Halloween is just around the corner, which means one thing: we’re probably going to see a lot of creepy movies this coming year! But what if we’re looking for ways to spend our time between the sheets? We’ve got you covered on that front as well with this crossword puzzle. While it won’t make you a better lover, it will probably make you a better fuck. So let’s dive into defining the words we need to complete this crossword puzzle.


This is the person or thing you’re fighting against in a story. In a manga or anime, the antagonist is usually the person or thing that wants to destroy you or your world. In a war movie, the antagonist might be the person or thing that fights against you. In a comedy, the antagonist is often the person or thing that wants to stop the action of the movie or story. Think of your favorite movies and TV shows, and you’ll see what I mean.

In cinema, the antagonist is often referred to as the ‘bad guy’, but that’s not the most appropriate term. Think about how you feel about the characters you’re watching. Do you feel like they’re on the right side of things, or do you feel like they’re on the wrong side? If you think they’re on the wrong side, then even though they’re physically assaulting the protagonist, they’re still the antagonists of the story. They might not even know it themselves, but they’re working against the protagonist for most of the movie. That makes them your enemy in the story, even though they might be your friend or a complete stranger in real life.


This is someone who breaks a rule or law to achieve a goal. In the criminal justice system, a ‘breaker’ is someone who commits a crime just to cause some trouble or who hurts other people to prove that he’s important or to show off. Think of a time when you broke a rule or law in your life. Was there a specific reason why you did so? Or did you just feel like you needed to prove that you’re important or can do things that other people can’t?

Think of someone who breaks rules to ‘get what they want’, and you might find the perfect person for this crossword puzzle. We all like to think that we’re special just because we’re alive, waking up every morning, and making our own choices. So it’s no wonder that we sometimes choose to break the rules to make things happen. That’s why we need police officers, judges, lawyers, and other important people in society. So that we can all know that we’re not alone in this world, and know that the rules exist for a reason – so that we can all play by them and live our best lives.


This is a group of soldiers or police officers who work together. In some cases, they might be members of different law enforcement agencies who work together to solve a crime. In other cases, they might be members of different militaries who serve together to solve a war or other forms of geopolitical conflict. Think of a time when you worked with someone to accomplish a task. Did you work with someone who was equal in rank, or was there someone who was in charge? Was there someone who managed the group, planned the strategy, and gave the orders, or was it you and the person you were working with?

This is someone who is in a position to help you, but they don’t want to. Because of their position, they have the power to make your life miserable – but they don’t want to because they feel guilty for being born into their position. Think of a lawyer, police detective, lobbyist, soldier, or other figures of authority who you think plays the role of the ‘bitch’ in this situation. People like this love to play games with the people they’re supposed to be helping. So don’t expect them to be all fire and no sugar.


This is a person who aggressively and annoyingly pushes you around or insists on your doing things his or her way. Bullying can take many forms, from a simple ‘toot’, or loud noise, to name-calling, screaming, and/or shoving. As an adult, you might interact with a bully in your workplace or school, or even online. Has someone ever pushed your buttons and made you lose your cool? Has someone ever told you that you have no taste in music or fashion, and that you’ll never amount to much? Has someone ever spread lies about you to your boss, your family, or your friends? Has someone ever mocked your disability, your sexuality, or your religion?

Whether it’s a peer, someone from the neighborhood, or even a complete stranger, this is the type of person you need to be wary of. They might not mean to be a bully, but they still have that personality type. So just be careful around them. You don’t want to be on their bad side, because they will not hesitate to hurt you to get what they want. Also, try to keep a good relationship with your teachers, your parents, and your other authority figures. Bullies usually come from insecure or damaged backgrounds, and having people who you can trust is essential for your protection and well-being, especially when you’re growing up.


This is a military or police officer who has not yet been promoted to the rank of lieutenant, or officer. Cadets might start their careers doing menial tasks such as carrying equipment, fetching drinks, or escorting dignitaries, and progress through the ranks to become platoon commanders, company commanders, or division commanders. In some countries, cadets must serve a long apprenticeship before they can even think about becoming officers. In others, they can start their careers at the lowest level and progress through the ranks as fast as they want. In all cases, a cadet is someone who is still learning their job and trying to prove themselves to be worthy of being an officer.

This is Someone who is a few steps removed from being an officer, but who acts like one. Even though they’re not supposed to, they boss you around and give you tasks to do that aren’t part of your job description, but they expect you to do them anyway because they’re orders from your officer in training. Think of a soldier, cop, or other figure of authority who you think functions more like a general rather than a captain. These are the people who are trying to make themselves look good by making you do extra work. So try to stay calm and try to explain to them that you don’t feel like you’re qualified for the task or that you don’t agree with what they’re asking you to do.


This is someone who preaches or argues for the sake of gaining support or sympathy for their beliefs or ideas. A ‘demagogue’ might convince you to vote for a certain political candidate, or they might just want to have an argument. Has someone ever swayed you to their side with logic and rational thought, only to trick or manipulate you into doing something you wouldn’t otherwise do? Has someone ever appealed to your better nature, only to show their true colors later on? Has someone ever convinced you that your way of thinking is wrong, and then tried to prove their point with strong words and logical arguments?

Even if you don’t believe something, it’s important to see things from another person’s point of view. It might be enlightening to listen to what they have to say, even if you don’t agree with them. Most importantly, it’s important to see how they behave and to not judge a book by its cover. If you see that someone is trying to manipulate you, then it’s your duty as an informed citizen to put a stop to it, whether you agree with them or not.


An ‘eagle’ is a large predatory bird of prey, specifically a member of the family of raptors. Eagles are known for their courage and strength, as well as their intelligence, which enables them to hunt down and capture their prey with ease. This is the type of person you need to stay away from. They might be brave and strong, but they’re also stupid and power-hungry. So if they’re trying to impress you, then they probably just want to use your body for their pleasure.

Is there someone at school who you think functions more like an animal than a human? Someone who takes pleasure in causing trouble and laughs at the misery they cause? Think of a student council president who leads a pack of wild dogs in the school mascot. Or a cheerleader who constantly spreads rumors and lies about people? Has someone ever come up to you randomly at school and started a conversation by saying something like, “Hey, what’s up? I haven’t seen you around here before. Where do you study in school?”