbed criticism, both good and bad, and continued to strive for excellence is an example of the “willing suspension of disbelief” that Stephen King referred to in his book, On Writing. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, King said, “If you look at a profession like act ing, where people are constantly exposing themselves, there’s no way to avoid the limelight completely. It’s like being in a spotlight — you can’t help but be noticed.”

One area that Robert Pattinson will be glad to have put in the past is the limelight. On numerous occasions, the media attention surrounding the actor has put a strain on his personal life and led to him making ill-advised decisions. It’s clear that this has nothing to do with his choice to be in the public eye and everything to do with the chaotic nature of the media landscape in today’s world. If only they would’ve known what was coming…